Friday, July 1, 2022
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Twenty-two minors found dead in mysterious circumstances in South African nightclub

Investigations are underway by South African police following the tragic deaths of twenty-two minors at a nightclub on Sunday. The mysterious deaths occurred in the...

Chilean Vlogger and Gamer Lad Cobra (Fernando Morales) dies from cardiac arrest, aged 42

Tributes are pouring across Chile after the death of famous blogger Lad Cobra (Fernando Morales) at just 42 years of age. Morales went into cardiac...



Malta in mourning as cyclist Jack Schiavone passes away

In yet another tragedy to hit the world sporting community in recent months, former cyclist and national coach Jack Schiavone passed away on Sunday,...

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Elon Musk’s spiralling man-made portal

Last night, the South Island of New Zealand saw stargazers revelling at the stunning display overhead at around 7:30pm. A spiralling portal shape hovered in...


A “beautiful spirit”-Young GAA player Eoghan Moloney passed away suddenly

A young student at the National College of Ireland, and GAA player, Eoghan Moloney, died suddenly on Friday, leaving a family and a sporting...

FINA Ban Transgender Swimmers from Elite Events

Overnight, FINA took a stand against including transgender swimmers in ‘elite events’ such as the Olympics. If a transgender swimmer has been through any...

Former Torino striker Akeem Omolade dies suddenly, aged 39

Nigerian footballer Akeem Omolade died suddenly on Monday, June 13th, in the Italian city of Palermo. Omolade had just undergone a series of tests at...

Talented 21-year-old female soccer player Marvel Simiyu dies suddenly, aged 21

Another young footballer has sadly passed away suddenly with her life ahead of her. Marvel Simiyu was just 21 when she passed away; the talented...

Young Argentinian footballer Fabricio Navarro dies suddenly from a heart attack

Another young footballer has sadly passed away. Fabricio Navarro died of a heart attack on Wednesday, 15 June 2022. Fabricio’s club ‘Atletico Tucuman’ announced the...
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The iconic burger joint Ume Burger has lost its celebrated Sydney founder and chef Kerby Craig. He was only 38-years-old. Before Craig returned Down Under to...
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