Monday, August 8, 2022
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Northern Territory Police ‘Alert’ to Casuarina shoppers after sexual assaults at shopping centre

Northern Territory Police are urging shoppers to remain alert following incidents of alleged sexual assault perpetrated against two women at the centre last week. According...

England’s NHS cannot keep up with unprecedented surging demand as armed police respond to cardiac calls

The situation is so dire in the United Kingdom that police officers in armed response vehicles (ARVs) are now responding to ambulance calls for...

Beautiful soul, mum of four dies suddenly, aged just 29

It’s not just sports stars, musicians and actors dying suddenly; they are just the ones who get the publicity. Thousands of everyday mums, dads,...



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Russia claim to have evidence that Ukrainian servicemen were involved in USA led infectious disease experiments

Russia has reportedly found evidence of Ukrainian servicemen involved in US Pentagon infectious disease experiments. The claims, reported on 7 July 2022, outline test...


Large explosion rocks international cricket stadium in Kabul, Afghanistan

It has been reported that as many as 19 spectators were killed with many more wounded by an explosion that rocked the Kabul International...

Manly footballers boycott game over gay pride jerseys

7 players are set to miss this week's NRL game against the Sydney Roosters as they refuse to wear the gay pride jersey on...

Unvaccinated Kansas City Royals and Philadelphia Phillies Major League baseball players take a stance against Canada’s vaccine requirements

Unvaccinated Kansas City Royals and Philadelphia Phillies Major League baseball players have refused to play against the Blue Jays in Toronto due to Canada’s...

Former NHL star Bryan Marchment, dead at 53

Former NHL star Bryan Marchment has died suddenly on Wednesday in Montreal. Parchment was attending the NHL draft in Montreal in his role as a...

Central Queensland Woman’s Rugby League Star Summer Jade Nicholls, dies suddenly, aged 18

The Central Queensland rugby league community is mourning the shock sudden death of one of their female star players on Wednesday, 6 July 2022....
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As the number of incidences of ‘unexplained,’ ‘sudden,’ and ‘unexpected’ cardiac-related events grow globally at an alarming rate, unsurprisingly, market research has determined that...
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