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3rd Generation US Marine’s Service Ends Abruptly Due to Refusal to Take COVID-19 Vaccine Being Illegally Forced onto Service Members


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In February 2022, Hayden Robichaux was kicked out of the US Marine corps after his refusal to take the COVID-19 vaccine, which was being illegally forced upon service members, as we have seen in so many areas globally.

Hayden is engaged with a pregnant fiancé and has now lost all his benefits as a result of his discharge from service for ‘misconduct’.

Marine corps spokesperson Capt. Andrew Wood was interviewed by the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) and he said, “The Marine Corps has always recognised the threats posed by the COVID 19 pandemic as a readiness issue, which is why we have consistently emphasised the importance of receiving the vaccine.”

He was also recorded as saying, “We are confident the vaccine protects our Marines, our communities, and the Nation.”

But the elephant in the room is the fact that we are seeing the truth get uncovered a little at a time. Layers of lies are being peeled back and the truth about those who have died and been severely injured from these so called vaccines, that have never been properly tested and have only ever been provisionally approved, are beginning to surface more and more.

Hayden’s family has a long history routed in service to the military. The Robishaux family have served in the US military for 80 years, stretching over three generations according to a YouTube video on the Daily Caller channel. That history came to a halt on Monday, 14th February 2022, due to the COVID-19 Vaccine mandate.

During that interview, Robishaux alleges it started out as a choice, handed down by the secretary of defence, but then it became mandated. Military members were given a period of time to receive their vaccination or face dishonourable discharge from service, or Court-martialled from the US marine corps.

“What I ended up doing to fight it, is I had my dad, I had plenty of people around me, I put in a religious exemption hoping that they would accommodate my religion and my beliefs as a person,” said Robishaux. He was denied approximately a month later without being given a reason why.

He said the next step was an appeal that he lodged to the Marine corps which also came back denied. He then lodged another appeal, to the secretary of the Navy, which he was also unsuccessful with.

Robishaux felt he had tried everything within his power to get an exemption, because he wanted to honourably serve and doesn’t wish to be forced to take the vaccine. He said that he had to stand up for his beliefs at the end of the day and the aftermath of doing so is unfortunate.

He talked about the whole process of him fighting this, people were getting upset that he would try to stand up for himself. They wanted him to take the easy road and just get the vaccine, but he didn’t let it bother him much, despite the mean things these people were saying to him, and he mentioned that there are a lot of marines out there going through the same things that he has been through.

Hayden explained that when he was separated from the marines the day before the interview with Daily Caller, they stripped him of everything down to his belt and socks, leaving him with nothing to show for his service in the marines. He believes it was done out of spite because he stood up for himself, not over the vaccine. He firmly believes in freedom of choice.

Hayden’s father Chad Robishaux, a former force recon marine, who was also interviewed said that the Robishaux family has proudly served their country for over 80 years which include 13 combat deployments from World War II, to Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan.

Chad’s father began service in the Marine corps 53 years ago, and for 53 years 11 of the combat deployments were specifically in the Marine corps. Chad said that Hayden was the last family member to join the Marine corps after his brother Hunter served in Afghanistan. Hayden “wanted to continue that legacy,” said Chad. “Hayden graduated as a squad leader in Marine corps bootcamp,” he said, proudly.

The vaccine mandate came under the guise of readiness. But during a court case in Texas, the question was asked ‘has there been an incident in the last two years of Covid, where a unit has not been ready or has not accomplished their mission because no-one was vaccinated?’ and the answer is a clear ‘no’ to that question.  

“This is not about readiness, it is quite clearly about politics,” said Chad, which we have seen across the board. The whole thing has been politically driven.

The vaccines are being pushed onto troops with no consequence for the fact that these people raised their hands to serve and now their livelihoods depend on it.

Chad believes the vaccines are ‘political’. When asked what he believes is different about these vaccines in comparison to previous vaccines that have been mandated, Chad replied, “Anybody who has served in the military has had a lot of shots and most of the time we don’t even know what the shots are. As service members you trust your government, you trust you’re leadership, you trust your military. Unfortunately, in this case our trust has been broken right now.”

He went on to explain that “this is different because we know it to be political. We know that more veterans have died of suicide in the last year than have died of Covid. So, do we really care about our service members?  Also, we know that; and this is not contested, if you get the vaccine, you can still transmit Covid, you can still catch Covid, and so what’s the reason to have the vaccine?” He went onto mention the real science and numbers we are seeing that people are having adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines. In particular, young healthy people like Hayden, 21 – 22 years old are having pulmonary issues. He mentioned a navy seal candidate who died during hell week in early February 2022 from pulmonary issues and he had just received his vaccine. He talked about the many people dealing with things that are “questionable”, and he believes it’s a purge of the people who will not comply.

Chad talked about the lack of common sense that is so apparent everywhere with the whole pandemic situation, and he believes that it is so wrong that these marines who are not wanting the vaccine are having their lives ruined because once they are dishonourably discharged, it is going to affect them for the rest of their lives, and it’s unlikely they will find another job. They can’t get their college manifest, and they won’t have medical cover anymore.

Hunter Robichaux, Hayden’s brother was also interviewed and when asked what it has been like to watch his brother get kicked out of the marines when their family have been serving for so long, he responded by saying that it is hard to see any marine go through something because in the marine corps you ‘earn’ the title of marine. It is not given to anybody who doesn’t make it through. He feels the title of marine is being taken away from these marines who are being kicked out over the vaccine mandates. “It’s hard to watch my little brother, who has always wanted to be a marine, for the past few years get pushed out because of a political ideology.” Hunter said.

He went on to say that they are being kicked out of the marine corps by politicians that have never even served in the US military, suggesting that if they are going to be doing such things, they ought to be going into a combat situation and experience that before they start trying to force things onto the people who are willing to put their lives on the line to serve their country.

The Robichaux family have a message for the US politicians about these vaccine mandates. The message was delivered by Chad Robichaux,

“The world knows better. You can say whatever you want through the media, and through the White House secretaries, but the world knows better. We’re seeing this in the polls. You’ve got the President of the United States with the under 30 percent in a 20 percentile approval rating. You see what’s happening in Canada right now. The world knows better. The world is becoming informed by the facts.” Chad said.

The entire video, which was uploaded in February can be seen on YouTube here.

In March Hayden was interviewed by Steve Kirch after Steve interviewed Danielle Runyan,  civilian attorney for US Airforce Reserves and Co-founder of Airline Employees for Health Freedom, which represents over 2000 United Airlines employees who challenged their companies Covid 19 mandates.

Danielle had a few important things to say about the mandates. “For many years through the history of the military, vaccines have been ordered. Flu vaccines, Hep A, Hep B, you name it.” She said.

She explained that some plaintiffs are challenging, that this is an arbitrary and capricious order because there are no available COVID-19 vaccines that have received appropriate approval.

When Hayden came on, he explained that he joined in 2020 and didn’t have to get the vaccine but was asked if he wanted to get it. He said that in April of 2021, he was in his MOS (Military Occupational Specialties) school, which was his schoolhouse – his training for Aircraft Rescue Firefighting, before he went to his duty station. They told him he had to get the vaccine.  He immediately wondered what he could do to fight against it because it wasn’t something that he believed in. He disclosed that he has already had Covid two times, he is 22 years old, he is healthy, and it just wasn’t something he believed he had to get. 

Steve asked Hayden why he didn’t go for a medical exemption instead of a religious one since he had already had two previous diagnoses of Covid. Hayden explained that he has nothing currently wrong with him which means he cannot get a medical exemption because the marine corps do not take natural immunity into account.

Steve then pointed out that it isn’t based on science, it is based on guidelines they are following, which are not based on science.

Hayden explained that his fight against this went on from September 2021 until February 2022, when they discharged him. The type of discharge was a general under-honourable condition which Hayden described as not great, but not the worst and he doesn’t believe that marines getting discharged standing up for their values and beliefs should be getting these discharges, particularly the one he received, because they take everything away – benefits, ability to go to school, every uniform item that he had – he has a pair of socks, but they even took his belt!

Steve asked him if, knowing what he now knows, would he do things the same again. Hayden replied, “Absolutely. I would do the exact same thing. There’s nothing that I could have done differently. I stood up for myself, and now I am standing up for, you know every marine, every soldier, every sailor that’s still out there that’s fighting this that isn’t separated. Those are the people that we need to fight for now. Just because I can’t be there, and I can’t be serving my country the way I desired to serve my country, I’m gonna stand up and I’m gonna put effort into making this right.”

Steve asked Hayden if he saw anything that would imply the military was being jeopardised by people who were unvaccinated or if he saw anybody who was vaccinated having to be taken out of commission because of the side effects from the vaccine.

Hayden replied, “Yeah, absolutely. So, I was a fireman and so I worked station hours or shift hours, which I would work 48 hours on, 24 -48 hours on, 72 hours off. I would be around nearly twenty people; twenty other marines with me that I’m just working with, breathing the same air, doing everything together, and there was no discrimination that I was unvaccinated other than my leadership. But my peers to my left and my right, they had my back and they treated me like I was any other, because at the end of the day, if you’re a marine it’s a brotherhood, and we’re all willing to go put our life on the line for our country and being unvaccinated does not stop that at all.”

He explained that he was absolutely treated differently after the vaccine orders came down. His friends continued to be supportive, but the leadership itself, and the officers appointing the orders were unsupportive.

He also said that while he wasn’t aware of anybody that he knew withing the military who had medical issues or adverse reactions as a result of the vaccine, he did know people who were not in the military – one person whom he referred to now has a heart murmur as a result of taking the vaccine, a lot of people he knows have blood clots, and his grandmother is in the hospital.

Hayden is not the only person who has been discharged from duty for refusing the vaccine. There are numerous others. One must ask the question – why are these mandates even in existence? The vaccines are clearly not traditional vaccines; the exact definition of vaccine was changed to accommodate them. The vaccines have killed thousands and injured thousands more. Why should anybody be forced to take them, and risk being injured or killed by them? It’s just not right!



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