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45-year-old Coach Collapsed into Coma For 10 Hours After Taking Pfizer Shot Speaks Out


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Coach Pete a name given to the person to prevent his real name from being made public, appeared on INFO WARS, hosted by Alex Jones on May 13th, 2021.

Coach Pete, the uncle of an INFO WARS employee, went to a specialist on April 14th to get a full medical workup, including blood tests/labs, and had his heart and veins checked… “I went and got from A to Z,” he says in the short clip that appeared at the beginning of the video, “I wanted to make sure all my labs were right.”

He got his vaccine after this and fainted a few days later while watching TV.

After that short clip, two more clips of other people having adverse reactions to the injections appeared. One lady simply fell from a chair into a limp heap on the floor at a vaccine clinic where she had just been vaccinated, and a man on a hospital bed with whole body convulsive tremors and a medical person asking, “When did they vaccinate him?”.

Shortly after the clips, Jones explained about a woman in her early 20s who works in social media as a member of the INFO WARS staff. She has a 45-year-old uncle who is a coach. Jones kept both their real names confidential to protect them.

“They want you to get vaccinated to be around the kids, but it’s not a vaccine, it’s a gene therapy, unapproved, approved under the emergency authorisation,” said Jones before telling the viewers that the 45-year-old coach gave his medical records to INFO WARS to prove the likelihood that the vaccine caused the issues.

The records, with identifying information blacked out, appeared on the screen.

Firstly, his vaccine card, states he received his first dose of Pfizer, Lot Number ER8733_PFR^Pfizer^MVX 07/31/2021 on the 11th of April 2021 at Travis Country Fire Rescue, and received his second dose of Pfizer, Lot Number ER8731_PFR^Pfizer^MVX_07/31/2021 on 2nd of May 2021 also at Travis County Fire Rescue.

Jones then showed the actual medical notes saying, “It’s not a scam. This is his actual notes right here.”

The typed part of the notes state:

“Patient Visit Information

You were seen today for:



Your caregivers today were:

Physician:            Friedland, Thomas M      MD

Nurse:                   RS

Patient Instructions Reviewed

Fainting, Uncertain cause

                Received 05/09/21 – 0052”

Jones then introduced Coach Pete, “…The uncle of an INFO WARS employee, a father, and a husband. Coach Pete is a non-political person. The coach is joining us today to discuss his reaction to the vaccine, which may have been the cause of a possible stroke.”

Coach Pete described how he went ahead and got his vaccine shots. A few days later, he was sitting on his couch watching a boxing match at night, and the next thing he remembers is being inside an ambulance. He was told he had fainted.

He only regained consciousness in the ambulance for a split second. The next thing he recalls after that is waking up inside a CT scan machine at the hospital. Shortly after that, he was released.

He has no recollection of the time frame. “I don’t remember anything,” he said.

The hospital classified him as a “faint”, but he has never known a faint to last from 10:20 pm until the next morning.

Jones chimed in, talking about how this is common. It’s what they say repeatedly, even when people die. “Oh, we don’t know if it was the vaccine that did it, but… even though their family says in many cases they die a day or two after they take it.”

Coach Pete has heard the same stories, and after he walked out of the hospital in the wee hours of the morning, he still doesn’t know how he made it up the stairs to his bedroom. He has no recollection of it. They only kept him in the hospital for around four hours. He has no memory of getting home or walking inside.

He says he has no memory until the next morning. (Approximately 10 hours after the initial faint)

Jones stated after this, that Anthony Fauci was told by the University of Texas in 2012 not to give these vaccines to people. The literature all states what the side effects are. Jones then said that Anthony Fauci is a ‘war criminal’ – a consensus that has been widely spoken about on various social media platforms by numerous people since the pandemic was declared.

“This has all been premeditated!” said Jones, “We are in the middle of an incredible adventure. Good verses evil.”

He showed the two clips again that had appeared at the beginning of the video, then said, “It’s important what Coach Pete is doing. Unlike others, he is actually telling the testimony. People who have had children die from vaccines should tell the testimonies.”

He said he isn’t mad at these people, but they work “right here in this building” in which he was referring to the INFO WARS studio.

“We HAVE to tell these stories to save others!”

He then addressed Coach Pete again, asking, “Now knowing this, would you take this experimental vaccine that did not go through approval now, clearly after what happened to you after you took it?”

Coach Pete gave a very direct response, “No, I would not.”

He added that he was actually against taking it, but his wife was adamant about taking it and having the kids take it, and his kids have older children so they’re able to take it, so they did. He only took it because everyone else in his family had taken it – “so we’re all in it together.”

The medical records are then shown on screen. A bunch of handwritten notes appears beneath the typed section that appears above in this article.

On the next page it explains:

Fainting: Uncertain Cause

Fainting (syncope) is a temporary loss of consciousness. It’s often associated with a loss of postural tone. It’s also called passing out. It occurs when blood flow to the brain is less than normal. There are other causes of fainting, too. Near-fainting (near-syncope) is very similar to fainting, but you don’t fully pass out.

Most commonly, fainting is for reasons that aren’t necessarily serious or life-threatening, although you may still get injured. Common triggers of less serious types of fainting include:

  • Sudden fear
  • Pain
  • Nausea
  • Emotional stress
  • Overexertion

Suddenly standing up after sitting or lying for a long time can also cause fainting.

More serious causes of fainting include:

  • Very slow or very fast heartbeat (arrhythmia)
  • Other types of heart disease, such as heart valve disease or coronary artery disease
  • Dehydration
  • Loss of blood
  • Seizure
  • Stroke
  • Ruptured blood vessel in the brain

Taking too much high blood pressure medicine can also cause low blood pressure and fainting.

Your healthcare provider may be about to tell you why you are fainting by reviewing your health history and hearing about your fainting episodes. If the cause of your fainting remains unknown or if your healthcare provider is concerned about a more serious cause he or she may determine that you need further testing. Testing may include: …

The lower part of the page is handwritten:

Pfizer vaccine

  • 1st dose: bedridden
  • 2nd dose: 5/2 Sunday
  • ? stroke: 5/8 Saturday (blacked out 10pm – 2:30am)

[name blacked out] covid in the past, son caught it, but Pete didn’t (same household)

  • Before 2nd dose, had a full physical + heart + vein check all 100% normal. Passed stress tests
  • 6 months prior had more tests, 100% healthy (obesity) Negative for high blood pressure/diabetes
  • @ E.R. 5/8 blood/urine, all tests came back normal
  • Doctors say possible cause B12 shots (but Pete has taken them before)

So, all in all they either had no idea what caused him to faint and be practically comatose for 10 hours or they simply were not prepared to admit that they knew his vaccination had caused it. Most people already know what causes fainting. Coach Pete clearly had more than fainting going on. A faint is unheard of as a 10 hour semi-comatose thing!

“…it’s not like this only happened to you. So maybe it’s over and over again people are collapsing. They’re having an auto immune response, ah, in the brain, ah, swelling, and then when the swelling goes down and you come back out of it. That’s one of the things we see; I’m not a doctor.” said Jones.

“I love how they say, doctors say possible cause B12 shots, when there is no connection to B12 shots,” he added.

Coach Pete explained that he has been taking B12 shots for the past four or five years and they have never made him faint, especially for that length of time.

Jones suggested Pete go to the Reddit forums where thousands of people of varying ages are talking about their adverse reactions and deaths of loved ones. He also asked Pete if he knows that the Pfizer shots are banned in China and India. Pete did not know that.

Jones then pointed out that Google’s top 100 search results are force-fed BS from big pharma and Google hides all the real studies and all the real news.

He also pointed out that it is in the literature. These adverse reactions happened in the pigs and in the rats that they were tested on, and they said don’t give it to humans, which is in the UT study.



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