Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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AFL, Answer the Question Everyone’s Asking


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Questions are being asked by sporting bodies and spectators around the world as more and more cases of myocarditis, pericarditis, heart attacks and other heart conditions increase on a weekly basis.

Seeing medics work on athletes on the sideline or even on the pitches of various sports has become an all-too-common occurrence.

This has been brought home to Australia recently with an increasing number of AFL players suffering heart issues.

During the off-season North Melbourne Kangaroos player Jed Anderson revealed he developed the heart condition pericarditis after getting his second Covid vaccination to continue his AFL career.

Anderson had been reluctant to get his second jab after he experienced an adverse reaction from his initial vaccination. All AFL players are required to be double vaccinated which led to a standoff between Anderson and the club.

Eventually, he got the second vaccination and was then hospitalised with pericarditis which is a swelling and irritation of the thin, sac-like membrane surrounding the heart.

He has not played this season but is hopeful of making a return soon.

Hayden Crozier of the Western Bulldogs has been out of action since suffering heart issues in round 2. This was seen on live television as cameras followed him into the change rooms as he left the field. Hayden has not played since round 2.

An unnamed SANFL player with the Adelaide Crows had a reaction to his Pfizer shot and developed pericarditis in the off season. Chanel 7 stated this was a direct reaction to his vaccine shot. He was told by his heart specialist not to train for 3 months.

AFL great Matthew Lloyd, on the Footy Show, has linked his Bell’s palsy to the vaccinations. Lloyd was recently diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, a form of facial paralysis, and he said the instances of people getting the condition had increased since Covid jabs had been administered.

‘It’s not just the heart issues, without delving into your private affairs but you’ve got Bell’s palsy at the moment, which hopefully you’re on the back end of, but there’s a bit of that getting around as well,’ Nathan Brown, another panellist, said. 

Lloyd replied, ‘Heart issues and Bell’s palsy have gone through the roof since the boosters and Covid issues.’

‘We had [sports journalist] Michelangelo Rucci on [3AW] on Friday night and he said that there’s a ward filled with people with similar symptoms to Ollie Wines – nausea and heart issues – so there has to be something more to it.’

Ollie Wines, a Port Adelaide player, was hospitalised during their clash with Melbourne last weekend. He suffered from nausea and dizziness before later getting heart palpitations.

Following the ordeal of one of the Crows players, Adelaide Crows’ director Nick Takos resigned from his position, criticizing the Australian Football League’s “forceful” mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy.

Takos says he sought and was denied a medical exemption from having a COVID-19 vaccine.

It is mandatory for all players and officials to be fully vaccinated. “The AFL’s COVID mandate, and the club’s deeply concerning response to it, has left me with no choice but to step down,” Takos said when he stepped down.

These are all major issues brought to a head by the Footy Shows panellists on Thursday night. Their story has sent repercussions throughout the AFL, club supporters and the wider sporting community with many now questioning the mandatory administration of the covid jabs.

Seeing players sidelined with heart related issues is a major concern, not only for the health of the players but also for the weekly team performance. Fans and club members want to see the best players available and if a non-essential medical procedure stops players being on the field for weeks or months at a time then it’s time to ask if it’s worth it.

A source with the AFL fraternity has implied Ollie may have been pressured into making his statement distancing his heart issue from the AFL’s vaccination protocols.

While Ollie Wines didn’t divulge specifics around his diagnosis, he said on his release from hospital that it was a common problem, particularly among elite athletes.

The Port star also said there were no concerns his health scare was related to his Covid vaccination and myocarditis.

“It’s nothing to do with that. It’s completely unrelated,” Wines said.

“It’s more a heart rhythm issue that is pretty common in elderly people and elite athletes”.

Since when have we ever connected health issues of the elderly with elite athletes? Ollie’s condition may be a more common problem now but prior to the Covid jabs heart related issues were NOT a common problem.

In over 30 years of playing, watching, coaching and the past 20 years photographing all kinds of sports from junior to international events I have seen 2 heart issues. Both in master’s competitions. Heart issues have not been common Ollie.

Many articles have been written on these problems. So many in fact, it is becoming impossible to keep up with how many athletes around the world are being impacted with heart related concerns across a wide range of sports.

Just last night Paige Satchell, a member of the NZ women’s soccer team, was subbed off early in the match against Australia with an apparent breathing/heartbeat issue.

And has been rightly pointed out, we are only hearing of the elite athletes involved in this. How many ‘ordinary’ people or junior athletes are impacted? How many of our children will be affected? TGA has 3 cases of 5–11-year old’s sadly passing away within days of the jab being given. Young lives cut short because of a procedure for a virus that has little if any impact on this age range. There are other similar cases in this age group we have heard of that have not been reported for various reasons.

In the USA there are states advising school children and college athletes to get their hearts tested before competing in their sports programs. Since when has that EVER happened? Since the vaccine rollout, that’s when.

The NFL has become the first major sporting body around the world to suspend all Covid-19 protocols for the 2022 season for both vaccinated and unvaccinated players. Yes, the NFL are allowing unvaccinated players to play in 2022. They are giving them options.

This is seen as a major victory for those supporting a freedom of choice attitude to the experimental drugs trials. Where there is a chance of injury there MUST be a freedom of choice to be jabbed or not.

Behind the scenes in many sports, administrators have concerns. Nothing stated publicly by the organizations, but information is being gathered.

AFIPNs Miklos Sandor stated in his article ‘Shane Warning: Opinion – The Covid vaccines may have killed Shane Warne’, “NBA star and Hall of Famer John Stockton, recently stated that he has a list of “hundreds” of vaccinated athletes that have dropped dead on the field”. 

If it is good enough for the NFL to be this concerned about forcing dangerous protocols on its players and officials then the most popular national football code in Australia, AFL, has a chance and a duty to be the benchmark for all sports in Australia. AFL pride themselves on being innovative and leaders in sport. Take the lead now.

Pat Cash, Trevor Hendy, Kelly Slater and other high-profile athletes have expressed concerns over the jab and adverse reactions to it. We understand there are many ex-officials, administrators and players within the AFL who also have concerns over player welfare. It’s time to speak up.

There have been more than enough incidences of potential links between the forced vaccination and adverse reactions both in AFL and in Australia’s general population to warrant at least a temporary suspension of the mandatory injections until more study is done.

These experimental injections have been a catastrophic failure in stopping the spread and effects of Covid-19. Despite Australia having one of the highest vaccination rates in the world the covid case numbers continue to rise in unprecedented numbers. The vaccinated are still getting covid and they are still spreading it. Why should the risk of vaccine injury be added to a disease with a recovery rate in the 97%-98% recovery rate and very little impact on the age range of the athletes in the AFL?

I have played and watched sport with much enjoyment now for many years. It continues to bring enjoyment to millions around the world. The problem we face now is that the sheer joy of competing or watching elite athletes compete is tempered by the nagging thought of ‘who’s next’?

We’ve seen players here in Australia taken off the field of play with heart related issues. Some are yet to return to competition others may never return.

Now is the time to speak up. The Footy Show started the conversation. We saw the mainstream media attack them like bloodhounds on scent saying they had no medical background and were not qualified to make those statements. Pressure will undoubtedly be applied to ‘toe the line’ and not question the covid mandate narrative. We need some warriors; we need some hero’s not afraid to take up the baton for those who can’t.

The conversation has begun. Let’s not let it end without a thorough investigation into the injections that are potentially causing long term damage or death to our nation’s fittest athletes.

Enough is enough.

This is a developing story and AFIPN will continue to monitor and investigate behind the scenes in AFL, NRL and other sporting associations.



  1. John, you might want to just double check a couple of details. I believe fhe footy show was Sunday not Thursday night and it was Tony Jones, not Nathan Brown that made the comment about Lloyd’s bells palsy. I know it’s only minor stuff but it detracts from the message and gives the sheep reason to discredit your otherwise great article.
    Keep up the good work

  2. Let’s not forget that elite sportsmen are only a snapshot of the population. If it’s happening to them it’s happening a thousand fold in the general public.
    If this is a catalyst for stopping the jab I’m all for it but not because we want to watch the best sportspeople players, more because we want to stop covertly killing people with these jabs!

  3. 98 % ?? not even close anymore for the recovery rate. Would be about 99.9% at worst and you’d have a better chance at winning lotto if your under 50 than dying from this cold.

  4. These vaccines need to be STOPPED now it is blatantly obvious that it does not work what ever it is in the syringe…..and is killing people especially the elite athletes and also many many more who have been hushed up and told that they are having panic attacks etc etc this is absolute madness and greed coming from whoever is standing to gain from this $$$$$ at the highest level and everybody with a voice needs to speak up and tell the truth before they attack our children …the media are the worst at spreading this evil agenda and need to be silenced and told to stop spreading garbage they are the worst puppets on this earth greedy money hungry brainless morons ……💩💩💩

  5. Ungag the drs…and promote transparency in data collection…make tga etc acctable for pursuing the ?past research in i have found there is none for people with pacemakers or by the pacemaker manufacturers, thryoid conditions, etc so im told on phone calls to various organisations

  6. It is happening Worldwide, Australian government turning a blind eye . People with shops etc selling coffee have been closed by police on the Gold Coast , yet all Gold Coast City Council are not mandated. What gives them the right to work with rate payers money and the average joe on the street can’t even sell coffee?

  7. Love your article, however the survival rate is 99. Something percent depending on age, health and comorbitities ect, the original world estimate was 3% death but the estimate was not only miscalculated but has proved to be incorrect

  8. Very sad what’s happening … intuitively we know putting something experimental into our god given temple is wrong

  9. This is horrific andI don’t doubt that it will continue to be so! There was NO getting this information out to the public, until it absolutely could not be hidden any longer!

  10. My grandson 15 after second dose of pfizer a footballer coerced into vax by Mcdonalds couldnt speak or breath that night y hours afterrushed to emergency with several doctors working on him.

    Said it wS 1 10,000 bs it is as young pasengers in my uber told me of a simulat occurence.


  12. My girls missed out on performing their dance concert at the end of last year by 3 days..! Yea My eldest had trained for 2 years on point via zoom classes. This was to be her first performance on pointè. They have been dancing since they were 4. So, 12 & 10 years. They were heartbroken and devastated. While we didn’t go to the concert, my heart was in my throat the whole day and night wishing for not one of those beautiful dancers to falter and fall because of heart issues. Thank goodness nothing like that happened. I really was so scared something bad would happen. The whole point was to drive up the numbers in 12-18 year olds..! And thanks to the City of Monash, my girls and more missed out on the chance to showcase all their hard work..!! I’m glad too athletes are speaking out now. It’s so important now more than ever to stop these experimental injections with growing adverse reactions, injuries and sadly deaths.

  13. The Chief Medical Officers in every State and Territory need to be forcibly removed from their positions. This is open slaughter of our society and yet they still push this experimental medical procedure requiring an injection of unknown substance whose long-term effects have not been quantified. The removal of these nincompoops is essential to the health of all Australians.

  14. The AFL its players and everyone world wide needs to watch this it comes accross a bit far fetched to begin with but then he starts putting all th evidence forwards and I think hes really onto something this is genocide we can no longer trust our worlds leaders we are being used as Guinnea pigs and they are lining their pockets with every shot you take stealing our wealth destroying our countries so they can become dictators delusional old men with visions of grandure and ever lasting power WATCH IT PLEASE

  15. Not just athletes what about the evil push for vaccinating children. They have virtually no risk of harm from covid but way more risk of side effects from the Vax. The TGA etc should be investigated for allowing this to happen.

  16. Well Hello ? what did you think was going to result with an untested biochemical injected directly int your blood ?
    all of us “anti vaxxers ” tried to tell you TWO FREEKING years ago!! & you all know it.

  17. Why arn’t MSM talking about these issues? Are they told to steer clear of something that is taboo….and hurting the vaccinations around the country? These sure,y are issues to be spoken about where so many people have lost their jobs because they said NO to the vaccine….and I’m sick and tired of being called anti- vaxxers….yeah I’m anti this bloody vaccine….look at the numbers worldwide of heart problems or stroke or some other health issues concerned after people have had their vaccinations or their booster jab…talk about it SOMEONE FOR GOODNESS SAKE…,

  18. Our governments, medical officials and media should all get life in jail, or worse, for deliberate and malicious breaches of the Nuremberg Code.

  19. They got absolutely shut down by the media moguls wife very next day. I just pray those boys have some integrity because this elephant in the room just gets bigger by the day and we need some voices


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