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Alkalinity – Restoring your body’s pH balance


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Most of us know by now that many diseases, illnesses, and harmful bacteria thrive in an acidic environment. Our bodies were designed to naturally live in an alkaline state, but due to our fast-paced and often unhealthy lifestyle, this does not always occur.

When our body’s pH levels are out of whack and become too acidic the body begins to borrow important minerals from our organs, bones, and tissues to try to neutralise the acid and remove it from the body – according to studies done at the Vincera Institute in Philadelphia US.

A healthy pH ratio the body needs to be at is a balance of 70:30 alkaline to acid. Factors that send our body out of its natural state are processed foods, dairy, sugars, tobacco, man-made medicine, antibiotics, aging, and stress.

Our body displays signs of excess acidity in the body in various ways. One condition that can occur is Acidosis.

Acidosis is when a person’s body fluid contains too much acid and the symptoms can be quite unpleasant.

There are two types of acidosis that can occur…

  1. Metabolic Acidosis
  2. Respiratory Acidosis

Metabolic Acidosis happens when your kidneys are unable to remove the excess acid from your system which in turn affects the body’s capacity cofunction correctly and leads to rapid breathing, confusion, fatigue, and shock according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine

Respiratory Acidosis occurs when the lungs are unable to remove all the carbon dioxide the body produces, which in turn makes your blood too acidic and causes symptoms like confusion, anxiety, fatigue, shortness of breath, drowsiness, tremors, flushes, and sweating.

The good news is acidity in the body is fairly easily fixed and it doesn’t involve expensive medications, unachievable fad diets, or countless trips to the doctor.

Testing the level of acidity/alkalinity in your body can be done as simply as using a piece of litmus paper on your saliva or urine first thing in the morning. The pH scale is measured from 0-to 14 with 7 being an optimal target.

Diet is considered one of the biggest factors and best ways to get your body back into balance. A more alkaline blood pH helps protect healthy cells and balance essential mineral levels. Alkaline diets protect bone density and muscle mass, lowering the risk of chronic pain and inflammation and improving immune function.

Alkaline foods include

. Spinach

. Strawberries

. Carrots

. Broccoli

. Collard greens

. Alkaline water

. Almonds

. Lemons

. Garlic

. Avocado

. Basil

. Red onion

. Potato

Although most types of fruit are acidic, they are actually alkalising to the body and help reduce acid levels.

Most vegetables are also considered alkalising and can help reduce acid levels in the body.

Acidic foods include

. Processed sugars

. Processed flours

. Red meat

. High sodium condiments

. Wheat

. Soft drink

. Dairy

. Seafood

High-phosphorus drinks and carbonated drinks such as beer, soft drinks, hot chocolate, and alcohol all contribute to imbalances in our alkaline levels in the body.

Exercise is also a great way to quickly reduce acidity and bring balance into the body. Exercise can also help reduce stress which is a contributor to acid levels.

Exercise increases oxygen to the heart, lungs, and muscles and helps to detoxify tissue. Aerobic exercises that implement cardio and controlled breathing exercises are believed to be best the type to promote alkalinity in the body.

. Yoga

. Meditation

. Walking

. Massage

. Breathing exercises

. Swimming

There are also literally shelves and shelves of alkalinity supplements that can be sourced from good health food shops to assist in the rebalance of one’s body.

So, in short, we can see it’s relatively easy to become out of balance with our body’s natural state. Hectic schedules, fast food, lack of sleep, overworked (and probably underpaid!), stress, and other contributors that all go along with life.

But the good news is it can be fixed fairly easily and without excessive cost or unattainable demand. The body is an amazing complex machine that has the capacity if treated well, to rebalance and restore back to the way nature intended.

Disclaimer: AFIPN recommends that anyone undergoing any dietary change, incorporating exercise, or taking any type of supplement speaks to a health professional that knows their circumstances before doing so. Any advice we give in these articles is for you to consider along with your healthcare professional.



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