Monday, July 4, 2022
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Are Many Australians Living in A Covid Cult?


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We hear countless stories about Australians being harassed by Covid Mask ‘Nazis’. There are many reasons why people don’t wear a mask; medical exemptions, those that won’t comply, those that have read the science which tells them masks are ineffective in community settings and those that have simple had enough and want to breathe freely.

So why do some citizens take it upon themselves to demand others do something for them without knowing anything about the individual’s circumstances? These ‘mask Karens’ show signs of mental instability fed by the fear mongering media and form a part of the growing ‘Covid Cult‘ living in Australia.

The mask mania around us is driven by media and health experts who have convinced people that their fellow human beings are all infected with ‘Covid’ just waiting to cause them harm. This is how mob mentality grows and thrives. This is the difference between individualism and collectivism. If I have an opinion, I don’t want to enforce it on anybody. I’m not demanding that you don’t or can’t wear a mask. I’m just saying don’t make me wear a mask when it doesn’t work. The Covid Cult cannot understand that individuals have their own perspective and want to force and ram their perspective down our throat through force. This is cult like behaviour and has brought out the worst in people because they believe the unmasked will cause them harm.

The Covid cult has outright faith in their masks despite real-world data showing mask mandates have had no influence on the pandemic as we have seen in Sweden, Florida and elsewhere. Not even the Covid catastrophists at CNN who recently called the cloth masks ‘little more than facial decorations’ could shake their faith.

Unless you wear a tightly sealed N95 mask, then your obedience simply perpetuates the optics of the pandemic, which is exactly what government wants. Politicians, health experts and the media have been manipulating people for the last two years and turning them into Covidians, spinning them into a frenzy of self righteousness and fear. These people seem to want to be controlled and they enjoy the submission, the division and the snobbery. Society has become manic about masks demanded by government, justified by experts and never to be questioned and shamed when you do by media regardless of how ridiculous the “health advice” around masks is.

Masks have had two years to work. They haven’t worked, because they can’t. So say the manufacturer’s caveat on the packaging as do over 150 Studies and finally the real-world data and observations. If masks worked, we would not have the community transmission we are witnessing right now because mask compliance in Australia is very, very high. We have to make it uncool to wear masks, otherwise we will wear masks forever.


Comrade Daniel Andrews has just released modelling that showed 55 million Victorian lives were saved as a result of people wearing masks for 40 seconds to enter a restaurant, prior to sitting down and taking off their masks for an hour or two to eat and talk. In further breaking news a gender neutral nurse has stubbed his/her toe in a WA hospital and Premier Mark McClownan will add a further week as a result to the yet to be determined opening date for his State.

We need to mock the clowns and their ridiculous rules that prevent Australians from moving freely in their country and impose freedom destroying restrictions on us all.



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