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Are We Ever Gonna See Your Faces Again…


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(No way, get fu@#ed, f@#k off)

It’s a strange way to headline and start an article but by the end you will be singing the tune with me at the top of your lungs.

As COVID restrictions end around Australia and politicians pretend that something about the science has changed Australian’s must demand apologies and then resignations.

Who could have known early on when politicians and experts asked us nicely to stay at home for two weeks to flatten the curve, would turn into two years, and counting, of pausing our lives, especially children’s to accommodate hypochondriac adults.

Scott Morrison, a lot of what happened in the last two years rests squarely at your feet. You, Scott Morrison allowed State Premiers like Daniel Andrews to rule with an iron fist and impose tyranny all under the slogan of “for your safety” and “we are all in this together.”  You were too afraid to counter; you were weak, and you never led this country, and you are guilty of dereliction of duty. Your fate is sealed at the next election, but you still need to apologise to the Australian people.

The Daniel Andrew’s of this world could not have done any of what they did without cover from our politicised health agencies. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), The Australian Medical Association (AMA), The Burnet Institute, The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI), Ozsage and of course AHPRA, the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. All these bodies and individuals that slither within the halls of the buildings they occupy allowed the various State Premiers and their Chief Health Officers to craft absurd, unscientific policies that kept destroyed freedoms and kept children out of school.

These bodies have destroyed the trust Australians had in their health agencies and as a result we will all suffer the repercussions for a long time. ATAGI apologise for enabling vaccine mandates, Ozsage apologise and disband into oblivion for your insistence of Covid Zero tyranny based on ridiculously flawed modelling, and State Premiers apologise to the children whose lives you have stunted and who may never recover from the educational loss. Apologise to the kids who received speech therapy through masks because you refused to acknowledge that masking had been pointless in stopping COVID-19 spread. You all have permanently damaged these children because you refused to admit that you had been wrong for so long. Apologise and resign.

The TV Medical experts who fell in love with their own image and could not stay off the TV even though they caused us all harm by lecturing constantly and ridiculing and shaming anyone who disagreed with their opinions and “their science.” Some of you going as far as inferring that you represented science and any criticism directed at you was “anti-science.” You got things wrong on TV, radio, and internet very often and reversed previous comments with no explanations. The science never changed but the lies, deception and fear mongering could not continue.

The worst part of all was these “TV Scientists” aided and abetted by the media laptop class shut down dissenting opinions from other scientists because they knew theirs could not withstand scrutiny. You have all been a disaster for this country and you should all apologise and resign and one day be held accountable through the courts.

The rest of the politicians, the quiet week and cowered ones, you that collected a pay-check every single week, you that stood by quietly and let extended lockdowns destroy businesses, destroy our cities, our social cohesion, you cost us all so much, we will remember you as you watched your leaders drunk on power, you too need to apologise and you too will be held accountable.

And finally, the ones who allowed this all to happen, complicit in feeding the Covid hysteria – Mainstream Media. The disaster of the last two years rests squarely at your feet. We know that you were paid off by government with tax incentives, which makes this all even worse. You took a bribe, and you abandoned the Australian people. You were not interested in investigating, or asking questions, even the obvious ones and you even provided cover for Big Pharma by censoring stories and information. You did not ever challenge the corrupt healthcare agencies or State Governments. You let us down. From you, we do not want an apology because it will be as fake as the news you deliver. Your fate has been sealed by many thousands turning you off and correctly referring to you as “Fake News.”

The pandemic is waning but any impulse to forgive, without any apologies, and forget is not an option. We cannot under any circumstance do that as a new variant can easily emerge and the people who have been wrong for two years will go right back to forcing their failed prescriptions on us all. Everyone and every organisation that failed us over the last two years cannot be allowed anywhere near the levers of power. We need to get an admission of failure from all those responsible, we need apologies, and we need these people to resign so we can move on….  so please everyone join me in the chorus and sing out loud

“We don’t ever wanna see your faces again,” “never ever, get fu@#ed, f@#k off”



  1. A TRUTH that has millions and millions of lives hanging on it! A TRUTH that must be advocated! But a TRUTH that will never win this war if we bring ourselves down to their level by signing off with the “F….” word!
    Play smart!

  2. People around the World must realize how our compliance to Laws developed to protect citizens in every Country have worked against us and not for us .We have let this happen and there is now massive work to do to get our lives back to some sort of common sense . Like in the movie Lord Of The Flys , Rough justice has been handed out by Leaders with Child like Brains , as we get rescued one Country at a time ,Rescuers will shake their heads and say “what have you done to yourselves ” The Saddest Time In Our History .

  3. Well written and so true, this has been a pandemic of fear and the height of stupidity when something doesn’t work, keep on doing it and hoping for a different result. Two years of hardship for so many and the testing goes on and we don’t no how many false positive cases. According to science if you are so called Asymptomatic, you haven’t got covid, so why get tested when you don’t have symptoms and risk false positive test results.

  4. thankyou. well written. I will go the grave believing this. I will never submit- for the safety of all humanity. om mani padme hum

  5. Thank you for being our voice…now how can we help our fellows that have been tricked…they need kindness not judgement…we now need to be the leaders & healers


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