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Are We Sacrificing Our Children to Calm Adult Irrational Fears?


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The push for vaccinating the entire population has been relentless in the recent months. The vaccine mandates and the exclusion of the unvaccinated from society has caused and continues to cause civil unrest and division within the people of Victoria, for its lack of consideration for human rights, risk assessment (vaccine injuries) and the obvious anti-democratic nature of segregating a group of people in our community, a medical apartheid.

The Andrews government is preparing to mandate the injection of mRNA drugs in children aged 5 to 11. Let’s all take a step back and look into this particular issue. Twenty-one months into this pandemic, we have international data that allows us to understand both the virus and the mRNA vaccines much better. This data is our best weapon in making informed decisions moving forward. We now know that COVID-19 is not life threatening to the young and healthy, the risk being near nil to the under 20s (see hospitalisation data in Australia).

Can we say the same about mRNA vaccines? The short answer is NO. As of November 10, 80,889 adverse reactions and 657 deaths have been reported to the TGA (higher than Covid deaths in 2021), and it probably is the tip of the iceberg. Injuries to the heart are extremely common, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolisms, menstrual disorders, Bells’s Palsy, to name a few (source: TGA DAEN database). I would like to bring your attention particularly to the incidence of Pericarditis and Myocarditis (heart inflammation, which has a 3 to 5 year survival rate of 56 to 83%) because these inflammations have been reported mostly in the young and healthy population, in children as young as 12. To date, there are 850 Myocarditis, myocardial infarctions and 1650 Pericarditis reported in Australia since the introduction of the vaccine. This data represents 2,500 hearts that have been injured unnecessarily.

The Israeli Real-Time News reported a 500% increase in sudden cardiac and unexplained deaths among FIFA (International Soccer Federation) players in 2021. In most cases, the cause of the collapse was heart-related, including myocarditis, pericarditis, heart attacks, or cardiac arrest, with the second most prevalent cause being clotting events. Since December 2020, 183 professional athletes and coaches have suddenly collapsed, with 108 dead, a 500% increase from previous years. There is enough evidence to suspect that mRNA vaccines cause fatal injuries in the young and healthy hearts.

Why are we allowing children to get hurt for a virus that is not dangerous to them? Limiting transmission was the government answer to this question, however, science says otherwise. The Lancet has published a study that reveals that vaccination has no effect on transmission.

Our responsibility as adults is to protect children from harm. Are we sacrificing these kids to calm adult irrational fears? This question must be asked.

New data, researches and findings should be guiding us in making new policies. Let’s have a look at a few of these:

The British Medical Journal has published an article that states that Pfizer has manipulated data and ignored adverse reactions to get approval of their product

The FDA refuses to make available the drug trial data they used to approve the mRNA vaccine before the year 2076 (Reuters)

The Health Advisory & Recovery Team in the UK published an article stating that there is a drastic increase in male deaths aged 15-19 in the UK since May 2021

Fresh research has found that mRNA vaccines dramatically increase endothelial inflammatory markers and ACS risk as measured by the PULS Cardiac Test.

This new data, aligned with the vaccine injuries reported to the TGA should be sufficient to alt these injections immediately. However, the fear campaign that the population has been subjected to by the media for almost 2 years now, has led to voluntary intake of the trial drug in the adult population. No risk assessment was provided, no informed consent has been reached.

What is really clogging the health care system? 564 Covid patients in hospital or 80,000+ vaccine injuries? That question must be asked as well.

When it comes to children, to which we have the duty of care as a community, their risk assessment is simple: This drug poses more danger to them than the virus. That fact is undeniable. Should we err on the side of caution until further studies and data become available? We are only seeing the short-term adverse effects so far, and it is not pretty. No one can claim to know the long-term adverse effects of the mRNA therapy, because time has not lapsed yet.

Let’s not forget that catastrophic medical errors have been made in the past.

Let’s think with the logic we had in 2019 for a moment: We are planning to inject a drug in children that is not yet fully approved, that is totally experimental, that we know is dangerous and potentially fatal to them, to which we ignore the long term-side effect, for a virus that is not dangerous to them. This is both absurd and criminal. I must repeat this question: Why are we hurting children?

Are we on the edge of witnessing the worst medical error in human history? What role did we all play in this unfolding tragedy? There is no scientific data to back this imminent manufactured disaster.

Please share this article with every parent you know, if only to enable them to open a dialogue with their children’s GP, to allow them to make an informed decision about their children’s health, based on a proper medical individual risk assessment. Each share could protect a child from harm. Thank you.




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