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Atheists and Christians Don’t Have To Be At Odds With Each Other


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It’s hard to comprehend that our physical world wasn’t created by a higher being. It does have design and it is within the bounds of certain mathematical equations. How can this be though if we just randomly appeared from nothing? Science and mathematics only have answers which go back so far. That’s the vacuum that religion adequately fills for many. What was before the big bang? How can we appear from nothing? How can stardust eventually become complex and intelligent life? Religion fills in the gaps of the things we find hard to comprehend. We build things and we create life ourselves so we find it easier to imagine everything around us came from a similar process. Humans are in God’s image because that’s familiar and easy to comprehend.

God has given us peace to understand these great questions of our existence at times when science has not. As science and mathematics get closer towards filling in the gaps, God becomes less relevant in explaining how we came to be. This is how Science is killing religion.

Then there’s the human condition of mortality. Another issue that people don’t want to confront. How can this be our one shot? How can there be nothing after death? The end is hard to deal with for many people. Religion offers comfort to people when answering these tough and emotional questions.

Our Consciousness is also explained by religion via spirituality yet science has struggled to explain it in a way we can comprehend. It’s still an open subject with many questions. God and religion fill these voids and offer comfort. Most believers don’t want to disprove God, why would they when they are happy with the reality they’ve chosen? Their beliefs ticks all the boxes and explains our existence with no unanswered questions if you have Faith. They are at peace. On the other hand, we who choose not to believe are not at peace.

There are questions that science hasn’t offered adequate and conclusive answers to. Our quest for truth has just begun yet their quest for truth has all the answers right now. Trying to convince believers that God does not exist is not the right approach because it introduces unhappiness in somebody’s life who is already at peace.

Our whole society was built on religion. Our laws come from religion. Our values are taught via Christian-based educational systems. The 10 commandments are the base of our understanding on how to live side by side despite our differences. Religion is rooted in our history for better or worse. Without it we would not be where we are today.

If you asked me do I prefer a Christian based society or do I prefer a Marxists, socialist society then I’d choose a Christian based society every time. The slow death of religion has brought more problems for society and allowed for erroneous ideologies to creep in that aren’t part of our natural condition. Communism is at odds with religion because they are the same thing. Religion is communism….

Christianity-based political systems like we enjoy in the west that have allowed us to flourish and be free are more appealing than Communist/Marxists-based political systems that have stifled peoples individual thirst to fulfill their potential.

In conclusion, if it’s the pursuit of happiness that we all have in common then both a religious and science-based approach can co-exist if we respect each other’s perspective in that search for truth and happiness.



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