Sunday, May 29, 2022
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Australian government plans to silence the truth

The Australian government plans to introduce one of the most dangerous laws in its history, silencing any press that does not follow the government narrative and destroying all hope of a free press in Australia.  With these laws we are no different to China with their state sponsored mouthpiece being the only news you hear.

The government sell it as a good thing, a law to combat what they call harmful disinformation and misinformation online, but this is far from good.

The legislation will provide the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) with new regulatory powers that will allow them to hold big tech companies to account for harmful content on their platforms.

What this means is the ACMA will have the power to force Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the like to remove media outlets like us at AFIPN and others such as Rebel News and the Real Rukshan. But what if it doesn’t stop there, can they force our hosting providers to take our websites offline to?

These powers are overreaching and a threat to our very democracy and an attack on our human rights, it gives government full power over the media, the right to pick and choose who gets to publish and what they get to publish.

In a release on the website the government directly discuss Covid-19 and made a claim that 4-5 Australians reported experiencing misinformation online. But this will be what the government claims is misinformation, not what is true misinformation. For example, if you suffer an adverse event to the Covid vaccine and agree to an interview on AFIPN. Once we broadcast that, under the new laws then they can label that misinformation and de-platform us. now you may think that they would not swoop as low as to deny a person suffering their right to speak, then think again.  AHPRA forced a gag order onto doctors which prevented them from recommending against the vaccine, despite their patient’s unique health situation. It also prevented them treating any patients for Covid with medications such as Ivermectin. That unique doctor patient relationship was thrown out the window, with government overstepping the mark.

The government will set up a Misinformation and Disinformation Action Group that will bring together key stakeholders across government and the private sector to collaborate and share information on emerging issues and best practice responses according to the news release. Considering the comments from the World Economic Forum (WEC) stating that combating disinformation is the next stage in the great reset, then one should be very worried as the WEC are the biggest global influencer on the private sector.

The government will consult on the scope of the new powers ahead of introducing these laws into parliament in the second half of 2022. Whilst AFIPN’s objective is to bring you the truth and be a trustworthy news outlet, we will be organising, speaking and attending protests these laws as these laws directly threaten our existence.



  1. This is beyond a joke when is the public going to stop the useless protests and simply jhazak style the end of this attack on everything we value

  2. I believe the Australian press are already silenced by the government. Nothing printed about New World Order and the dreadful things on the horizon.
    Nothing printed about the scam of Covid
    WA already under a dictatorship.

  3. 100% this it’s not good. And when you say “the government” this infers lnp or Labor they will follow the same WEF advice. Both sides need to be held to account by the media not be in each other’s pockets and exclude the he real journalists. This election is like having to pick between Coke or Pepsi when you don’t drink soft drink. Both are the worst option.

  4. Thanks for sharing. At the moment I am in Facebook jail again for another,30 days for sharing and expressing my opinion. So like you I am most concerned about free speech etc.
    This must be stopped.

  5. People should take note of what George Christiansen is saying as he identifies the real issue in that its organisations such as WEF that are influencing legislation. Govts everywhere are their puppets and doing their bidding. In NZ, Ardern, a graduate of their school (WEF) has brought out COVID19 Response Bill, where the unvaccinated can be violated in a number of ways including, losing a job, house, bank acct, confined to MIQ indefinitely even forcefully jabbed. Officers appointed fully indemnified against prosecution. Who do you reckon would be influencing a law like that, ordinary citizens. Not so according to George.

  6. Can you please provide links to verify this information in the govtbwebsite where it says about.the upcoming legislation that is going to parliament. so we can share it to the yellow hats that don’t believe anything without evidence
    Thank you

  7. Keep up the good work. I fear for the future of our grandchildren and what their lives will be like in the future.

  8. As an ” ordinary ” person I’ve read Luke’s article and it inspires me to do something to try and prevent this happening. Where in the article does it mention how I can do something ? Its great that you are bringing about awareness.

  9. They were already given a tax break from the Australian Government to push the Covid and jab agenda.
    Democracy was locked up 2 years ago

  10. This is the most openly and shockingly evil govt we’ve ever seen in Australia. All headed up by the most deceptive, two faced PM that prefers to call himself a Christian.
    This proposed legislation is the government showing how terrified they are of the truth. It means their lies are coming apart at the seems.
    Next thing ya know this “Christian” PM will be banning the bible as hate speech.
    God save us from the very wicked men and women in our government who are continuing to destroy good Australians lives.

  11. The more control the Govt has over freedom of choice & freedom of speech, the further down the slippery slope to communism we go. This stopped being about health a long time ago. There is no scientific or medical debate allowed. Just do what you’re told or else! It is wicked & needs to be stopped!!!!

  12. I can’t believe that we (Australians) have become so gullibly as to believe and trust our governments, state and federal, with all the nonsense they spread.

  13. This is not Democracy or the right to our Freedom of speech. If the Government goes this way we are being forced into a Totalitarian Society.
    We can’t believe what our Government Leaders say they lie and and change the truth to lies.
    Covid has been nothing but another form of coverup of their plans at the hospital guest cost of lives, jobs and personal freedoms! May God help us!

  14. We’ve gone from “a few weeks to flatten the curve” to fully vaccinated to see a doctor.

    We’ve gone from “two vaccines to be fully vaccinated” to three, possibly four, five, six…

    We’ve gone from “when we reach 70%, life will go back to normal” to 80%, 90%, 95%…

    We’ve gone from “the vaccine is 100% effective” to not preventing infection, barely curbing transmission, and dwindling effectiveness against symptoms in less than 6 months.

    We’ve gone from “the vaccine is 100% safe” to so many cases of of blood clots, Guillain-Barre, myocarditis, pericarditis, and skyrocketing reports of adverse reactions on yellow card systems across the globe.

    We’ve gone from “masks are relatively ineffective” to wearing masks when there is no active disease in the local community.

    We’ve gone from “kids are unaffected by this disease” to promoting vaccines for 5-12 year olds.

    We’ve gone from “vaccinate to get back to normal” to vaccine passports will be required to access normal necessities.

    And here’s a few more “Stop-It’s” while I’m on my rant…

    Stop telling me, “the vaccine is not experimental” when it is still in an experimental trial stage. Long term data is not in on mRNA vaccines for humans and no amount of data fudging and spin can prove otherwise.

    Stop telling me, “we don’t have polio anymore, thanks vaccines” when mRNA vaccines are nothing like the polio vaccine, coronaviruses are nothing like poliovirus, and the first release of the polio vaccine resulted in a catastrophic pharmaceutical disaster.

    Stop telling me, “but it still reduces the spread” when affected states and countries are at 90% levels of vaccination and returning record numbers of break-through cases. This is hardly a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’.

    Stop telling me, “well, it’s about reducing the load on our health system” when they can afford to sideline thousands of healthcare workers, once celebrated for their heroic service on the frontline.

    Stop telling me, “yeah, but we weren’t expecting this highly infectious new variant” when any virologist worth their salt will tell you this is exactly what viruses do. In general, they become more infectious and less dangerous over time.

    Stop telling me, “it’s about keeping us safe” when they suppress treatments, threaten and harass doctors who speak out, censor dissenting scientific voices, and seemingly couldn’t give a toss about suicide, mental health, smoking, and drug and alcohol addictions which kill tens of thousands of Australians each year.

    Stop telling me, “people still have a choice” when you know full well there is no choice when somebody’s livelihood, healthcare and welfare are at stake.

    And finally, stop telling me, “it’s a conspiracy theory” when it’s all happening right there in front of you.

    There is a virus. Yes. It’s a bad one. Precautions need to be taken. But, this response is a total overreach and most people know it. They may not express it. They may not acknowledge it. They may even argue against it. But, surely they can feel it. Something’s not right.

    This is no longer about a virus. This is about passports, power and control. I don’t know where it’s coming from. I don’t know how it got here. But, it’s here. It’s global. It’s terrifying. And we must push back. We must.

  15. They are happy to bring us down even lower than we are now. This tyrannical Government his killed Australia and have belittled the people. Its do as i say or else that is the Morrison way. I cannot wait for the day he gets dragged into court and is locked up for all his past doings and what he is still doing. I am also in FB jail for speaking the truth.

  16. AHPRA gagged nurses along with Dr’s let’s not forget their misguided criminal order!!! Guess this means we shall have MSN much like USA which constantly reports a narrative constantly requiring correction when truth prevails and they are exposed for covering up mis information they support. Eg. LAPTOP from hell doesn’t exist, no biolabs in Ukraine, Russia gate collusion, pizzagate, frazzledrip, list is exhaustive. Be like the US MSN, where you get the truth only via exposed information after the fact. Thumbs down yet again Australian Government 🇦🇺👎🙄

  17. We are not under a Democracy and have not been for a long time. Therefore this government thinks it has the power to make laws and dictate to us the people as they wish. Australia is in such a mess, the people have sat back and let the govts for the last 50 odd years get away with unlawful changes to the system. Time for a big change, the elections are near, make sure you vote for the independents or the people who are going to make changes to get Australia back to where it should be….by the people, for the people. We are already under a dictatorship, we have to stop this now, if we don’t Australia is doomed to be like China and any other dictatorship. We do not want puppets of the Cabal ruling us.

  18. Do not ask for permission or request. Time to take back the bullhorn, our media. The government does not own our media, it is written in the media video of ethics regarding the truth. Truckers were parked outside 7news in WA making some noise for truth. All media outlets need those who seek the truth to be waiting outside demanding it. End of story.

  19. Before we all go off half cocked about this, where is the evidence, what is the legislation you are referring to, where is a link so people can look at it themselves? Prove your assertion with some facts please.

  20. Thank you WEF and schwab gates Rockefeller’s Clinton etc. Go with the money you borrowed of them Scomo and follow there conditions to buy millions of Jabs. Maybe a bit $ left over for your pocket. 43 years a Liberal voter —never again. Terry G.

  21. The average Australia is to stupid to realise what is happening and too lazy to do anything a bout it … just try stopping their footie though… bread and circuses .. has anyone noticed that the parliamentary parasites are not only, NOT working for us , but are actively working against us.. they take our money and screw us ..

  22. It also prevented them treating any patients for Covid with medications such as Ivermectin. ”

    Thank God. Ivermectin is completely ineffective at treating COVID-19.

  23. Here’s an idea (don’t wait for this to happen)….

    You should move all your content ASAP across to a decentralised platform like Bastyon(dot)com (the bastion of freedom platform) where your long form posts (like this) and videos are stored on a secure decentralised and distributed network of servers across the globe using blockchain technology.

    Please start building your content over there (before you get shut down) and you can be paid in PKOIN tokens that can be sold for dollars and you can promote your bitcoin address.

    It’s time for the truth media channels like yourselves to find censorship resistant decentralised hosting services.

  24. It will certainly be a sad day if the alternative media is silenced. Australia will be no better than China if that gets passed. It will just be the beginning of all our rights being stripped.

  25. I thought they have already achieved this .As no truth for over two years now .atsept for independent news.the sheeples majority so uneducated.

  26. Australia needs to stand up and do our part
    Research the independents and pick one
    I like Australia 1 because they have an end goal, not just to win a seat but a vision of what we can be if we get rid of these bastards.

  27. Just goes to show you how feeble all the govt lies are.
    Cannot stand up to any scrutiny let alone any truth.
    For a “ Christian” PM to support this abomination just goes to show everyone what a cowardly fraud he is.
    All they’ve does through this entire Covid thing has ben lie, lie and lie some more.

  28. Clearly the government considers its narratives (lies) just too feeble to be able to stand up against any contradictory arguments (read truth).
    Considering that all government lies most of the time and our dear PM Scott Morrison has a world wide reputation for being a liar it’s pretty rich that they want to legally make themselves the sole arbiter of truth.
    It’s a simple case of the government saying “ if you won’t believe our lies by choice then we will bully you into it by force”.
    A government that is willing to lock people away in their own home and force people out of their jobs and business until you accept a dangerous witches brew that has proven to injure and kill the people who take it and call that consent is a government that is willing to fo anything. It’s basically operating as a terrorist attack against its own people.
    Scott Morrison uses his facade of Christianity as a fig leaf to cover a multitude of sins.
    The whole bunch in government currently are an absolute disgrace.


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