Monday, August 8, 2022
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Perth police interrupt church service to check masks.


There has been outrage after WA police officers stopped a Catholic mass at a Perth Church on Thursday night making sure all parishioners were wearing masks.

Police attended St Bernadette’s Catholic Church in the Perth suburb of Mt Hawthorn after an alleged tip off about improper mask behaviour.

The WA State Government has made mask wearing mandatory in indoor settings in the Perth, Peel, South West, Wheatbelt and Great Southern regions, but exemptions apply.

Five parishioners were allegedly not masked. One was in possession of an exemption, and four others had face coverings.

A photograph taken shows a uniformed WA Police officer walking down the isle at the church checking people’s details.

St Bernadette’s church has confirmed that the incident had taken place. History is now repeating itself, particularly in WA.

Citizens dobbing in citizens, authoritarian style officers entering a place of worship checking details. Have they no shame?

PHOTO CREDIT: Patrick Horneman.

Western Australian Supply Chain Issue Continue To Worsen


A whistleblowing truck driver has phoned Perth Radio Station 6PR’s Breakfast Program yesterday morning, and spoken about alleged impending shortages to WA grocery distribution centres.

He alleged that this is the worst he has seen in his thirty years in the industry.

The truck driver who wished to be known as “Eddie” had explained that he currently works for one of the biggest transport companies in Australia and that they only had three semi trailer trucks working, delivering the last of their supplies to IGA and Woolworths distribution centres.

He alleged that the majority of the company’s distribution fleet in WA is stood down without pay and that it’s last three trucks will be “parked up” indefinitely.

Most of the distribution centres that his employer delivers to will run out of stock by Friday or Monday next week and that there were no contingency plans in place, he stated.

He further alleged that there is no freight coming into WA apart from one “road train” truck on Friday, and that a lot of this has to do with the WA Governments border restrictions due to COVID-19.

This situation is further compounded with distribution supply issues in the Eastern States due to Omicron Breakouts.

In the words of Eddie, ” If you drive past our yard you will see sea of trucks and a sea of trailers parked up”. ” If you drive past BP on Abernethy Road you will see endless prime movers just parked up”. “They have nothing to do, it’s crazy and nobody is doing anything about it”.

When asked for the solution by the breakfast show presenter, Eddie’s response was to ease the current restrictions and get freight moving, and get Main Roads WA into gear to relax their cross border trailer swapping rules.

Truck driver Eddie also made the point that it’s too hard for companies to deal with the situation, red tape and lack of government support, and that none of these drivers are getting paid with many having mortgages and living week to week.

He has further alleged that the WA public will be screaming by next week when these distribution centres run out of stock.

The WA State Government is yet to comment on these allegations.

Massive Crowds Gather in Perth CBD for Worldwide Rally for Freedom


A peaceful pro-choice crowd estimated to be between 30 to 60 thousand had descended into Forrest Place in Perth at Midday Saturday 20th November, opposing COVID-19 vaccination for the workplace as well as erosion of their freedoms.

United in Solidarity COVID vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals current and former health care and emergency service workers, former police, families, and children of all ages turned out in force for the event.

The crowd turned up with beach balls, drums whistles, hooters, and placards which filled Forrest Place and parts of Murray Street Mall to the brim, in a happy and sometimes party-like atmosphere for the World Wide Rally for Freedom.

After the formalities of the event, the people of Perth peacefully marched together, taking-their message to Premier McGowan through the streets of Perth including Elisabeth Quay bringing  CBD traffic to a standstill.

With Worldwide Rally for Freedom gatherings happening in more than 120 countries including Australia, this weekend was the Perth people’s chance to shine and show their support for freedom. And that they did.

Austria Introduces lockdown for the unvaccinated


Roughly two million people who have not been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 have been placed into lockdown in Austria as the country faces a sudden rise in cases.

The unvaccinated have been already barred from visiting restaurants, hairdressers, and cinemas. 

Unvaccinated individuals will only be permitted to leave home for limited reasons. Like working or buying food. This is expected to last for 10 days.

Children under the age of 12 and people who have recently recovered from the virus will be exempt.

Austria’s Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg has said, “We are not taking this step lightly, but unfortunately it is necessary.”

The Austrian governments say that police will carry out spot checks in public spaces to determine the vaccination status of individuals.

About 65% of Austria’s population is fully vaccinated. These measures were introduced in Austria on Monday, and it comes amid growing pressure on the nation’s hospitals.

Carlton’s Liam Jones Announces Retirement After Reportedly Refusing Covid Vaccine.


Carlton defender Liam Jones announced his retirement after it was reported last week that a Carlton player had refused to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

It was alleged that the 30-year-old, who had been contracted for the 2022 AFL season, had opted against receiving the vaccine before the clubs pre-season training commences this month.

A statement released on Carlton Football clubs website said “The club has confirmed that Jones has announced his retirement for personal reasons. Carlton has also thanked Jones for his service to the club and asked that his privacy be respected”.

Jones has thanked his personal and professional supporters and said he will miss his teammates. Neither he or his management team will be making any further comments on the matter.

The Good, the Bad and the Leader

Most of us think of ourselves as free individuals living in Australia “The Free Country”. We have had the ability to speak freely, protest, freedom of religion, carefree lifestyle, freedom of choice without coercion or blackmail. etc..

Immigrants would flock here in droves, in the hope of a better life and away from the oppressive regimes of their homelands. They were proud to call Australia their home. But something has changed.

Australia was the envy of other countries earning itself the tag of “Australia the Lucky Country”. One particular line in our national anthem that always resonated with me was “For we are young and free”. But are we free anymore? Are we lucky anymore? It doesn’t feel like it. I was once proud of my country, but I’m not anymore and it turns out that I’m not alone in my thoughts.

With the emergence of the Covid Crisis, our state and federal leaders have been displaying some very worrying behaviours. This has me and plenty of others questioning their current style of leadership.   

Without your support, we cannot continue to provide Australia’s only nationwide independent free press.

So, what makes a good leader? The University of Melbourne published an article on the 5th of March 2020 asking Australian voters to reveal the most important qualities of political leaders. 44 percent of 1066 respondents said honesty, truthfulness and trust are the qualities they deemed most important in their political leaders. Leadership (16 percent), ethical behaviour and integrity (14 percent) impact (13 percent), and the ability to listen and adapt (10 percent) were the other qualities most frequently mentioned.

Considering that in Australia a politician or leader is voted in by the people to represent the people, the big question is how many of our politicians and leaders display these admirable traits. You don’t have to look hard to see that few do.

So, is there such a thing as a bad leader?

Yes, there is, and they say power is like a drug. Ian Robertson, a Professor of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin, has studied political figures and the influence and power has on a politician. In his research, he found that there are traits that all bad leaders have.  

He mentions that “Power can go to some people’s heads and change the way their brain functions, their personality changes, they have a loss of empathy, they’re more narcissistic and are increasingly of the opinion that without them, everything will fall apart”.

He also mentions that the reason so many political leaders don’t resign of their own accord but are “pushed out” by members of their own party is because of an addiction they develop to being in power. This loss of power is likened to an alcoholic losing alcohol, or a gambler who stops gambling. There is a terrible sense of loss and emptiness. And although this causes them immense stress, they can’t imagine life without it.

Are our leaders addicted to power? Are they really representing the people’s best interests or their own pockets? And what comes of state and country when one welds too much power? Do I really need to ask this or do we all already know the truth? 

All is not lost though; good people are out there ready to lead and represent the Australian people and their values. We just don’t hear about them due to media blackouts, and social media censorship. There are plenty of great political candidates with their own legitimate registered parties, well thought out policies and some honest Senators speaking out. I wish I could name them all but they are rising in numbers. If we look hard enough we will find them, because at the end of the day it’s up to us to stand up and be counted.