Monday, June 27, 2022
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At what cost? The price of standing up

Yesterday I was called all sorts of nasty things because of my point of view, by someone who (like Hilary Barry) professes to be against bullying behaviour. Their friend quickly joined in, and they had a good laugh at how funny it was to call someone names and insult them.

All the hundreds of thousands of us who share my perspective on this whole covid situation know what that feels like, don’t we? It hurts, especially when it comes from friends and family, but we pick ourselves up and move on. We know that we speak out of genuine and sincere love for our fellow human. We know we’re not ignorant, unintelligent, uneducated, stupid – all those things we get called.

We also know how to research, and we have been diligent enough to do so (unlike the vast majority of our accusers).

We’ve also cared enough to put our reputations and relationships on the line to share what we know.

For thousands, probably millions around the world, the cost of walking in this integrity has been that they have been forced to walk away from careers, jobs, stripped of medical licenses, lost precious friendships, or been shut out of their own families.

We speak respectfully and politely, but for some reason, we get spoken to like we are less than dogs.

But yet, we continue doing it to be true to our convictions, and so that we can look ourselves in the mirror.

We have the full force of law, politics, and media against us (unlike anything ever seen before), but still – we keep growing in numbers and conviction.

If you are one of these people who bullies in this way, and you do indeed have superior intelligence as you claim, maybe you ARE actually insightful enough to consider why we would do these things! I challenge you to at least try!

We were all happy living our controversy-free lives not long ago. Why would we opt for this kind of criticism on a daily basis? Believe me, this position is not an enjoyable one. And there are a lot of things I’d rather be doing right now that writing an essay on Facebook, – but I’m doing what I think is right.

Yesterday, one of the lovely people who had fun at my expense wrote that I was “just one of those people who stirs up crap for fun”. All I did was respectfully express a short paragraph of my point of view, as they had done totally disrespectfully. NO. We do not like stirring this up, but letting the mud settle to the bottom doesn’t mean it’s not there. We are trying to show you it’s there.

Just to re-iterate… we are WELL INFORMED, we are WELL EDUCATED, we are of SOUND MIND, we are HONEST, and we are INTELLIGENT.

They do not spare even those who have written posts of losing their loved ones from the nastiness of these people. These same people probably would never criticise someone for their race, culture, or their gender identity, and they probably tell their children that bullying, and name calling is wrong. They probably speak about how mental health is a huge issue in NZ, and how the suicide rates really are a concern.

But I’ve talked with many people who are downright depressed and finding it hard to face life because of the constant bullying, mocking, and ridiculing. We are strong and won’t be shaken on what we know to be true, but it emotionally wears a person down. That’s the agenda of these people. (If it wasn’t their agenda, they would speak with facts, and in a respectful manner). Why is this acceptable?

What I am finding really hard to fathom is that a lot of this bullying is coming from fellow Christians, as mine did yesterday. This is the time when we need to fight for unity, and completely reject the division that our shared enemy is bringing into our family. Our bible warns us about these days. Are we going to spend them fighting with each other?

This social climate means some people’s hearts and minds are opening to God. If we were tuned in, we might see that many are finally beginning to understand why the bible warns us not to put our hope or trust in “rulers”, but in God alone. The astronomical suicide rate is because people see that there is no hope in this world or its systems, – and they need REAL hope. They need to be shown how all this is predicted in the bible, and how God says that if we come to Him, He will look after us in these times.

But instead, some of us are choosing to hurt others, and trying to cause them to hang their heads in shame and defeat – all because they have a different opinion. How on earth is that behaviour Christian, or even in the least bit loving?

We all have the rights to our own perspectives, and which medical procedures we do or don’t receive.

To the people who like to sling around insults such as “ignorant”, “uneducated” or “liar”, why don’t you extend yourself past the knowledge you already believe you have. Why don’t you open your mind to considering that the absolute rafts of experts, (such as the one in the video in the comments below), could not be called uneducated, or ignorant, by anyone with a mustard seed of honesty in their veins?

These multitudes of medical experts have spent their lives learning things well above the level of what you think you know, because “someone you know got Covid”. Why don’t you get down off your high horses, humble yourselves, and watch just one video? Pretty sure you still won’t, but it’s worth a shot.