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Bring on the crystal ball, it’s monkeypox time


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I’m sorry but I’m not falling for it, I’m not playing this game and I hope the people of Australia and the world wake up before it’s too late.

We are in the middle of a war, it’s not a traditional war, instead, it’s our governments fuelled by vested interests in the corporate world going to war on the people. All evidence shows that Covid was a man-made virus with NIH boss Anthony Fauci having his dirty little hands all over the virus, pushing dangerous gain of function research. The evidence is overwhelming that the Covid-19 virus is a mutated or should I say manipulated Coronavirus heightened with gain of function technology to make it so much more transmissible and deadly to its human host than the usual common cold style Coronavirus.

We saw in the lead-up to the Covid outbreak that the governments and the corporate-backed think tanks and NGOs were preparing. The talk was getting louder, the world needs to prepare for the next big outbreak and just months before the outbreak they ran a simulation on an airborne Coronavirus spreading havoc across the globe. Can it be any clearer?

This was not a natural occurrence but instead, a massive, coordinated attack on mankind perpetrated by the elite, a corporate takeover, and a move toward a one-world government. And in the process, we handed over our rights one by one as the corporate-backed mainstream media installed fear and panic with inflated numbers, and over the top fear campaigns, everyone was afraid. Everyone thought it was going to kill them if they got it. Well almost everyone, some people saw through the whole charade.

We have fought valiantly to bring the truth to the masses, we formed our own media like the Australian Free Independent Press Network, and we rallied in the streets. Doctors stood up to the industry boards that tried to silence them, many losing their jobs in the process whilst speaking out on the actual science. Daring to stand strong in the face of orders from their governing body AHPRA in Australia and others overseas who tried to silence them by taking away their rights to practice medicine.

The way this has been done, is amazing, a perfect coup d’état by corporations. The media lied continuously ignoring all the real science, pushing fake news, and fake statistics. When someone died in the hospital even from a car crash but happened to have Covid, it was declared a Covid death. The media never told the real story of the death, they sensationalised it for the masses. Covid killed a fit man in his 20s, let’s just hide the car crash part. Sounds absurd right, as if they would do that. It’s all come out; many have spoken up. If you die with Covid in your system, you are counted regardless of what caused your death.

So, with the health system manipulating the truth, doctors and scientists silenced, and corporate-backed media pushing out lie after lie the scene was set. The people were afraid, they wanted a savior, they needed to be protected and they begged the government for lockdowns and a cure. The government gleefully agreed, and laws were implemented taking away people’s freedoms and liberties. Families torn apart, borders closed, lockdowns and curfews imposed, businesses shut, and normality destroyed. We begged to have our freedoms torn away, that is how good of a job they did in pulling the wool over people’s eyes. The psychology of fear is a powerful weapon, and they knew just how to use it.

Then the so-called cure came but not everyone wanted to have it so they punished us, but to do this they had to manipulate us further, for the masses needed to support the idea of punishment, and for that to work, they had to see those who would not comply as the enemy. So, the psychological warfare continued, suddenly people who would not take the vaccine were anti-vaxxers, they were dangerous, a threat to society. The media pushed that they were spreading the virus, that they were selfish and downright insane. They were conspiracy theorists who needed to be stopped, they spread fake news, they didn’t follow the science and they were coming to kill your grandmother. That’s how bad it got. But none of this was ever fact, the ones who spouted trust the science never backed anything up with science. However, the whistle-blower doctors and scientist and their followers always backed up what they said with the real science.

But have the corporate elite got full control of the nations yet, no. That was just act one, well in all reality it’s probably act 50, but most people were asleep to the first few acts. You know the war on terror, a few white flag attacks here and there and we gleefully handed over more and more of our freedoms. The destruction of all family and moral values through the hijacking of our education system with woke agendas. Hollywood and the music industry indoctrinating us all. Hell, we even get warned of everything they plan via movies. V for Vendetta, an authoritarian government controlling the world as a virus spreads across the world. The control is for their own good, to protect them, to save them. All set in the year 2020, ring a bell?

Now their next act is set to start at a time when the nations of the world are set to give unfathomable and scary powers to the World Health Organisation that will allow them to declare lockdowns anywhere in the world to tackle pandemics, that act is Monkeypox.

Don’t for a moment believe that a virus that is very hard to spread, that has pretty much only seen a few small outbreaks in Africa, with the odd case here and there, is actually a threat and would under normal circumstances spread. But now it is suddenly spreading across Europe, the USA and as of today, it’s now in Sydney, Australia.

This is not natural either, have they manipulated the Monkeypox virus, is it now airborne? This is not normal, and this is another attack, in the decade of the pandemics. Not natural pandemics but manmade pandemics to push a much darker and dangerous agenda.



  1. Does anyone think this sounds familiar? Hhmmmm???
    We’re being led to believe Monkypox is the new ‘virus’ that’s building into a pandemic. If you take the ‘K’ out of Monkeypox, you get MONEYPOX. Anyone agree?


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