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Café Dzajko; Don’t like the word segregation. How about discrimination?


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Monday was the start of a new era in Sydney where some people were granted special privileges, while others denied those very same privileges. They were locked out of various establishments, excluded from seeing friends and family and publicly shamed for a medical decision.

But what is even more concerning is that some of the crazed pro-vaxxers are taking it even further than what the government has mandated. Café Dzajko in Tempe has a sign out the front of their door excluding the unvaccinated from the Café. Now a Café is an essential business for takeaway, therefore under the legislation the unvaccinated customer can enter these stores and purchase food or a coffee for take away consumption. But this café owner believes he can create his own laws and discriminate against someone based on their vaccine status.

Now there is nothing in the NSW Anti-Discrimination laws that specifically mention vaccine status, but infectious diseases are categorised as a disability within the meaning of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 and infectious diseases discrimination is against the law. So, if you get treated unfairly because you either have an infectious disease, people think you do, you used to or you may acquire one in the future, then the person who treated you that way has discriminated. You would have to believe that discriminating against someone who may have or acquire Covid-19 fits under this law.

The only time they can bypass this law is if there is a public health order directing the person to comply with an order that would normally discriminate against the person. As there is no law in place under the current public health order preventing the unvaccinated from entering a café for take away, this shop owner has clearly discriminated against this customer and the customer has a case to file a discrimination claim.

The customer who noticed the sign recorded himself having a conversation with a staff member in the store and posted it on twitter.

“What makes you think I’m going to hand over my medical private information of whether I’m vaccinated or not vaccinated to buy a cup of coffee,” he asked.

The crazed pro-vaxxed attacked the man on twitter in the hundreds, with even former Inner West Council Mayor Darcy Bryne jumping in on the bandwagon.

“When I saw this rude & obnoxious vid from some anti-vaxx twerp abusing the staff at Café Dzajko I headed down to buy my lunch & leave a tip. Great ppl who deserve our respect and support. They actually started the business during the pandemic. Get down there as soon as you can.” Bryne posted.

Former Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne Twitter post.

Our government, along with the mainstream media, has created such a storm over the vaccine debate that we are openly now seeing massive discrimination against the unvaccinated, even when there are no mandates to fall back on. It is clearly now discrimination. The mainstream media is relentless in vindicating all those who are unvaccinated, labeling them anti-vaxxers.

The decision to vaccinate or not should be a very personal one and choosing not to take this vaccine or any does not make one an anti-vaxxer. There are many reasons a person chooses not to get vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccination. It could be because of pre-existing health conditions where they do not believe the vaccine is the right option for them. Some of these pre-existing health problems can be quite severe, including blood clots, heart disease, autoimmune and even someone who is highly allergenic or suffers from chemical sensitivities. These people know their own bodies. They also quite often have a history with previous vaccines, but they are not exempt. 

The only way to be exempt from COVID-19 vaccine is to be both allergic to Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) with a history of anaphylaxis that required hospitalisation and also an allergy to Polysorbate 80 with a history of anaphylaxis that required hospitalization. So let’s break down the insanity of this, if you are allergic to PEG which is in both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine then you will have to get the AstraZeneca vaccine, but it contains Polysorbate 80 which is in the same family of PEG. But if you only have a documented allergy to PEG, then the advice is to get the AstraZeneca vaccine and they will have the crash cart ready for you.

Also, you could be someone who had pericarditis recently, now that is inflammation of the tissue (Pericardium) surrounding your heart. But despite a growing number of cases of myocarditis, pericarditis, and other heart diseases, you still cannot get an exemption.

NSW Safety Notice for Myocarditis and Pericarditis cases from the mRNA vaccination.

Then there are people who believe that natural therapies and a strong immune system are the way to deal with these sorts of outbreaks. They have decided based on how best they want to look after their body.

And of course, there are people who have researched the vaccine and believe it not to be safe, or they want it to complete full clinical trials, not the shortened version of trials that took place for emergency approval.

As you can see, there are a variety of reasons that people choose not to be vaccinated and those that choose to vilify these people can’t even come up with a sensible argument of why they do it. A vaccine ultimately is to protect the person taking the vaccine, usually giving them immunity. With the COVID-19 vaccine, you do not get immunity.

However, it’s believed to offer protection from the virus, but studies are still coming in on that. But what is clear even if vaccinated you can still catch COVID-19, so the vaccinated can also spread COVID-19. Therefore there is no scientific reason to exclude the unvaccinated.

From the 16th of June to the 3rd September 2021, there were 2,638 cases of COVID-19 among the fully vaccinated and 3,856 cases in the partially vaccinated reported in NSW with another 12,560 cases still under investigation at the time of the release of the report.

COVID-19 Weekly Surveillance Report – NSW Health

The science is clear both vaccinated and unvaccinated can spread COVID-19 therefore there is no justification to alienate an unvaccinated human from society; it is a breach of their inalienable human rights.



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