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Can Russia Destroy Globalism?


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When the White House, Hollywood celebrities and the corporate media are singing from the same song sheet in absolute lockstep, it is like a calling to investigate and look at what the other side is saying.

Surely Russia cannot be totally to blame for what is happening in Ukraine. There are many factors at play in what is a complex situation.

Alexandr Dugin is a top Russian philosopher who describes the war with Ukraine as not a war on Ukraine as such, but a war with globalism.

He says that Russia rejects globalism and the destruction of tradition and the installation of technocracy. The Great Reset is a danger to humanity that has been embraced by all Western European leaders and that is what we are at war with. The exclusion of Russia from globalist networks by the Western elite has given Russia no choice but to build “her” own world or simply disappear. Russia has set a path to building its world and civilisation, and the first step is Ukraine. No country can remain sovereign in the face of globalism, no country can withstand for a long time a complete disconnect. Russia is building a global resistance revolution and her victory will be a victory for all the alternative forces to globalism, for right and left and for all the people.

Alexandr is confident of a Russian victory and says that those ready to kill us now will be first in line to take advantage of our business tomorrow. Alexandr wants Russia to “break up” with the West as the modern West is no longer the West of Greek–Roman Mediterranean culture, nor the Christian middle ages of enlightenment but instead a toxic waste of a civilisation where Soros, Rothschild, Schwab, Gates and Zuckerberg triumph and dictate to man. He calls it the most disgusting time in the history of the world.

Russia is accelerating and removing itself from this toxic civilisation that it has resisted for many years under Putin. The globalists have cut the roots of the West and are instilling their own “religion” and culture, race wars, gender wars, LGBTIQ+ activism all designed to divide, destroy Christianity and destroy traditional family values and morals.

Russia is not Western Europe. Russia followed the Greeks, Byzards and Eastern Christianity a road it still follows today with zigzags and deviations and occasionally going up a blind alley. Russia is out to defend traditional values. Russia rejects globalism and once you understand this, you will understand the meaning of this modern war in Ukraine.

Alexandr believes the people of Ukraine will see this and reject the propaganda of western media throttled and controlled by the western cabal of Soros, Gates and Zuckerberg. The people of Ukraine will return to “themselves” and fight together with the Russian people for the kingdom of light, for tradition and the true European Christian identity. Alexandr goes on to say that the Ukrainians are our brothers. They were and they always will be and a break from the West is not a break from Europe but instead a break from degeneration and suicide. Alexandr wants Europe to follow Russia as he believes it’s the key to recovery and freedom of the world population at large, he wants to topple the anti-national globalist council and give individual countries back their sovereignty identity and culture. He wants to build a real European house and cathedral.

These are indeed interesting well thought out words and make more sense than moronic Twitter users with Ukrainian flags in their bio with no clue on what is happening across the other side of the world but merely following the directions of the media controlled by those that would  take their freedoms in a heartbeat.




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