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CDC Data Reveals 84% in Millennial Deaths Since Vaccine Mandates began


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Since vaccine mandates began in the US, there’s an alarming figure that has emerged out of data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It revealed a shocking 84% increase in death of millennials following the enforcement of vaccine mandates.

According to chart 4, the indication is that adults ages 25-44 saw an exponential surge in excess mortality, noting that it could potentially be the worst ever excess mortality rate in history.

In a recent episode of “The Ben Armstrong Show” Armstrong took a deep dive into the data, as well as former BlackRock portfolio manager turned whistle-blower Ed Dowd, also taking part in an extensive examination.

Down revealed that he had also collaborated with an insurance industry expert to look into the CDC excess deaths data in what started as an accidental stumble across the data whilst looking into something else. But after coming across the alarming information, the data was broken down by age and a baseline for each age group.

According to the data, millennials saw the biggest rise in excess deaths over every other age group, and seven times that of the silent generation, 85yrs and older, subsequently caused by imposed mandates in order to keep jobs.

In the States, vaccination rates accelerated into the fall, with a reacceleration occurring in the end of 2021, correlating findings detailed in chart 4, where you can clearly see when mandates were enforced and people were told to get boosters.

“Basically, you can see that millennials experienced 84% excess deaths in the fall and winter 2021 so excess deaths accelerated when mandates and boosters hit.” Said Dowd.

“And this age group is important because they’re healthy. And you can’t say that they, you know, missed their cancer screenings. This is ages 25-44. So, this is just devastating evidence that the vaccines are causing this age group to die at an accelerated rate.”

This suggests that is Coronavirus vaccines were sage, death rates in 2021 on average should have gone down or at least stayed the same following the vaccination mandates. It links the events in such a way that it is hard to deny. The data clearly implies that there is a distinct correlation between Covid-19 vaccines and recorded deaths among 25-44 year old’s who were vaccinated during the Pandemic.

Armstrong expressed that even natural disasters don’t come anywhere near the “catastrophic” volume of deaths in the age group, adding “wars are the only thing that could produce this amount of fatalities.”

Based on the analysis of the data, in the time frame of when mandates and boosters were given, 61 000 excess millennial deaths had occurred in the U.S alone.

“Millennials experienced a Vietnam war in the second half of 2021,” stated Dowd. Over a 10-year period, at least 58,000 people and U.S soldiers died in the Vietnam war. He reiterated “this generation just experienced something similar to the Vietnam war within the last 6 months.”

The CDC data proves the lack of transparency in relation to reported adverse reactions and deaths associated with Covid-19 vaccines. In a warning Dowd issued to the public, he warned be wary of democide. Which means, “death by government.” 



  1. Absolute missinformation by Arm Chair experts it makes no sense at all and as such is CRAP, it just goes to show how out of touch with reality some people are and should end up in the Bin.


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