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Climate Change or just Governments and the Rain-Making Act 1967?


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The Rain-making Control Act- 1967 is an Act to regulate certain rain-making and other cloud-modification processes. This Act was enacted by Her Majesty the Queen’s Victorian Government in 1967. The rain-making operation referred to in the Act is clearly defined as ‘the seeding or nucleating of clouds by artificial means from a manned aircraft’. Clouds in the sky are sprayed with silver iodide (AgI) or carbon snow/dry ice (solid CO2) by an aeroplane to make it rain; hence the term ‘rain-making’. This is also called ‘cloud seeding’, where chemicals are dispersed into the air that then artificially change the clouds so that they produce moisture, which subsequently falls to the ground as rain. Such false weather events created by government sanctioned interference alter the microphysical processes that naturally occur in our atmosphere.

Cloud seeding, an experiment with unpredictable consequences is a type of weather intervention which is said to have begun in the 1940’s in the USA. It is unclear when the practice began in Australia, however the Rain-making Control Act 1967 would suggest on or after 1967. It also suggests co-operation between states on the matter, as Section 8 Cloud-seeding in Victoria to induce rainfall in another State, states that ‘At the request of the Minister of an adjoining State administering any Act corresponding with this Act the Minister may authorise rain-making operations to be carried out in Victoria to promote rainfall in the adjoining State’.

Concerns over the safety of the silver iodide used in the rain-making process and how it can be toxic to humans have been raised. A That’s Pretty Good Science article titled Cloud seeding may be affecting your health lists possible adverse health effects such as anxiety, seizures, cardiac arrest, argyrosis  (blue and grey discoloration of the skin) and methemoglobinemia (headaches, nausea, fatigue, lethargy, confusion and shortness of breath). It reports that state governments have increased the amount of silver iodide they are releasing into the atmosphere by nearly 800% over the last decade.

The article in That’s Pretty Good Science also states that “Cloud seeding has been blamed for natural disasters like floods, tsunamis, droughts, earthquakes, tornadoes, plagues, famines, and may even be responsible for the changes in the atmosphere that are causing the sunsets to appear differently”. Consequently, questions must be asked about how much this weather manipulation by governments is contributing to the climate change they claim we are experiencing? Scientists, politicians, and others currently maintain our climate is being changed beyond repair by our use of fossil fuels. But this process of cloud seeding and rain-making that has apparently been in operation for 55 years has evidently not been investigated for its effect on our climate. An alarming aspect of this issue is the fact that very little is mentioned about this process by our politicians, particularly those claiming to care about our environment the most.

Sixteen versions of the Rain-making Control Act 1967 – the most recent amendment effective since 1/12/2013 was not challenged. Moreover, Section 12 of the Act, No liability in respect of authorized operations states that, (1) Neither the Minister, any person or body authorized by the Minister to make arrangements for carrying out a rain-making operation, nor any person carrying out rain-making operations authorized by the Minister under this Act shall in any way be liable in respect of any loss or damage caused by or arising out of the precipitation of rain hail sleet snow ice fog or mist in consequence of the rain-making operations so carried out’. Which Minister is referred to in this Act is not clear, however Section 5 Form and content of authority (3) does mention forwarding a copy of every authority issued under this Act to the Ministers administering the Water Act 1989, the Conservation, Forests and Lands Act 1987 and the Local Government Act 1989.

Section 13 of the Act details the reporting that needs to be completed and submitted about the rain-making that has been conducted. It says that these reports must be lodged with the Minister, which means there should be accurate records of where rain making has taken place and how often. It would be interesting to see how much rain making was being done during the drought of 2018-2019 that ravaged the east coast of Australia. This drought was accompanied by devastating bushfires which destroyed 2,448 homes and burnt through 5.5 million hectares of land. The worst fire season that NSW had ever recorded, sadly took 26 lives. The Black Summer bushfires resulted from higher-than-average temperatures and low moisture levels in bushfire fuels following several years of drought, enabling devastating fires to burn across much of NSW and intense weather conditions to continue throughout the entire bushfire season. Questions should be raised about why rain-making measures were not used during this crisis.

A search of the Bureau of Meteorology website for cloud seeding yields very little information about the practice of it. From 2012, there is only one article, Case studies of orographic precipitation in the Brindabella Ranges: model evaluation and prospects for cloud seeding. By comparison, a wealth of information can be found on the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) website about Climate change – trends and extremes. One could argue that the trend of cloud-seeding could be affecting the extremes in weather, so it should be recorded and reported as information required to analyse changes to our climate.

Photo taken 14:28 21/02/2022 at Euroka, Kempsey LGA, Mid North Coast NSW, Australia by Faye Aspiotis

Instead of just spending billions of dollars to introduce new ‘greener’ and more environmentally friendly energy sources for our country, surely attention needs to be given to the impacts of cloud-seeding and rain-making on our environment and climate. The affect that it has on our health should also be investigated. Communities have to the right to know how often these interventions are occurring and who is regulating the practices.

Australians are also concerned about more modern interventions (or geoengineering) of our weather, being proposed such as Solar Radiation Management (SRM). This article from the Wilson Center in September 2020, lists the SRM proposals to employ Marine Cloud Brightening (spraying saltwater particles from the ocean up into the cloud layer) and Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (using high-flying aircraft to deliver reflective particles of sulfur dioxide, calcium carbonate or perhaps engineered nanoparticles into the upper atmosphere). The Australian Government has already spent AU$150 million on 43 such proposals being trialled to reduce the apparent heat impacts on the Great Barrier Reef. Perhaps this should be investigated in a future article for the Australian Free Independent Press Network (AFIPN) , along with unconfirmed reports of the use of barium (discussed in Scientific American), bromium, strontium and aluminium, and other forms of oxides and sulphates as mentioned in the article and collection of photographs by Mike Holt, December 2019.



  1. Artificial rainfall was introduced over the Blue Mountains, NSW, by CSIR Radiophysics Laboratory during cloud-seeding experiments on the 5 February 1945.

  2. I don’t think it is to cause rain at all .. My observation is that the chemicals are always sprayed prior to rain forecast… one or two days prior .. Then comes the rain and drags down with it all these chemicals above us.. what we have not already breathed in, saturates our food and Water supplies…. It is to slowly kill and control population..

  3. I live in the Kempsey area & I also saw these trails in the sky as did a friend of mine at Eungai. The constant rainfall at the moment seems out of the ordinary & yes, I am now asking questions.


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