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Digital Identification Will Enslave Humanity


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Privacy is one of the biggest challenges we face today, and it will be even more intrusive in the future.

We don’t see or “feel” it, so it is very difficult to identify and quantify given there is no physical interaction unlike the knee of a state police officer on your neck denying your body oxygen because you don’t have the same opinion as the government in charge.

Corporations owning any part of our digital identity will lead to exploitation of our privacy. We don’t own our virtual identities, corporations and government do. We don’t profit from our personal data others do. We are subjugated, exploited and put to work by multi billion global companies who profit from our participation and work with governments to enslave us.

The tactics of government and big corporations, inspired from the playbooks of globalists using safety and convenience for us to agree to free products and services in return for being taken advantage of.

This was the trailer for the main event, i.e., getting people used to giving away their private data, getting them used to using their phone as an extension of the human body and selling convenience and efficiency to install a digital social credit system.

While the Australian population was focused on the Covid-19 pandemic flamed by mainstream media and government departments Scott Morrison’s Liberal Party was busy putting in place the foundations for the World Economic Forums Digital Identity System also known as Klaus Schwab’s “wet dream” to enslave humanity.

On 1 October 2021, Stuart Robert MP, Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business released the exposure draft of the Trusted Digital Identity Bill and related legislative instruments.

Apparently, the legislation aims to further protect Australians and their privacy and data, above and beyond what is in place today and that the legislation underpins a whole-of-economy Australian Government Digital Identity System that Australians can trust and have confidence in.

Mainstream Media and Governments worldwide lost the trust of the people during the Covid-19 pandemic with their censorship, inconsistencies, lies and propaganda so why should the people trust the government that digital identity will not be used to control and monitor people.

It is obvious that western governments are influenced by globalists at the United Nations and World Economic Forum, and we must all pay attention when one of the slogans of humanities future being pushed by the WEF is that “you will own nothing and be happy”.

As the saying goes “never let a crisis go to waste” the globalists are heeding the call Globalists and have seized on the opportunity using vaccine ID passports as part of a coordinated push to implement digital identities and a global social credit system that would control every aspect of people’s lives. People’s ability to transact as well as their access to food, health care, energy, travel, and more provides a chilling portrait of the globalist aspiration to use vaccine ID passports, QR codes, blockchain digital identities, and central bank digital currencies to establish an all-digital control system.

Justin Trudeau’s recent action of freezing the bank accounts of people involved in the Freedom Trucker’s Convoy and people who donated to the cause of freedom should send a chill down every freedom loving person’s spine. This is a preview into the future where the “state” could simply turn off your digital id because you deviated from the “official narrative” and the government appointed “Ministry of Truth”. Turning off your digital id would exclude you totally from society and will be done by a simple click on a check box. Justin Trudeau and his finance minister are graduates of the World Economic Forums Global Leaders Program, as are Jacinta Ardern and Emmanuel Macron so you would be naïve to think that what happened in Canada would not happen in any other Western democracy. The tentacles of the World Economic Forum and the globalist corporations that support them are embedded in every single one of our western democracies. The only way “the people” can stop their enslavement is mass civil disobedience and non-compliance as they try to grow and implement these digital identities and the digital social credit system that will enslave humanity. All of which has been partly built as a result of vaccine passports under the veil of “safety”.



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