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Dying mother denied request to say goodbye to her children


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This week’s award for Premier with the tiniest heart goes to Mark McGowan, as he denied a dying mother’s request to say goodbye to her children.

47 year old terminally ill mother of five, was given just weeks to live. As if this news wasn’t heartbreakingly devastating enough, the mother and her family were refused the time to spend  those final moments together, unable to physically be present and say their last goodbyes.

The woman’s husband has told 10 News Perth that his wife was given three months to live in January, but unfortunately her condition deteriorated rapidly, and Doctors believed she only had weeks left to live.

Premier Mark McGowan, however, showed no sympathy and was unmoved by his decision. He denied their five children, and the woman’s mother, those last precious moments with their beloved mother and daughter.

At the most, he allowed her husband a brief visit, but outright refused the time with her mother and children. For so long now, we have been told that in order for life to “go back to normal” we must get vaccinated, with McGowan pushing boosters on his state to be considered “up to date” with vaccination status.

This seems to be one of the biggest lies of this pandemic come to light. Especially when you consider that ALL five of her children were fully vaccinated, as well as her mother, who has also had her booster.

That alone is proof in the pudding, of the lies and deceit of our Government, but the proof doesn’t stop there. McGowan’s stance on this matter is especially facetious given the State of Western Australia and its occupants are allowed to crowd into nightclubs and other entertainment venues.

So if you’re double vaxxed, you can head out for a night on the town, catch up with friends, drink, party and enjoy life’s pleasures, but you are unable to spend precious last moments with someone you love. And you definitely can’t say goodbye in person.

You can dance next to someone in a nightclub, but you can’t hold your son or daughter’s hand one last time before you die. For your health. At what point to do we request a mental health assessment for the Premiers who come up with this type of insane rule? Who in their right mind would be so cruel, insensitive and lack this much empathy?

Many Australians took to social media to voice their opinions, slamming McGowan’s heartlessness, with Danial Modovan, prominent sports agent saying “I hope, with all my heart, that Premier McGowan rots in hell.”

When will this madness end? When will our Australian leaders be held accountable for such vile acts against the Australian people?

Those moments don’t get a do-over. For the family of the mother denied those last tender minutes, they now have those memories tainted forever.

How shameful.



  1. For any human to deny this wish of a dying person is truly evil in the extreme. It violates everything that makes us human. There is no scientific reason available to make this even slightly acceptable. To have a Premier that can not see this is a massive red flag of worse to come. God help all West Australians.

  2. When a story has a blatant villain you dont need to add your own bias language on top of that.
    Feels like i’m being treated like an idiot when i’m told repeatedly how heartless McGowan is, instead of being able to read the article and decide that myself.

  3. Honestly cannot believe the callous madness that has come into the world alongside Covid. Maybe Mark McGowan has finally lost it all together. My heart breaks for this family. Unforgivable. Not something you can EVER get back Mark. Maybe if this was you – if this was happening TO you – your compassionate heart might be rebooted.

  4. Disgraceful & no science to account for being denied , give the family RAT tests & let them in or bring Mum into another area & let them visit . The whole thing is a farce anyway .

  5. Unbelievable arrogance! Who is he ?? He is JUST the premier. He is NOT GOD!! Gather a group and storm the hospital! Take her home to be with her husband and children in peace! They can’t keep her against her will! This is absolute insanity! Why are people allowing this to happen??? Why IS this happening???

  6. I wasn’t allowed to go back home to the UK to see my dad one last time because of McGowans ridiculous restrictions. You never get that chance again. This poor family, my heart really does go out to them.

  7. I hope that one day he will be severely punished for this! We need to get rid of these psychopaths from being in power. I wonder how his wife and children can deal with living with a maniac like that?

  8. McGowen, you should be ashamed of yourself. One day you will be judged and I’ll leave it all up to our mighty Lord.

    I’m so sad for all children and loved ones involved, may God comfort you in this time x

  9. This is absolutely terrible what right has he to deny a person that Is dying to have no family around you need to take a good look at what you are doing Mr Gowan look the rules you have made for others if that was my mother I would of just gone and suffered the consequences later cause that stop you I hope one day a happening for you will be the same sorry to say but you cannot deny a dying person wish.

  10. McGowan performs another vicious act as a dictator and coward, a person (doesn’t qualify as a man) who fails to possess any of the must have qualities required of a leader, morals, ethics and integrity.

  11. Can you provide the article source please? It mentions that the husband spoke to 10 news but I can’t find this. No names mentioned in this article which is strange. Properly citing your sources helps with credibility. Without any details of the case we have to doubt it’s authenticity.

  12. How shameful is the rporting on this story. I call bull shit.
    Mark Mcgowan does not decide who visits and who does not. This is decided by the Chief Executive Officer for that particular hospital not the government. My Aunty is in Pall Care at FStanley. Many of her family including myself have been able to visit her as I did on Sunday. Yes there are rules and there in place to prptect others aswell. You also forgot to mention that Pall care at home was also offered but she turned it down. Stop the shameful reporting about WA from Queensland and maybe worry about your own shit show.

    • Exactly. My son is an RN at an aged care facility, they have been told that the managers can make the decision to allow more visitors should there be compassionate grounds to do so. This decision lies with the management of the facility. The rules are set by the government, and the individual decisions are made by the organisation itself. Shame on the hospitals management staff!!!!!

  13. Hi,
    Can you please clarify If McGowan himself denied entry or was it the specific Hospital? Also which Hospital are we talking about?



  14. I remember when we used to read/watch the news with facts and decide what I thought about it. Now I get told what to think about and I have to decide if it’s true

  15. May he find out first hand the hurt he has caused. As awful as this is, he will only know how it feels not to be able to hold your own parent or family member as they pass away. I hope he gets to learn this first hand and only then will he understand the heartache he caused thousands.

  16. This breaks my heart. Mark how do you sleep at night you mate are scum I hope you never get refused saying good bye to your loved ones

  17. One rule for them, another for us. I doubt very much Mark could stomach the same rule if his wife was in that bed. If he had just 1 brain cell, he would be able to analyse that situation more clearly and justly. But his ego has overridden his mind. I feel so awful, angry and devastated for this family. But I also feel sorry for Mark. No matter his justification, he is responsible for these particulars, and it must be so very hard to be such a cretin. Poor Mark. You disrespectful narcissistic egotistical SOaB.

  18. This is so sad and so bloody discussing The family have all done the right thing an got vaccinated surely there is somewhere where the patient can be put where her family can come an say there last goodbyes Wake up McGowan what harm can this family do coming to see there Mother and daughter Give them the Rap test before they enter for gods sake

  19. This happened to me I was refused entry into the country with a week or 2 left. I was national health security risk. Disgusting.

  20. I this is what we need, abuse of evil tyrants for us to rise up because on the whole we can be extremely week and compliant which makes the monsters like Mark McGowan to get bigger and more powerful.
    He must be sacked.
    Between Mark and Daniel Andrews I don’t know who will be at their funerals if they died tomorrow. Sad in a way that people would be better off and happier. That sounds harsh but brutally true.

  21. Can they check her out now to pass at home surrounded with love? They should be able to get some comfort measures or a comfort nurse to assist with pain etc. Sending love and light for some time together. 🙏🏻💙

  22. Could they check her out now and get the comfort measures so she could pass at home surrounded in love? Sending love and light for this family to have some time together. 🙏🏻💙

  23. What an indictment of the character of the premier of W.A. How could you be so heartless and without any feeling for the grief and suffering this devastated family is going through. Shame shame on you. Stop the horror you are inflicting on people in your state

  24. It does make a joke of being vaccinated….. no respect for the family, heartless.
    But you can go to a sporting event

  25. I hope he tots before he gets to hell,
    These politicians feed off the misery they create for people, they feed off the negative energy it creates for the world. He is a Vile animal not fit to be called a human being

  26. Mark McGowan you are the most hated and despicable peice of sh$t ever put on this earth I hope Karma comes and gets you real soon real bad

  27. He is denying visitation rights so the family can’t witness the way their mum is being put to death by the government!

  28. I find this just plain awful. But some of the decision making lies with the institution itself. They also make their own rules. My son is a RN be in an aged facility…. I asked him about this as it’s really disturbing. He has said they are allowed to make decisions themselves based on compassionate grounds. Just like the police made the individual decisions for returning residents. The rules are set by the government, and then individual decisions are made by the relative organisations. This is no different to the aged care facilities that locked families out for months on end. It was so bad McGowan had a press conference to say that this was never the intention of the rules and the facilities have taken it too far…. Part of this gut wrenching decision lies with the organisation….

  29. Could this dear lady be taken outside to a nice park somewhere where she would be able to spend time with her family much nicer setting than a hospital.

  30. That is just disgusting and so wrong on so many levels. He needs to step down. He is clearly not sympathetic to the people there and needs his head examined. My God, my precious God when will this madness end. How much more will people like this family have to suffer at the hands of evil and corrupt government officials.

  31. Is it just McGowan that is heartless? people who disallowed the family from visiting their dying mother must have a part to play. This is an evil rule and against humanity. If enough people consider this, eg. the police, the people from the hospital, and so on, McGowan doesn’t stand a chance of implementing his rules….and so it goes with all the other dictator Premiers. Stand up people. Don’t be sheep. This has got nothing to do with health. Wake up to the lies.

  32. This is absolutely outrageous!
    The Premier has no say in this. This is a family matter. It may be best for the woman to get herself discharged and go home, so she can die in peace surrounded by family who Love her. If I were her husband I would spread this all over social media and msm and I would definitely not take this lying down. The husband could hire a private nurse to look after his wife at home and that would be that.

    • No, our writers can be based anywhere, it’s 2022, we can communicate over phones, internet. We no longer live in a society where you need reporters based in the direct location. You do know mainstream media have very little if any reporters in Ukraine.

  33. This data is straight from the NSW website.
    I just want to pick out this bit.
    In the week 1 Jan 2022 to 8 Jan 2022, NSW has 226,672 covid19 infections.
    Of them 159,127 had 2 effective doses on vaccine
    1,467 had one dose
    779 had no effective dose
    18,343 were no eligible for a vaccine
    This is what screws me up from making any grand conclusions from this (other than it does support what I have been saying for 7 months, in that the vaccinated are infecting each other.)
    46,955 (21%) are under investigation. I do not know if they are vaccinated of not.
    If I completely ignore the “under investigations” and assume they will follow the same distribution as we have with the other 69%, then I can say that
    159,127 / (159,127 + 1468 +779 +18,343) = 88.5% That is the exact number I came up with when I looked at the UK data and worked it out backwards based on some reasonable assumption based on efficacies.

    So 88.5% of all new covid19 infection are fully vaccinated.
    One can also reasonable conclude that they got the infections with a similar distribution, so 88.5% of all covid19 cases in the NSW are fully vaccinated.
    Also 779 / (159,127 + 1468 +779 +18,343) = 0.43% are completely unvaccinated, but I have excluded those who were not eligible for a vaccine)

    0.81% of all cases are one dose.
    If I include the 18,343 into the unvaccinated group I get

    (779+18343) / (159,127 + 1468 +779 +18,343) = 10.6% of cases are unvaccinated.

    I am guessing that most of the 18,343 who were not eligible for vaccine are children.

    Let me exclude them completely from what I have done above. So I am basically talking about adults 12+ or whatever.

    Then 159,127 / (159,127 + 1468 + 779) = 98.6 % are fully vaccinated.

    And 99.5% have received 1 or 2 doses of vaccine.

    In that week ~92% of people 12+ in NSW were vaccinated.

    So this is direct proof of “vaccine complacency” and/or ADE (the potential “negative efficacy” of vaccines to Omicron).

    I did not learn much out of all of this except that it supported my assertion that vaccine complacency has made the vaccine less effective in controlling the virus. These lying politicians where giving the vaccinated privileges to encourage them to get vaccinated, and this has rendered the vaccines as ineffective in controlling covid19, actually they were counterproductive.

    Vaccines still save lives and have a high efficacy to severe illness and death. Your chances of dying are probably still reduced by 80-90% from dying.

    My problem with vaccines is the spike protein. I will write something more about that soon.

    Also if you look at the last 4 weeks of data you will see that the number of unvaccinated has not changed much in total whereas the number of fully vaccinated who are infected has grown in number. this is clear sign that the vaccinated have been infecting themselves making it “the disease of the vaccinated”, a term I coined some time ago. Added to comments.

    One last thing is “vaccine passports” are surely dead if 98.6% of those infected are fully vaccinated. This is direct proof that “vaccine passports” are a crock of soup.

  34. I am so angry right now and also in shock!!! The man will rot in hell for all eternity and if I get the chance I would kick him there myself!!!!!!! Evil is as Evil Does 👿

  35. Shows the total disregard for families and doing what is right for the entire population.. Hope he rots in hell .. slowly alone!!

  36. @George Christos, the vaccines have no efficacy, they do not save lives, that’s a crock of shit. Go look at ABS data from when they were introduced & look at how multiple disorders, allergies, cancers etc etc etc have increased since around 1991. Go look at the adjuvants in the vaccines, the human carcinogenic’s that have been included in the vaccines. There has been basically no studies done on the effects of the adjuvants being added to the vaccines have on the human body.


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