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Early Treatment for Covid Ignored


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A new study being spruiked on Twitter by the Covid alarmist Dr Eric Fiegel Ding (Television programs ‘The Project’ very own dial-a-quote expert) admits that the jab’s effectiveness drops to 31% after 20 weeks. Now, he’s not using that data to inform the public that they were misled by big Pharma, ‘experts’ and government. Instead, he is using that data to push people to go get another jab. The same jab they took twice before that proved ineffective to protect them against the Covid virus.

At this stage of the pandemic we know backed by science that the jabs do not stop transmission, they don’t stop infection, they lose effectiveness over a short time and people still die from Covid despite being double and even triple ‘vaccinated’. And then there is the real possibility of dying from or suffering serious life-changing side effects caused by the jab.

Despite all this evidence, the establishment continues to block every other treatment option available, especially the drug that shalt not be named; Ivermectin. The shills for Big Pharma claim they don’t have enough data on Ivermectin, despite dozens of studies and simple reality showing that it works (see the Indian State of Uttar-Pradesh). They refuse to follow up on positive signals with off-patent therapeutics and ignore negative signals from the vaccines. No wonder people ascribe sinister motivations to those declaring war on its use. 

A recent Brazilian study however has the potential to bring the Pharma Covid cash cow to its knees. Everyone in the entire southern Brazilian city of Itajai was invited to participate in a preventive study of Ivermectin for efficacy against severe COVID-19 symptoms. 133,051 (60.3%) volunteered to take Ivermectin for two days every 15 days between July and December 2020 at a low dose of 0.2mg per kilogram of body weight. 87,466 (39.7%) chose to enrol their information as the control group without taking the treatment. 

The Results: The hospitalization and mortality rate of the trial group was nearly half that of the control group!

When you dig further into the study you see that the results are even more impressive. The Ivermectin group had nearly twice as many people over age 50 enrolled, which also included many more people with hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and pulmonary issues. Thus, the relative risk reduction in mortality rate among those high-risk people taking ivermectin was much higher – 71% among those with type 2 diabetes and 67% among those with hypertension. The absolute risk reduction was also even greater among older people who are most at risk.

The overall effect on the city’s population was remarkable. The COVID-19 hospitalisation rate decreased from 6.8% before the program with preventive use of Ivermectin, to just 1.8% after its beginning (73% reduction). The mortality rate also dropped by 59%, from 3.4% to 1.4%.

Contrast these results to the jabs, where we are seeing no correlation between outcomes and vaccination rates by geography, even though their randomised controlled trials purported to show an unmistakable benefit of 95% reduction in mortality.

Like any other virus, treatment should consist of a multi-drug approach because the virus has multiple avenues to infect cells. Imagine if every primary doctor treated patients with a mix of Ivermectin and several other drugs, along with the appropriate anticoagulants and steroids in the right patients at the early stage of disease from day one. Imagine if the Australian government had placed as much money, marketing, and logistical facilitation into a healthy lifestyle and vitamin supplementation as it did the unsafe and ineffective jabs.

The questions must be asked and relevant authorities and committees held to account as to why Ivermectin was banned. One thing is for certain; Ivermectin is much safer than anything the medical establishment is using, and there is a degree of efficacy. So why would it face such hysterical opposition? Why is the media calling it ‘horse medicine’ and why are they treating this Nobel Prize-winning drug as if it’s heroin?

If it comes out in the not too distant future that millions of people worldwide were denied access to cheap and effective early treatment then the population would be justified in unleashing hell.



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