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Elite Runner Aims For 2023 Return 6 Months After Heart Attack


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Meghan Roth felt fine to race on the morning of the Boston Marathon. Eight miles into the race she suffered a heart attack and collapsed.

She was assisted by a retired critical care nurse, Marie Rogers, who was watching from a nearby apartment. Marie and her brother’s roommate, and nurse Cameron Howe ran down to the scene and rolled Roth over seeking a pulse. Neither could find a pulse so Rogers began CPR and called to a person on the sideline to dial 911.

Another runner named Nick Haney, who was a paramedic also stopped to help. Chest compressions were performed and after about 15 minutes an ambulance and EMTs arrived. Roth was alive but unresponsive. Three shocks were given, and she then regained consciousness.

Roth had urgent surgery to get an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) into her chest. ICDs detect life-threatening, irregular heartbeats.

Roth’s doctors suggested that her sudden heart attack might have been due to a family history of heart disease, or a complication from COVID 19, which she allegedly had in August before she took the vaccine. On October 15th, four days after the race she was able to return home.

Now, just six months later, Roth has her goal set on making a 2023 return to racing.

On Monday morning in Massachusetts, Roth watched the Boston Marathon unfold on a television set in her Edina apartment complex where the wind was wild and cold outside.

Roth was reported as having said, “I’ve kind of gone through a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s so emotional… it’s emotional, hard.”

A surprise phone call from the Boston Marathon course cheered her up.

Nick Haney, one of the people who helped save her life last year, said he was running the mile from 7 to 8 in her honour.

Roth told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that Haney was carrying his phone during the race, and he face-timed her from mile 7, which was where she had collapsed during her heart attack. Haney managed to run the Boston Marathon in under three hours despite talking to Roth on the phone while running.

Roth is a one-time US Olympic team marathon qualifier. So far, she has a clean bill of health from her doctors who still are not certain what caused the collapse. They have not found any structural problems or genetic issues. Her heart still looks good; still strong and all the imaging reportedly looks great, so Roth is back to running with the implanted device inside her body. Should another heart episode happen, the device could jumpstart her heart, but she is hoping that won’t be necessary.

“Hopefully to be able to come back to marathoning and if anything, for 2023 (in Boston), just to run it as a fun race and to be out there again is really exciting,” she said. “If anything, this just makes me even more excited for next year.”



  1. Well over 600 Professional athletes in the prime of their lives have died after their covid vaccinations, over a million deaths from the vacines in the short term with unknown numbers to die in the medium and long term, not to mention the millions of still births and horrendous birth defects we will see over the next several years, along with many millions of couples becoming sterile from the vaccines. this has been the greatest coordinated Genocide, ever to be attempted on the human race. The US NIH was the most visible driver of the SARS Gain of Function R&D, while far more circumspect was the US Military, Dept of defense and DARPA who were the primary drivers of mRNA vaccine R&D, DARPA called their vaccines: “Population manipulation and Species extinction Technologies,” (AKA Bioweapons) which were funded through many and various Bioweapons programs, producing Patents which are patents for Bioweapons, such as the Spike Protein which all covid vaxes force the body to produce supposedly as a Pathogenic primer, except That the original inventor of the mRNA vaccines; Dr Robert malone has stated that he is 100% against the covid vaccines as he believes the Spike Protein is cytotoxic, while Dr Ardis (with supporting scientists and studies) believes the spike Proteins are based on Snake Venom Spike Proteins, making them exceptionally cytotoxic. Either way the covid vaccines have been 1000 times more harmful & deadly than any other vaccine previously in history. The dangers of new medicines have been known since the 1960’s when Thalidomide caused horrendous defects in children, as thalidomide effected the DNA; by definition mRNA vaccines are gene technologies that effect the DNA. making them incredibly dangerous to especially the young, those of child bearing age and anyone with underlying health conditions.

  2. “Doctors still don’t know what happened.”,
    “Doctors are still searching for answers.”
    “Doctors are baffled.”

    I don’t know how many times I have read this type of line now. It’s been many times and lines like these are becoming more and more prevalent.

    I mean, honestly? Do they really have no idea? I don’t want “those” doctors to ever be near me!

    And how long do the media think they can run with that bull crap?


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