Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Facebook: Judge, Jury and Executioner


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Australian Free Independent Press Network has made a big song and dance about the poisonous mainstream media, but we really have not said enough about Facebook. The very platform that you probably used to find this article. We as a society are addicted to this platform, no matter how many times each and every one of us has ended up in Facebook jail for simply sharing the truth.

Facebook are the thought police. Facebook is the biggest enemy we face and yet they get nowhere near the wrath they deserve from us. Why don’t the Sydney protestors make their way to the Australian Facebook headquarters located on Level 18, 777 King Street, Sydney? Protestors in the hundreds of thousands should direct their anger squarely at Facebook for its role in this plandemic.

If the Antichrist is here already, maybe we should look at that queer-looking CEO of Facebook Mark Fuckenberg. He decides what news is real; he decides what we hear and see. The great almighty Mr Fuckenberg rules it all.

Maybe it’s time we picket his Australian headquarters and let them know how we feel about them. As for the Melbourne protestors, maybe it’s time they take their march down to 720 Bourke Street, Docklands and let the lovely folk at Facebook Melbourne know how disgusting they are.

Now let’s just stop for one second and have a think about why the protest needs to be taken to them. Let’s say you suffer a severe adverse reaction to the vaccine, you’re in a world of pain and you take to Facebook or one of their other companies like Instagram to tell your story. Suddenly Facebook takes the post down and cites that your post is fake news. Seriously, you just suffered that adverse event, and you know it’s as real as the sky above, yet here is Facebook, those insensitive bastards telling you your story is fake news!

Or maybe you’re an organization fighting for your freedoms with followers in the tens of thousands and just because you don’t fit the agenda Facebook and its majority shareholders Vanguard, the beloved shareholders of Pfizer want out there. You get de-platformed with no way to challenge the decision. We saw this with Reclaim Democracy Australia and The Peoples Revolution.

Maybe you’re a news organization like Australian Free Independent Press Network that knows you’re under the spotlight, but you are trying so hard to get the truth out there. When your team research, they dot their T’s and I’s making sure that they are naming the studies or the medical professionals; you know, the ones with their degrees and masters behind them before they publish. But still, your articles are getting marked as fake news and you’re being penalized and at risk of being de-platformed.

We know the truth we publish is true, but Facebook well they make their own rules, they manipulate the truth, and they are complicit in every death that occurs because of the vaccination. They are also responsible for every death in the hospital where suitable medications like Ivermectin were not used. They are also complicit in every suicide as they push the fear agenda and segregation of society that has pushed so many over the edge.

In years to come when the full truth comes to light, people like Mark Fuckenberg will be mentioned in the same breath as Hitler and Stalin.



  1. Hear hear you are fantastic news reporters and you blow the corrupted and deeply conflicted mainstream media out your exhaust! F arsebook is driving us nuts with their big pharma paid fact checkers and the constant tagging and censorship and banning of our posts! Currently I am restricted by f arseook And they banned and removed all my posts about the death of the peoples’, hero Dr Andreas noack after releasing his video on the catastrophic effects of Graphene hydroxide! Thank you for your wonderful work fighting for our all !


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