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Floods and Droughts from Climate Change? Or is it the effects of Geoengineering?


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Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, blamed ‘Mother Nature’ for the recent flood event in Brisbane, where 741mm of rain fell over a 4-day period. She took no responsibility for the late evacuation warnings given to residents and did not mention the fact that most of the SEQWATER dam levels were over 100% and unable to cope with the additional rainwater that fell. In fact, the entire east coast of Australia from south-east Queensland to Sydney has received excessive rainfall from the end of February to the beginning of March 2022. Lismore and Ballina, in northern NSW, have also been devastated by extreme rainfalls, which have been described as a one-in-a-1000-year flooding event.

The ABC weather explainer article titled, ‘How unusual is all this rain we’re having? The Answer? Very” claims that the weather event experienced along the east coast of Australia is due to climate change and La Nina (which the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) declared in 2021). There is no mention of the effect that geoengineering may be having on our weather in this article. Surely, questions should be asked about how much of this rain event was caused by the solar engineering techniques (such as the Great Barrier Reef cloud brightening) that have been taking place along the Queensland coast since April 2020? The fact that hardly anyone knows about it is discussed in the May 2020 article by Legal Planet Solar Geoengineering milestone goes unnoticed.

Artificially brightened clouds caused by spraying clouds with salt water is a solar geoengineering technique being used in many places around the world to combat fears of global warming. This has been reported on in the BBC Future article published in February 2019 and mentions how even Al Gore has described the process as “insane” and has accused the scientists involved of “hubris” (excessive pride towards or defiance of God). This geoengineering is taking place above the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, at a cost of $150 million to Australian taxpayers. The potential side-effects of solar geoengineering on the scale needed to slow extreme weather events or cool global temperatures are not well understood. “There are theories that solar geoengineering could prompt droughts, flooding, and catastrophic crop failures.” There are also fears that the technology could be weaponised, as was seen during the Vietnam War when American forces conducted cloud seeding missions to flood enemy supply lines. This is documented in another BBC Future article from July 2016 The pilots who make it rain.

Source: Wilson Center – Solar Radiation Management

The BBC Future article also lists the countries currently conducting cloud seeding (the practice of injecting silver iodide (AgI) or dry ice/carbon snow (CO2) into storm cells to enhance precipitation), including Senegal, Mali, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Australia. The company carrying out the cloud seeding is called Weather Modification Incorporated (WMI). It claims to have been modifying and operating aircraft for aerial cloud seeding and atmospheric research operations since 1961.  Scientists can also conduct cloud seeding from the ground using flare trees to shoot the chemicals into the sky. A previous article with the Australian Free Independent Press Network goes into more detail about whether extremes of weather are due to climate-change or just Governments and the Rain-making Control Act 1967.

The 747 aircraft is equipped with silver iodide dispensers, which are released to the atmosphere when the weather conditions are right.

An article in That’s Pretty Good Science cloud seeding may be affecting your health. also states that “Cloud seeding has been blamed for natural disasters like floods, tsunamis, droughts, earthquakes, tornadoes, plagues, and famines, and may even be responsible for the changes in the atmosphere that are causing the sunsets to appear differently.” Consequently, questions must be asked about how much this weather manipulation by governments is contributing to the climate change they claim we are experiencing? Scientists, politicians, and others currently maintain our climate is being changed significantly by our use of fossil fuels. But the process of cloud seeding and rain-making that has apparently been in operation for 55 years in Australia has evidently not been investigated for its effects on our climate. An alarming aspect of this issue is the fact that very little is mentioned about this process by our politicians, particularly those claiming to care about our environment the most.

Unfortunately, this sort of thing has happened before in Australia with cloud seeding taking place just before floods occurred in Tasmania. In June 2016, the ABC News reported Hydro Tasmania asked to explain cloud seeding carried out over Tasmanian catchment day before floods. Hydro Tasmania confirmed that it flew a cloud seeding flight the day that huge storms approached the country’s east coast. The cloud seeding took place over the Derwent River catchment on a Sunday morning while there were flood warnings already in place in the north. Sadly, three people died due to the floods and the damage was estimated to be at $180 million. There have been several reports from locals of suspected cloud seeding activities on the Mid North Coast of NSW on Monday 21st February which was 2 days before the recent heavy rainfall. Questions are being asked how widespread this cloud seeding operation was along the east coast of Australia.

Floods in Huonville, Tasmania, 2016. Photo: Tasmania SES

The Climate Change debate has been a topic of discussion for a while now. In 2006, Al Gore released his documentary film An Inconvenient Truth, where he argued that human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels by industries and transportation were changing the gaseous mix of the planet’s lower atmosphere. Gore drew contrasts between conditions before and after the Industrial Revolution and tried to highlight how the rapid changes in atmospheric carbon in modern times were unlike anything that had taken place in the thousands of years beforehand. In the documentary film, Gore went on to predict flooding scenarios driven by projected sea-level rises and more frequent intense weather events.

Closer to home, Australia’s very own Tim Flannery spoke about rising sea levels in 2005. Tim Flannery All at Sea: Never trust a climate alarmist highlights the fact that after making these sensational claims, Tim Flannery went on to purchase several waterfront homes for himself in NSW. He was also famous for claiming that there were hot rocks in South Australia that could potentially have enough embedded energy in them to run Australia’s economy for the best part of a century. He was involved with the company Geodynamics which was awarded a $90 million grant that ended up being another Flannery fail and the geothermal project scrapped. Hopefully we don’t see history repeating itself after the more recent hydrogen energy strategy with Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest backing NSW green hydrogen plan worth $3 billion to look into developing green hydrogen energy for NSW.

Possibly to answer this call the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) has released their The Paris Agreement and Climate Geoengineering Governance – The need for a human rights-based component. The author of this paper, William C.G. Burns, used to serve as director of the Energy Policy and Climate Program at Johns Hopkins University. He acknowledges that the response measures to climate change (such as geoengineering) might have potential impacts on human rights. William C.G. Burns also says that deployment of Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI) geoengineering options, could radically change the ozone layer. Injections of sulphur dioxide (SO2) particles into the stratosphere would substantially increase the available surface areas for heterogeneous reactions in which inactive forms of chlorine and bromine could be converted to forms that could facilitate catalytic destruction of ozone.

Instead of solely blaming the destruction of the ozone layer and extraordinary weather events on our fossil fuel usage (which is also blamed for warming our atmosphere and increasing its ability to hold more moisture that then falls as heavy rain), perhaps governments should be asking how much of this geoengineering of our weather is adversely affecting our weather formation, variations, and patterns? And how much of this apparent weather manipulation is increasing the impact of La Nina? Very little is mentioned about the occurrence of these geoengineering processes, and apparently nothing is known about the damage that they could be doing to our weather. The people of Australia deserve to know what these so called ‘quick fixes’ have done to our weather, our environment and our homes and properties which are subject to severe damage during floods, as well as the effect on our overall health from exposure to any chemicals sprayed into the sky.

The article, A Bill Gates venture aims to spray dust into the atmosphere to block the sun. What could go wrong? was published in January 2021 by Forbes, and documents how a Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment, SCoPEx , launched by scientists at Harvard University, aims to spray calcium carbonate (CaCO3) dust into the atmosphere to offset the effects of global warming. They are calling it sun-dimming technology and can be added to the growing list of artificial manipulations of the earth’s weather by geoengineers. Here is the diagram of the experiment

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-3.png

Perhaps Bill Gates is the ‘he’ that Prince Charles was referring to in his speech at COP26 in Glasgow in November 2021. Prince Charles COP26 Climate Summit Glasgow Speech Transcript acknowledged that many countries of the world are burdened by growing levels of debt and simply cannot afford to go green. He declared that we needed a vast military style campaign to marshal the strength of the global private sector, with trillions of dollars at his disposal far beyond global GDP and even far beyond the governments of the world’s leaders. Possibly the situation can be viewed as a classic ‘PROBLEM – REACTION – SOLUTION’ case, which ultimately sees our governments making costly mistakes as they increase their overreach on and against the population, without fully understanding what is really going on. Or perhaps our world is being misled by the narrow and dangerous views of a few who have the most money and power.



  1. If only they diverted the dam water to a low level reservoir ANYWHERE else in Australia prior to the rains. It is time to flood and drought proof Australia by piping water between reservoirs using pipes, rivers, dams etc… Funded by future Insurance levies for drought proofing . Lazy Government wont commit

  2. I have a photo from Australian Encyclopedia showing they started seeding in Aus in 57..thats 70 years ago! What damage has been done over all those years?


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