Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Forget war, murder and natural disasters, world news loses it when actors act


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How easily we are distracted, all it took were two professional actors acting and the whole world loses it. How can one incident and a fake incident at that, warrant complete and utter take over of the world news and social media?

Have we all gone collectively crazy, even those who you would deem to be awake are jumping on the Will Smith fake drama?

What man slaps another man; it just doesn’t happen. We punch, whilst I’m not condoning violence, the reality is when a man hits another man it is with a closed fist. Now what man simply takes a hit and doesn’t strike back. The whole thing is fake, but that’s America for you, everything about the USA is an act. From the WWE to the fake white flag attacks they do, everything is a big show.

My social media news feed is all Will Smith, these are people who just a few days ago were talking about vaccine mandates, cloud seeding, police brutality, loss of civil liberties, and other important matters are now obsessed with Will Smith.  Oh, how easy it is to distract the masses.

Go to the national news site for News Limited and there is dozens of articles and opinion pieces on it, it’s insane.

AFIPN was not going to cover it, but it became so ridiculous that we had to call it out. So, in our distraction, what real news did we miss?



  1. I do agree, there are far more important issues to report on than Will Smith slapping Chris Rock for upsetting his wife in a joke.

    But to think this was a set up and was a planned act – bit of a stretch.

    I doubt Will Smith would do this as an act.

    I do think Will Smith is regretting, his spur of the moment actions.

    But hey, just IMO

  2. This is silly. You don’t give people enough credit. Your certainty around it being straight theatre comes off looking like conspiracy theory.

    It was clearly not acting, in my view. It was surreal, but crazy shit does happen occasionally.

    You’re right about one thing – it’s been given way too much attention. That’s why you should’ve ignored it.

    • It’s an opinion piece of the writer, it may be real, it may be theater. I believe it was staged, the real reason why it was staged, no one can know. Was it simply to get Oscar ratings up, who knows.

  3. With everything going on in the world right now, so few would have cared about the Oscars or even known that they’d happened. When something like this happens I tend to think “What is Hollywood distracting us from?” then I remembered;
    Oh yeah. Half of those people are on the lolita express flight logs and that trial is still happening.
    Be distracted by anything but the potential criminal acts these people are involved with.


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