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Freedom is a delusion; we are all enslaved


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For years we have believed we were a free people; we have cherished the freedom we thought we had, never doubting, never believing we were anything but free.

The reality is so far from the truth that it is scary. For over a century, the elite, those with the money and the power, have controlled our world, our reality, and our very existence. But we are not free; instead, we live in a Truman/Matrix-like world where everything we believe is not what it seems.

The Hollywood movies “The Truman Show” and “The Matrix” are quite representative of the world we live in today. A dystopian future in which humanity is trapped inside a simulated reality. That is the reality of the real world we live in every day.

Talk to anyone on the street (except those who have awoken from their slumber to see the real world), and they are blind to it all. Despite the fact that multiple Biolabs messed around with Coronaviruses and gain of function research, people still believe that the Covid virus magically jumped from animals to the human population, despite the wealth of information out there proving it was manmade. They still believe vaccines are perfectly safe as more and more people die suddenly for no apparent reason.

They believe the weather systems are standard despite the continuous streaks from crop dusters and weird cloud formation. Still, of course, mainstream media has already announced that over a dozen new cloud structures have been discovered this year. How random.

People still believe that the food shortages, petrol increases and rising inflation have nothing at all to do with manipulation from people at the top; instead, it’s a result of Covid and nothing more.

People still believe that our governments are ultimately good and only make decisions in our best interests. People think that climate change will destroy the planet and never stop to research real science.

I could go on and on, but people are so conditioned, they have been brainwashed through Hollywood, music, school, universities and mainstream media. One giant propaganda machine pushing the very agenda of the elites. We have no control over our world; we are not free.

If they want to unleash a virus on us, they will. If they want a world war, they will start it. If they want food shortages or the economy to collapse, they will make it happen. If you are wealthy, they will take it away; if you are healthy, they will take it away.

There is nothing free about the world we live in, we are their puppets, and the sooner people realise that and decide they are not going to partake in their world and learn to become self-sufficient, is the day we have a hope of turning it all around.



  1. I predict we will see similar issues in the south pacific that we have seen in Europe due to the conflict in Ukraine. Those in power want us to be distracted from the big picture. That they haven’t deliberately caused these current financial and supply issues (I have a few thoughts on why but it’s not hard to join the dots) it is a smoke screen and more manipulation.


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