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Health care in crisis


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A survey of U.S. physicians between March 2020 and March 2022 found the impacts of COVID-19 on primary care practices has left the medical workforce ‘burned out, traumatized, anxious, and depressed’. Whilst some physicians have seen a drastic decline in patient numbers and reduced incomes over the course of the pandemic others have experienced high stress and burnout, and understaffing. According to Thomas R. Cunningham PhD, senior behavioural scientist at the American National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, this has led to health workers “leaving the workforce at an alarming rate over the past 2 years”.

Similar scenes have played out in Australia. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, a small survey of community sector managers and workers indicated in 2020 that about 61% of survey participants reported an increase in demand for services, and 57% reported loss of income. Another survey found staffing levels had not increased despite the pandemic, leading to an increase in workload.

The Sydney Morning Herald supports this view with reports that Australian hospitals are experiencing a ‘mass exodus of experienced critical care nurses as the COVID-19 pandemic stretches healthcare workers unlike ever before’. The report noted that around 20,000 nurses had given up their registration in 2021, leaving more than 12,000 nursing positions vacant. It was said that many healthcare professionals were experiencing post-traumatic stress, depression, and anxiety at ‘exponential rates compared to before the pandemic’.

Recent reports in the Australian media have also seen nurses and midwives strike over nurse-to-patient ratios with signs saying, “we are not coping” and “stop gaslighting us”.

The Australian College of Critical Care Nurses chief executive Rand Butcher said “nurses like to look after people, and when they are forced to lower their standards of care it really, really eats away at them”.

As Glenys Doughty explained, “Every shift we’re short of nurses which is compromising patient safety.” These sentiments were supported by Abraham de Souza, a nurse at St George hospital who said, “We’re short staffed, underpaid, and overworked. We need nurses to look after patients and we’re stretched to the limits”.

The strikes are a demonstration of the growing anger, frustration and hostility toward a government that has failed to listen to its people.

A lack of autonomy within the healthcare profession has led others to feel the same. In an interview with Roman Balmakov from the Epoch Times, Dr. Richard Amerling (a Renal medicine specialist – Nephrologist) stated that “doctors really don’t have the latitude to go outside the guidelines [of the CDC, FDA and NIH], they have become enslaved and must do as they’re told”. Physician’s have lost their autonomy to provide person-centric, individualised care. This has seen doctors become disillusioned, they want to be able to apply science in a rational way but what they are taught is, they have to follow the guidelines – and that is not a rewarding career for an intelligent person. Instead, physicians are now forced to follow guidelines developed by bureaucrats.

As Dr. Amerling explained, American doctors are not behaving well shall we say, they are going along with state policies. For example, the mass vaccination policy which is clearly ineffective and clearly harmful. They’re going along with hospital protocols that are ineffective or harmful such as remdesivir they are giving to almost everyone coming in with a diagnosis of COVID.

How is this really, different from what the German doctors did? They are not treating patients with individual care. They’re doing a one size fits all state ordered policy and it is horrific and this is what the medical profession should have been pushing back against and unfortunately, we lost our independence and given too much credence to these organisations who are promoting so called best practice and guidelines based on evidence-based medicine which itself is pseudo-science.

He further explained that whilst randomised control trials are seen as the gold standard in research across all fields, they form only one piece of the puzzle. Findings must still be tailored to individual contexts and must be interpreted based on the ‘observational and anecdotal experiences of clinicians’. And it is these aspects of research, the observable results that really form the foundation of medicine – that allows for treatment to be modified based on outcomes.

Most alarming is that despite early research on the best approaches to responding to COVID-19, the science was completely ignored and shut down by organisations such as the CDC, the media, and governments. Dr. Amerling suggests this occurred because the organisations – including the pharmaceutical industry, “needed to have no readily available treatments so they could get emergency authorisation for the shots and that was always their agenda and that is why they actively suppressed any good news about ivermectin.” He further stated that “they are so powerful they reach into the tech world, the media, look at the pharma advertising you don’t have to be a genius to see how they control policies of these outlets they control the journals, and it is very hard to get the word out, and they censor social media whilst refusing to debate the facts.”

When asked about the alarming rate of high level athletes dying from heart attacks, Dr. Amerling noted that, we are seeing it much more. These are rare events, they are happening more often and the fact they are being caught on video means they are not a rare event and there is no plausible reason, and they are covering up the truth, and the truth is anything they censor and don’t report.

Unfortunately, it is not just elite athletes dying at increased rates. Reports across social media are littered with heartbreaking stories of families who have lost loved ones and those who experience ongoing and severe adverse events. These include children, young adults just starting out, fathers, mothers, husbands, and wives.

But more alarming still is the treatment that these people face when attempting to seek help. As Dr. Amerling noted, any suggestion that the policies followed by the medical profession could lead to adverse events is effectively shut down, regardless of the human cost.

According to Pfizer’s own documents, natural immunity is strong against covid, adverse reactions were more frequent and severe in younger groups (under 55 years) and possible side effects include myocarditis at a rate of occurrence of 10:100,000 – much higher than the previously reported rates of 1:50,000 people. It also states that the effects of the vaccine on fertility, unborn foetuses and nursing children is not known.

Given this information, we must ask the question – what are organisations such as the CDC and FDA in America and the TGA in Australia trying to hide? Why are they so fearful of alternative points of view being heard and debated?



  1. How it happened in America!

    Faucian C-19 Allergic and Infectious Dogmas
     Natural Immunity doesn’t matter! O no, sometimes it does – It depends on the audience.
     SARS-Cov-2 originated from a bat zoonotic jump. Cannot come from a lab.
     Read my lips – I never funded gain-of-function research.
     The virus fears locked down individuals!
     A 25µm mask can stop 1µm viruses!
     2 x 25µm masks are better!
     3 x 25µm masks are best!
     No, use KN95 instead!
     Your mask protects me … WE’RE ALL IN TOGETHER!
     Asymptomatic transmission has been proven!
     Early treatments don’t work – wait for quackcines..
     The virus knows that 6 feet is a no go zone!
     A glass fence between cubes at the work place prevents the virus from circulating!
     Leaky quackcines can be used to control a scamdemic – Immunology 101!
     Quackcines are Safe and Effective… Repeat this mantra 24/7 and they’ll work for you!
     Antibodies in the blood stream can stop infection in your airways – Follow the Science!
     Booster shots targeting a virus that disappeared in early 2021 can shoot dead Omicron in 2022!
     Using the same booster every quarter will control all future variants…
     Original Antigenic Sin (OAS) is nonsense!
     I did not patent SARS-CoV-2 gp120 HIV insertion – Your cancer-killing T cells are safe…
     Remdesivir is Safe and Effective (only ~25% death rate). It’s more effective than AZT…
     I am always right. I am the infallible Prophet of Science!
     Cognitive Dissonance is Appreciated by NIAID

    Source: NIAID (Novel Inquisition for Allergic and Infectious Dogmas)

    Crime Minister Ceaușescu
     Prophet Fauci is a genius!
     We follow the Science in Canadastan!
     Canadastan has already ordered 440 million doses – enough for 10 shots per citizen.
     We’ll control this virus hopefully before our 10th quarterly booster shot!
    Dr. Red Pill
     So, 2 weeks to flatten the curve has now become 24 months + 8 future quarters in Canadastan?
     Follow the science and shut up!
    Dr. Red Pill Fact Check
     They make sh$t!

  2. WILL the people of australia elect again the same criminals that have destroyed lives and continue to kill the young and sterilise the next generation?
    WHY is Phizer controlling this government? have you people not suffered enough of deaths yet?


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