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“I have this Bridge for sale”


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I sat shaking in my chair listening to Premier Palaszczuk’s announcement. I was stunned. I was scared. The corona virus was gathering on the Queensland border waiting to invade.

Images of the infidels invading the Holy Land, the Mongol invasions of the 1200’s, the invasion of England in 1066, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour or the Allied land, air and sea operation against the Normandy coast of France on D-Day in 1944 sprang to mind.  What chance do we have?

We had been protected for so long and now when the borders are flung open, we are going to be invaded by Covid which will travel to every corner of the state and hunt you down.  Dr Young also stated “Once we start seeing cases, this virus will find people who aren’t vaccinated.” This virus is one smart cookie! It knows to wait at the border until the 17th. It knows who the unvaccinated are. They are the ones sitting down while they are drinking in pubs, if you didn’t know.  

OK, to be honest I wasn’t scared, I was stunned. I was shaking but it was just my head. Where do these people come up with this stuff? Presented as a high school paper it would be graded ‘F’ for research but ‘A++’ for fantasy fiction. And they get paid how much?

There were other ‘WTF’ moments over the past few weeks. I apologise for the implied profanity but WTF is going on?  Why do people hear these statements and not laugh our politicians out of office.  How do we continue to let them get away with such outlandish statements and not ‘fact check’ them?  

FACT CHECK 1: I thought back to early 2020 when we were told by Professor of Epidemiology, Tony Blakely, of the University of Melbourne and other scientists about when infections could peak in Australia, depending on what measures are taken, or not taken, to slow the spread.

For example, if minimal social distancing measures are taken, Professor Blakely’s model predicted the number of new infections PER DAY would peak around mid-May at just over 500,000 cases a day.

This compares to implementing “extreme” social distancing measures immediately, which would see a peak of 100,000 new infections PER DAY, towards the end of June.

When I heard this at the time I thought that this is either the scariest virus to ever infect our shores or that it is the largest pile of excrement that comes from a bulls rear end I’ve heard.

So what is it? What are the ACTUAL numbers?

Total tests: 45,385,225 (someone’s making some decent money here)

Total cases over 18 months… NOT per day: 188,494

That’s a long, long, long way from 100,000 to 500,000 cases a day.  The fear and propaganda campaign had begun in earnest from day 1 and people were believing it.

FACT CHECK 1: False. Your account has been suspended for 30 days and a warning issued for spreading gross misinformation. Professor Blakely please hand in your university accreditation. Your modelling research is rubbish!

So what else has been stated as fact over the past few months? What is being presented as truth when it is more like propaganda on an unbelievable scale. Yet somehow people are believing this. Swallowing it hook, line and sinker. 

FACT CHECK 2: Strokes in kids are common. HUH? 

I saw an ad that has appeared on buses in England and apparently in Canada. 

An U.K. bus company accepts ads trying to normalise strokes in kids.

Stroke is rare among children, with only two in every 100,000 children being affected worldwide each year. The most common cause is blood vessel problems in the brain. Symptoms of stroke in children include seizures, fever, speech impairment and paralysis.

So 2 out of 100,000 worldwide…. Other publications since the start of 2021 have been suggesting the number is now 18 out of 100,000.  That’s a pretty big jump and the age range designated as “a child” is 0 to 25 years old.  I don’t know too many 25 year olds that would like to consider themselves as children.  However, the numbers were more than I expected but hardly warranting ads on the sides of buses to normalise the condition, unless the numbers are expected to rise significantly for some “unknown” reason. 

I was talking to a nurse last week who suggested there is heart medication being put into vaccinations designated for children. Why would that be happening? Do they already know something? Are we being set up to think strokes in kids is normal?

FACT CHECK 2:  Partially True but your account has been suspended anyway for gross exaggeration.

FACT CHECK 3: Heart attacks are a good thing. Say what?

An article in says, “Don’t be fooled by anti-vax disinformationist! Heart attacks are perfectly normal and nothing to be afraid of! Many types of heart attacks are actually good for you! According to Science, myocarditis “isn’t even a disease.”

I read and read and read. I asked those in the medical field. I talked to those I knew who had had heart attacks. Nowhere could I find anything that remotely suggested heart attacks were perfectly normal and actually good for you. My Dad died of a heart attack.  It definitely wasn’t good for him!

FACT CHECK 3: False.  Your account is under serious threat of permanent suspension for just being stupid.

FACT CHECK 4: Myocarditis isn’t even a disease. Um?

I looked up The Mayo Clinic website because surely such a prestigious and well known medical institute would know if myocarditis was an actual thing or not. “Surprise, surprise, surprise” as Gomer Pyle used to say. Under ‘Diseases & Conditions’ we find, Myocarditis!

It’s summary is as follows.  

Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart muscle (myocardium). The inflammation can reduce your heart’s ability to pump and cause rapid or abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias).

Infection with a virus usually causes myocarditis. Sometimes myocarditis can result from a reaction to a drug (my emphasis), or be part of a more general inflammatory condition. Signs and symptoms include chest pain, fatigue, shortness of breath and rapid or irregular heartbeats.

So if the Mayo Clinic refers to myocarditis as a disease I’m not sure where these other “medical experts and scientists” are getting their information from. We’re told to “follow the science”. When the science is saying myocarditis shouldn’t even be listed as a disease but world renowned medical institutes, such as The Mayo Clinic, list it as a disease, which science do we follow? 

Severe myocarditis can produce scar tissue in your heart and cause your heart to function at reduced levels or even STOP. A heart that stops is definitely not a good thing!

As a follow up to this story, just across my desk: 

“There is a terrible story breaking about Renmark, a small country town in South Australia, where there have been 13 boys, one as young as 14, who have all developed myocarditis after the jab. 

Renmark high school was one of the first schools in South Australia to support pop-up covid vaccination clinics.”

We have been told myocarditis is a rare disease. Yet here we see 13 boys in the one school suffering this rare disease. Around the world we are seeing case after case of this “rare” disease. Something is not right. I’m not saying it’s the jab but it certainly deserves some serious investigation.

Also just across my desk:

Rates of myocarditis and pericarditis as recorded by the TGA since May.

May 21 – 9 cases

June 21 – 39 cases

July 21 – 121 cases

August 21 – 283 cases

September 21 – 519 cases

October 21 – 813 cases

November 1st – 45 cases in a single day.

As the Jedi say, “nothing to see here, move on.”

FACT CHECK 4: False and misleading information. 

I could go on with my WTF moments and fact checking but frankly I’m tired. I’m tired of reading and I’m tired of listening to people arguing. I’m tired of people trying to defend a position that is changing daily and not being open to new information as it becomes available. 

I’m tired of people making statements like Jacinda Adern who said straight faced that ANY information on covid that did not come from the government could not be trusted and the ONLY place you should get information about covid was from the government health website. 

Seriously? Are we living in China? If we don’t start some serious fact checking of our own we will end up exactly like China. Ruled and regulated, being told where we can go and what we can do. Our freedom’s being eroded piece by piece until we have none. 

Don’t sit back blindly listening and accepting. 

Heart attacks are healthy and good for you. 

Myocarditis is nothing, it should not even be listed as a disease. 

Strokes in kids are common.

Corona is building and waiting at the border ready to invade and will seek you out in every corner of the state.

The science says to expect up to 500,000 cases of corona a day.

Vaccine injuries are rare.

When are you going to hold these people accountable for such rubbish?

Or, if you actually believe all this, then I have this bridge for sale in Sydney. I can get you a great price on………/stroke-can-occur-in-children



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