Thursday, June 30, 2022
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It’s Time To Quit Disney


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Disney has removed all gendered greetings from its theme parks.

The Walt Disney Company has gone all in and is supporting the activists that want to discuss and force sexual preferences and gender theory to 3 year olds.

On Tuesday, Christopher Rufo, known for exposing woke corporations who worship critical-race-theory, released internal Disney videos in which those in charge discussed how they insert the “ gay agenda” into children’s programming. Those were the words used by Disney Television Animation executive producer Latoya Raveneau, who said she is “adding queerness” wherever she can with Disney’s blessing, as the company is going hard to be supportive. Disney’s General Entertainment Content President Karey Burke vowed at the meeting to make at least half the characters in the company’s productions LGBTQIA and racial minorities by year’s end, which obviously doesn’t reflect society.

The executives made the remarks in a company-wide virtual meeting Monday about Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, signed that day by Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Disney is being been pushed to toe the leftist gender line, and it is doing so without very much resistance.

There should be nothing controversial about limiting instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity for small children. Now it’s clear that Disney’s commitment to exposing children to inappropriate indoctrination on transgenderism goes very deep. Until the church of woke overtook it, Disney could be counted on for safe age-appropriate entertainment. Why should parents trust a company that has totally gone off the rails pushing extreme left wing activism and putting this kind of brainwashing into children’s entertainment?

What Disney doesn’t understand is that pushing gender dysphoria onto 3 year olds will never be popular or tolerated among the very people who make up Disney’s core audience: families.

Children are extremely susceptible to suggestion, and parents don’t want their kids told their gender is malleable. They certainly do not want outside forces instructing their children on gender identity.

For the many of us who grew up with Disney as part of our lives, Mickey, Goofy and Donald Duck, it’s sad to imagine that our kids won’t be watching Disney movies or going to Disney theme parks. But watching and listening to the words of these Disney execs openly discuss the brainwashing of kids into gender theory makes cutting off Disney an easy choice.

Normal adults don’t tell kids to keep secrets from their parents. Normal adults have no inclination to talk to 3-9 year olds, who are not their children, about sex and gender switching. Perverts and predators do.

We should not fund companies to indoctrinate our kids and create a society that ignores science and biology and then use that against us. Cancel that subscription and send Disney a message they cannot ignore.



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