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Klaus Schwab & Hunter Biden linked to Ukrainian Bio-labs


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In the words of Mark Twain – “truth is stranger than fiction, because fiction is obliged to stick to probability, and truth ain’t.”

Initially this story was deemed merely a conspiracy and any notion of if labelled as disinformation however it is rapidly evolving, with further evidence surfacing weekly. There has been substantiated evidence uncovered that directly links the U.S. government, world economic forum and Ukrainian bioweapons labs. 

It begins with Russia invading Ukraine on the 24th of February 2022, shortly thereafter they managed to secure various facilities close to Kiev as well as in other regions of Ukraine. These facilities initially seemed harmless however upon closer inspection the Russian government claimed that they had uncovered U.S. run bio-labs, sponsored by the Pentagon.

Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov, who commands the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Forces of Russia, earlier this week presented documents and imagery showing why the Russian military has come to this conclusion.

The U.S. Department of Defence’s Threat Reduction Administration picked several military labs across Ukraine, to study deadly pathogens and financed by the pentagon under the guise of Ukrainian Ministry of Health. It is believed that the labs experimented on bat-to-human disease transmission and six families of viruses including the corona virus.

Mainstream media in the U.S.A. has even picked up on this story, as they are now finding it impossible to ignore. Fox News has had the following story regarding this unprecedented turn of events – 

Post the announcement that Russia had unearthed these bio-labs the U.S. embassy’s website went offline for a few hours, where it was believed that the following documents were deleted before the site returned to normal.

However, after U.S. senator Marco Rubio queried the U.S. state Department about the reality of these labs and they confirmed their existence, the embassy’s website was again altered, and these documents were re-uploaded to their site in what could be perceived as an attempt to cover their tracks as removing these documents could have been seen as an admission of guilt.

The Russian military went onto to disclose evidence that staff at these labs had been ordered to destroy any pathogens which were held at these labs to prevent any potential breaches, which could have spread into the local populous and cause unknown amounts of casualties.

U.S. senator Marco Rubio queried Victoria Nuland about the existence of these potential bio labs in Ukraine during a senate hearing, and much to his surprise she confirmed the presence of the labs and also that they contained weaponised biological agents that they now fear the Russians will indiscriminately use to start a world war.

The pentagon refers to these as bio research labs and bio containment labs and claim the programs are run in self defence. The facilities are funded by the United States Defence Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Program.

Central Laboratory Ukraine is located in Kiev and is a $102 million facility which opened in 2015 that securely stores and studies high risk disease such as anthrax and cholera. One program that they also conducted was to allow NatGeo writers to have samples of high-risk pathogens which they believed could speed up the process of diagnosing and then treating outbreaks.

The fact that they stockpiled and studied these deadly pathogens is in direct violation of article one of the prohibition of biological weapons. Article 1 – provision reads “undertaking never under any circumstances to develop, produce, stockpile, acquire or retain biological weapons.”

Now all of this has been paid for using U.S. tax dollars, paid for through the Defence Threat Reduction Agency, under the premise of helping the world and not hindering it.

On top of this U.S. company Black and Veatch has been working closely with the DTRA since 2003, building bioweapons labs since then all over Ukraine of which it is believed there is over thirty in Ukraine alone.

What also adds to the mystery behind all of this is that Black and Veatch share an office with Metabitoa inc. in Kiev and what makes this even more interesting is that Metabiota signed a $18.4million U.S. contract with the Department of Defence in 2014, which could be considered a conflict of interest.

In case this is the first you have heard of Metabiota they are biotechnology company based in San Fransisco. Metabiota got their start in 2015 with funding from Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca technology partners. Hunter Biden also made a U.S. $30million payment to Rosemont Seneca to protect the world from the spread of epidemics. 

It is also believed that the same Rosemont Seneca technology partners was wired U.S. $3.5million from the wife of the mayor of Moscow; mysteriously.

The very same Metabiota partnered with Peter Dassicks eco health alliance; the group the Dr. Fauci used to funnel money to the Wuhan lab for gain of function research, prior to the global outbreak of the corona virus.

In 2014 metabiota, eco health alliance and Wuhan institute of virology were together researching infectious diseases deriving from Chinese bats. Metabiota is working with CIA front In-Q-Tel funded by US Department of Defence, the national institute of health, bill and Melinda gates foundation, Google, and national geographic society.

Metabiotas founder Nathan Wolfe a virologist sits on the board of the eco health alliance and is a member of Darpas Defence science research council. In 2011 Nathan Wolfe authored a book called “the viral storm: the dawn of a new pandemic age.” Wolfe thanks friends in the book: -Jeffrey Epstein (Convicted Pedophile) -Boris Nikolic (Bio Tech Venture Capitalist) Boris Nikolic was named Epstein’s successor, executor upon his death.

Wolfe has been spotted with Ghislaine Maxwell on multiple occasions.

Maxwell is infamously connected to the prolific Jeffrey Epstein, who is a convicted pedophile linked to some of the richest and most famous individuals on earth. On top of this she is personally responsible for human and child trafficking.

Wolfe is also one of Klaus Schwab’s global leaders, trained on how to enact the great reset agenda being directed by the World Economic Forum. In case you are not familiar with the concept, there can be a simplified explanation of it found here;

Currently Russia claims the pentagon has over thirty bio-labs in Ukraine alone while China claims there are 336 bio labs in thirty different countries, and on March 18 Chinese officials again urged the U.S. government to clarify the existence, use and extent of these laboratories.

And the irony of it all is that the U.S. government warns Russia could use bioweapons in false flag op in Ukraine, to spark a Third World War.

Almost as if they are trying to completely cover their tracks and no matter what happens moving forward, they look like the good guys.



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