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Main Stream Media’s Credibility Problem Is Of Their Own Making


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The Australian public is sick of being lectured, they are sick of being labelled anti-vaxxers. They are sick of being told they are bigots for not supporting the latest “woke” trend. Sitting on their couch or behind their desk, the talking heads on TV were insisting that “We are all in this together”, “Just 14 days to flatten the curve”, “Get The Jab”, “We are not safe until we are all safe”.

These are the same talking heads that never missed a paycheck throughout the whole pandemic yet lectured and mocked those who were told to stay home, who had lost their job or their business and livelihoods and brushed off those who had lost their lives.
Hypocrites and tone deaf is a nice way to describe them.

The mood of the Australian people towards these mainstream media personalities is one of anger, and frustration and now whenever they get an opportunity they are turning the tables and ridiculing them. They are forcing them to look into the mirror and reflect, but will they see what the public sees?

The Today show posted on Instagram today the following message:
“Only 18 sleeps until Christmas! What are you asking Santa for? #9Today”
In times when people respected the media, one would expect to see things like “a new pair of shoes” or a “nice dress”, perhaps a “drone” even a “pinball machine” but people were not in the mood for trinkets, instead they let out their frustration for the way the media allowed government, government bodies and Pharmaceutical companies to destroy their freedoms and construct a segregated two-tier society. They were angry the media never held these institutions to account.

Here are some of their responses.
“Freedom of Choice.”
“A New Premier.”
“No mandates for kids, any kids.”
“Government, can Santa deliver that?”
“Media and politicians to be jailed.”
“No more closing borders.”
“Removal of all medical mandates.”
“For MSM to stop living on their knees and actually report the truth.”
“For the Today Show to be cancelled.”
“Dan Andrews to be put behind bars and for Victoria to be restored as a democratic state.”
“Expose the lies and censorship and jail Dan Andrews and every single weak journalist that empowered him”
“For Aussies to love one another again regardless of medical status”

Being a journalist used to be a high calling, a great responsibility, and an honour. The press existed to report the news but more importantly, they were called upon to keep those in power honest. But the news media of today has abdicated that position of respect. No longer are they the fourth estate and instead have become a fifth column.

The mainstream media has completely betrayed the trust of the Australian people. The ABC, SBS, The Guardian, Channel 7, 9 and 10 isn’t even pretending to be objective anymore. Instead of being the guardians of a free nation, they’ve become nothing but agenda-driven shills for leftist and authoritarian ideology. They are propagandists worthy of comparison to Nazi Joseph Goebbels or Pravda when it was an arm of the Soviet Central Committee.
Australia’s mainstream media is a wasteland, a reeking sewer and it is no wonder the people are fighting back, switching them off and getting their news elsewhere.



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