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Men Go Mad In Herds: Covid Is Over – It’s Time to Move On


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After two years, I declare Covid over, at least for me. It’s time to move on. 

Over the last two years, I dedicated many hours reading, researching, and writing on my own blog about Covid. I sensed that something was going horribly wrong in our society. I simply had to speak out against the obvious lies and deceit, the inhumanity and injustice that governments with the full and unquestioned support of the media have been inflicting on each and every one of us.

But enough is enough. After spending two years of my life trying to understand and analyze what I soon recognized as some form of mass psychosis, it’s time to leave this ridiculous Covid nonsense behind me as much as I can. I refuse to be consumed by it any longer.

I am satisfied that overall the Covid narrative is very slowly shifting, even in the mainstream media.

It’s almost comical to observe how history is carefully being re-written by and for those who have so much to answer for.

The truth behind the big Covid fraud is very slowly bubbling to the surface, and I’m reminded of a sentence Charles Mackay wrote in his 1841 book Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds:

Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.

I want to write about what I have learned about myself, others, and the world in general over the last two years.

I have learned that few people are on a truth-seeking path.

Most people are content to simply be part of a compliant majority. Most people are dutifully fulfilling their role as obedient consumers and are happy to suckle at the teets of the nanny state rather than take responsibility for their own lives. Unconditional blind faith in government and the media all the way.

But why? That was always the big question for me – why? How can so many highly intelligent people just believe in such utter nonsense, with few or no questions about even the most obvious absurdities our governments have committed?

That this Covid madness was some kind of mass psychosis, a cult even, was clear to me by about mid-2020. 

Every one of C.J. Hopkins’ essays expressed best what I was feeling and thinking and trying to grasp. But that didn’t explain to me how and why this madness has enveloped us. 

Maybe psychology professor Mattias Desmet from Belgium is right. He says Covid is an example of a “mass formation”, a “mass hypnosis”, and says this happened because our societies and cultures were already fundamentally sick before Covid. In other words, the conditions for such a mass formation were right.

Over the last two years we seem to have already slipped into some form of totalitarianism. That is the most troubling realisation of all. Nobody has a crystal ball, but this short film is what I’m fearing is unfolding before our eyes, unless we somehow steer this ship around. It is the very technocratic new normal the World Economic Forum and its allies are keen to lure us into, nay: impose on us.

I have learned that there are nebulous and nefarious and difficult to grasp powers at work, and to see and understand how they connect and interact and slowly lead us towards the abyss has been eye-opening and has made me doubt humanity. But there are also those who expose and fight against the agenda of these powers.

I will personally do everything I can to resist such a dystopian future that is sold to us as some kind of a paradise, but which is in fact deeply anti-human (they call it “trans-human”) and anti-democratic. 

Of course, after Covid nothing will ever be the same again, but we have to take charge of our future. We cannot allow some deluded but very powerful and influential sociopaths dictate to us what our future looks like. 

All of this stuff is hard, from understanding it, to calling it out, to doing something about it. And that is why I’m not blaming my fellow citizens to go along with the Covid narrative, for example. After all, despite always considering myself a critical thinker, I myself once believed in the climate crisis narrative, until I studied the subject in greater detail. 

When Covid came along, I immediately smelt a rat and I told myself I would stay on top of these developments. We can only know about what we care about, what we show an active interest in, and even then only if we look critically at all sides of the arguments, and continue to have an open mind – otherwise we may as well just believe what we pick up through the mainstream media, or through a university curriculum… 

And yet, being part of a small minority amongst a majority that takes anything as gospel that is sold to them as a scientific consensus is incredibly frustrating. 

I have learned that those screaming the loudest about “following the science” fail to understand the most basic tenets of the scientific method. Science by definition is about debate – it can never be settled, and so it can never be about consensus. If it’s science, it’s not settled, and if something is claimed to be settled and cannot be questioned, it’s not science anymore – it’s dogma.

I have learned that the mainstream media are largely a lost cause. They are definitely no longer the fourth pillar of democracy. They have become nothing more than state-sponsored propaganda machines. 

But I also have learned that a new fourth pillar is being built: by independent journalists with courage, curiosity, and a conscience who think critically, and encourage their audience to think critically. Of course, we cannot blindly believe what they say either. But they have played a crucial role in me being able to swallow the red pill without getting completely broken.

We are social beings, and finding other critical thinkers has helped me get through these last two years. 

I have learned that our political and economic system is broken. The vast majority of our top-level politicians and their hired experts are corrupt, in one way or another they are psychologically deeply damaged self-righteous, narcissistic individuals who have only one goal – to remain in power and build and maintain their careers. None of them truly care about and are in the service of the people who elected them. None of them deserve my vote.

I have learned that democracy is more about ordinary citizens in one way or another participating, speaking out, keeping in check, and holding to account this self-interested elite.

I have learned that governments and health departments are not interested in public health. Otherwise, they would not have been patronising us and treated us with such contempt. Otherwise, they would not have compromised our immune systems by imposing pointless and counterproductive lockdowns.

Otherwise, they would not have acted so irresponsibly by coercing the population into becoming human guinea pigs for experimental drugs. Otherwise, they would not have fear-mongered using misleading statistics and applying psychological warfare tactics on us, including imposing the wearing of pointless masks. Otherwise, they would not have engaged in censorship and helped shut down scientific debate. And much more.

At a more fundamental level I have realised that humanity in general is truly at a crossroads, and Covid has made that very clear. Our educational, political, economical and scientific systems are all crisis-prone, ultimately destructive, and are in desperate need of a fundamental overhaul. 

It is up to us to wake up, take a humane route out of this latest calamity, learn from the mistakes, engage in forgiveness, and embrace and work towards bringing about meaningful change to address the true underlying issues and challenges we’ve been facing.

I have declared Covid over. I’m doing so because I know Covid will only be over when we, the people, say it’s over. But I will never stop being an engaged citizen of this world trying to make a meaningful and positive difference. 

It’s really up to all of us.

Frustrated by the legacy media’s derogation of their civic duty, Jorg Probst posts regularly to his own website here.



  1. Absolutely brilliant article Jorg, hear, hear!!! My sentiments exactly. 😘🙏💖🕊🌈🌏🌠🌌🦘🇦🇺

  2. Excellent post, you’ve put into words the many feelings inside that I cannot express. Feeling let down, disappointed, misled by media, governments, politicians and health care practitioners, my faith in them has been destroyed. Life will go on, covid is over, but I always having that feeling inside of mistrust, always questioning myself “am I being cheated again” is the psychological scar that the scamdemic has left me.

  3. Thanks for sharing your wisdom its really great to hear the truth from so many awaken people keep telling it how it really is as this may have more people possibly waking up before the next election as the current so called leaders need to go down the snake to start at look in the mirror at who the blind selfish person they have become

  4. Bravi…you nailed this article and I too will no longer go along with the TYRANNICAL PHYSCOPANTS running this country into a dystopia future.

  5. Hi Jorg. You are so clever that I won’t even try to match your writing skills in my answer. I just want to say thank you for writing so clearly and expressing the truth succinctly. May God give you strength to continue.

  6. Very well written. Hitting upon the main points of this whole charade that we have been a part of, directly and accurately. I’m sure there’ll be the other side(ers) who will mock you and your words, but that just happens daily now if we speak out against the main stream narrative, so it no longer matters.
    What matters, I believe, is for those of us who do see through the veil or at least are open to seeing that there’s more to the story that we are led to believe, can connect, speak up, support and uplift the each other while we navigate these sci-fi futuristic novel times…
    Thank you,
    blessings and love to you

  7. Perfect! Covid 19 is sooooo over. Our free and logical thinking is alive and strong! One last thing though….a massive amount of individuals and three letter agencies, governments and companies need to be exposed and held accountable 🙏🏻🌟

  8. You must stop calling the media “mainstream”! We should be calling them “Legacy Media”. They are old technology that is past it’s useby date.

    Otherwise I love what you have said!

  9. Years ago, it was scientifically proven that 15% of humans are genetically immune to propaganda and mind control. This characteristic is not necessarily passed on through family bloodlines, it can appear quite sporadically.

    Those in the 15% need to accept this, and stop projecting expectations onto the other 85%. Because as long as the 85% continue to expose themselves to the MSM in any way or form, they are lost.

    I used to believe that the 85% would wake up when people started dying, but COVID seems to have proven otherwise.


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