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MonkeyPox or vaccine-induced Super Shingles in those who are HIV positive


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Evidence is emerging that the majority of cases of MonkeyPox are being diagnosed in HIV clinics and sexual health clinics worldwide. 

Whilst data is limited on the HIV status of those who are being diagnosed with MonkeyPox; one study has shown the number of co-infections of HIV and MonkeyPox to be above 40%. 

Therefore, it is not much of a leap to put two and two together when most cases are being diagnosed among men who have sex with other men, and these diagnoses take place in HIV clinics.

But unlike HIV, which can only be transmitted via sexual activity or blood-on-blood contact, MonkeyPox can be transmitted when someone comes into contact with pus-filled sores, body fluids, respiratory droplets, or contaminated linen. 

So why, if MonkeyPox can be spread much easier than HIV, are we still seeing cases only among men who have sex with other men? It is not spreading any further, which makes no real sense. The science is not making sense; it seems this is a common theme in the scientific community lately.

So, if these people were infected with MonkeyPox, then you would expect the virus to have already broken out of that community into the mainstream community, but this has not occurred, so let’s investigate some other scientific possibilities.

One hypothesis is that this is not a virus but an immune system response to something among men who have sex with men. Since we know that the sheer act of two men having sex does not provoke an immune response, we can rule that out under this hypothesis. 

Therefore, the next thing to look at is what common immune system affliction is rampant in the gay community; the answer is HIV. So consequently, a possible scenario is that something is causing those inflicted with HIV to break out in a severe rash that develops into blisters across their bodies. 

One scenario is Shingles; if you go to the Australian Government’s health direct site and look up Shingles, you will find this information:

“At first, this rash consists of painful red bumps that quickly develop into fluid-filled blisters, which will eventually have a crusty surface. The rash can last for 10 to 15 days.”

Now look up MonkeyPox on the same site, and you find this:

“The rash changes its appearance, going through different stages. Eventually it develops into pustules (lesions filled with yellowish fluid) which then crust and fall off. The number of lesions can vary from a few to several thousand.”

Well, they sound very similar, don’t they?

So now we must ask what could cause those inflicted with HIV to suddenly in large numbers of people to break out in Shingles?

The answers lie in the number of CD4 T Lymphocytes (CD4 cells) a person with HIV has. CD4 cells are a type of white blood cell (WBC) that helps the body fight off infections; it is known that people with lower CD4 counts are much more likely and susceptible to developing Shingles. 

Evidence has emerged that the development of shingles is one side effect linked to the Covid-19 vaccine, according to findings published in the British Society of Rheumatology.

So, we are starting to see the evidence that Shingles is reappearing in the vaccinated community, and we are seeing evidence that a Shingles like illness that is being reported as MonkeyPox is spreading among men who have sex with other men.

We have seen those with HIV have a much lower number of CD4 cells, so the evidence suggests that if Shingles were an adverse event of the Covid-19 vaccines, it would be more evident in the HIV community.

This brings the most concerning scenario so far into play: if Shingles is an adverse vaccine event, then why do governments and health authorities feel the need to hide it under the guise of another illness in MonkeyPox if that is what is occurring in this hypothesis?

Many people have had Shingles; on average, only 100 people die annually in the USA from Shingles, and most Shingles deaths are in the elderly or immunocompromised population. So why would they need to hide it?

It all comes back to the CD4 cells; if the vaccine is causing Shingles, then evidence suggests that the many people who already have a virus in HIV that causes CD4 cell counts to plummet are now experiencing Shingles; the vaccine is a likely culprit. 

Then it’s not out of the realm of possibility to see a direct link between the vaccine and a person’s CD4 count.

Suppose there is a direct link between the vaccine and a person’s declining CD4 count. In that case, you are talking about the vaccine doing the exact thing to a person’s immune system as HIV does, and we are no longer talking about Shingles but the biggest story to be released in decades, which is that the vaccine causes an HIV-like illness. 

Now that is a reason for governments and health authorities to do whatever they can to prevent the truth from getting out there.



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