Monday, July 4, 2022
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My Story, So Far


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Scott Morrison said that the vaccine program was voluntary and that he would not mandate by stealth.   He said everyone has the right to choose what they put into their body and has the right to informed consent.

As of today, Australians are being coerced into having a medical procedure in order to be “allowed” to work, to be allowed to feed their families, and pay their mortgages.  Australians are separated, those who can and those who are prohibited.  We are being told what is essential and not essential.  In Victoria you cannot even get a haircut if you don’t show your “papers”. 

I see so many people under so much pressure to choose between earning an income or being forced to walk away from employment due to a Chief Health Officer’s advice.  Many businesses in South Australia are mandating staff even with no government direction to do so. 

To date Health workers, SAPOL, and Aged Care are all mandated in SA.  Soon to be followed by Hospitality Workers if their representative body gets its way.  SA Water has reportedly sent out letters to its staff now directing them to be vaccinated.   Who is going to be responsible for any adverse reactions?  The company you work for? No, you signed away your rights when you agreed to be injected with your “informed consent”.  Even the company that’s makes it is not liable, your government signed that agreement.

This is no longer about your health. 

The hospitality industry has been crippled by the restrictions put in place even when there are no cases of community transmission in SA, they see mandating the workforce as their way to ease restrictions.  Don’t be disappointed when according to the roadmap you don’t get what you want.

Many people that I have spoken to that have had the Vaccine are not doing it for their health,  they want to travel, they want to just go about their daily life, they don’t want to have to wear masks anymore.  Some are getting it because they are afraid, they have underlying health conditions, they have been told they might die if they get COVID-19, but very few tell me they got the jab for their health.

So each day I go to work not knowing when or if I will be given my notice.  I have refused to give my medical details to my employer.  I have had the surveys as a lot of you have had, just asking anonymously what your status is or will be by a certain date.  I am sure some of you have even had your manager or supervisor sit you down for that chat as I have.  The question of when you are getting it, and if not why not, being also told you are the only one in the entire company that isn’t complying.  It has even been said to me that isn’t your job more important? 

The stress each day builds, the damage to mental health grows.  But I have found a way to get through it all, I fight.  I have joined many groups, I have found a new tribe.  We do what we can each day to help each other get through.  We do not discriminate against those who have been forced to get the “jab”, even though we are treated now as “anti-vaxxers” and a lesser class of citizens.

Today I traveled 350kms to cover a rally and show their story,  I met with a group of strangers who instantly become friends instead of attending a work Christmas show where I am the only one not “vaxxed”.

Why am I continuing to fight?  As Riccardo Bosi said, “You do the right thing because it is the right thing to do”  I want to be free to travel across state borders, I want to be free to live in this country I was born in.  Most of all I want to be free to live life as before.  



  1. From Queensland here. Your article reflected my situation and sentiments entirely. I’ve been genuinely thinking about leaving Australia, taking my wife and three kids with me, but that’s just a dream now. I’m part of the unvaxxed caste.

  2. A few points…
    It is not legal for a company to ask you for personal medical information so just refuse to answer. They cannot sack you for guessing you are unvaxxed.
    If you have been told you need to be jabbed to hold your job you can then ask the company to put it in writing. Then you can ask them to supply written confirmation from their insurance company that should you suffer any adverse reaction from the jab they mandated then they are fully covered in that contingency.
    I can assure you no insurance cover will compensate you for eadverse reactions to experimental medical procedures which this is.
    You can say that you are prepared to have the jab whenever the jabs have completed full safety trials and been declared to be free of any dangers to your health. Cite recent PFizer published information that they had 1323 deaths in the first 80 days this vaccine was used.
    Let you boss know that it is illegal for any company to continue to operate without being fully insured in the possibility that a worker could suffer injury… as you might if you were jabbed under their mandate.
    Get legal advice that this is so. and make sure your boss knows you have sought legal advice.
    make them aware that should they sack you or try to limit your working hours you will be vigilant to that possibility and be prepared to take legal action if that even looks like happening.
    This issue about legal coverage for mandated experimental medical procedures is a huge story with global impact.


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