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Nanobots Will Be Flowing Through Your Body by 2030


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Some futurists suggest that over the next decade or so, your blood could be streaming with tiny nanorobots that may help prevent you from getting sick and maybe even transmit your thoughts to a wireless cloud.

According to these futurists, the nanobots will travel inside of you, on a molecular level. They will protect your biological system and ensure that your life is long and good. They suggest the future is closer than you may think.

Ray Kurzweil, Google’s director of engineering and an avid predictor of future events has made claims that the idea of nanobots streaming through our blood in the very near future is a very real notion. Modern technology is already not far off from this being realistically possible.

DNA robots are already being tested in animals, according to IFL Science. The bots are being used to seek out and destroy cancer cells with programmed strands of DNA that can move through the bloodstream. They are designed to inject blood clotting drugs into blood vessels around tumours which subsequently cuts off their blood supply.

It has been suggested that nanobots could be a revolutionary treatment for cancer and in other cell research should human trials go ahead. Allegedly there are still hurdles to overcome before this method of treatment could surpass current methods.

Researchers have suggested that these nanobots could soon be used to administer drugs to humans with a good degree of accuracy. This could mean micro doses could be delivered to the exact point in the body where the patient has the issue and would purportedly avoid harmful side effects.

Some university students have also made suggestions that in the future, this method of treatment could be used to solve dietary issues, reduce plaque inside veins, and a whole variety of other issues.

They have also suggested that this technology could provide the ability for humans to reach a greater state of connectivity.

In research published in ScienceMag, scientists with the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering and Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School stated: “As a proof of principle, nanorobots loaded with combinations of antibody fragments were used in two different types of cell-signaling stimulation in tissue culture. Our prototype could inspire new designs with different selectivities and biologically active payloads for cell-targeting tasks.”

The notion of nanobots being able to transmit our thoughts to a cloud is also being put on the table as a possibility. Whilst it may seem far-fetched and something out of a science fiction movie, some people are suggesting this possibility is not as far off as some may expect as well. Although, before it would be safely possible there would need to be significant advances in neuroscience and nanorobotics, as well as volunteers willing to grant Google direct access to our brains! Scary? This writer thinks so!



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