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New ATAGI vaccination sedation advice should scare the hell out of you, here’s why


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Australia’s peak body on Immunisation the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) has put out stunning new advice on the use of sedation for Covid- 19 vaccination. 

Now, this advice is just for the Covid-19 vaccine, no other vaccine, and to this writer’s knowledge, they have never issued such an advisory for any other vaccine.

Now with Covid being spread among the vaccinated, you need to ask yourself why the authorities of the world will do whatever it takes to vaccinate the entire planet. What haven’t they tried? Work mandates, loss of access to entertainment, shopping and even medical care and now sedation to vaccinate some.

Now the advice issued which I will put the link here for those who want to read it in more detail does not directly say they will use sedation to forcefully vaccinate anyone. ATAGI made sure that they put their little disclaimer in about it only being used when informed consent is obtained.

But what worries me and should worry you are the grey areas, and this advice throws up too many alarm bells for me on potential grey areas.

“Vaccines may also be administered opportunistically while patients are undergoing sedation for unrelated procedures.” This line is quite concerning; however, the document still says informed consent is required. In the background section, the document states this “Informed consent must be obtained prior to each dose from the patient themselves, or, where the patient does not have capacity to give consent, from the parent, guardian or substitute decision- maker.”

So, this is where a hypothetical situation could occur. You go into hospital for an unrelated operation, you are pro-choice and opposed to the vaccine. Whilst you are sedated, hospital staff speak with your next of kin who is pro-vaccine, suddenly they authorise the vaccine and you are unable to speak for yourself. 

Another scenario is that you have no next of kin available, so the substitute decision-maker becomes the doctor in charge in various situations. 

Now, remember this is an opinion piece discussing potential concerns about this advice and how it could be used in ways that are not what you would expect. I do not know the full legalities around decision making in hospitals, but my understanding has always been if no next of kin is available and you are unable to make decisions for yourself then the doctor in charge of you makes those decisions. That seems to be the case in Victoria at least in a medical emergency, would that power extend to the vaccine. Maybe this advice if enacted by the states may give them more legal power to do so. 

The other concerning paragraph in the ATAGI statement is as follows. “The process of administering a vaccine (i.e. giving an intramuscular injection) may cause severe anxiety in some individuals with anxiety disorders or needle-phobia, and/or may be difficult in certain individuals with behavioural disorders” Now I will give ATAGI the benefit of the doubt and say behavioural disorders are meant for people with conditions such as Autism and/or ADHD but remember this is just advice at this stage. 

Each state will now review the advice and introduce laws to best put the advice into practice. All states are quick to follow the ATAGI advice so expect laws to be put into place quickly and with so many states extending emergency measures you have a right to be concerned. What if the states say the definition of behavioural issues are those that challenge the vaccine, what if they decide to schedule people under the mental health act (We have seen it happen) for their anti-covid vaccine views. 

Remember if you ever are scheduled under a mental health act then they have deemed that you are not capable of making a rational informed decision and the hospital makes those decisions, enter the vaccination.

Maybe I am overanalysing everything, but this later advice from ATAGI does not sit well.



  1. Omg… it’s for this reason alone I’m no longer trusting of the health department …. Not going to get the yearly flu vaccine as I can’t trust that they haven’t added the covid vaccine

    • I am dubious myself. Am booked in for flu and pneumonia vax but my GP is quite angry because I won’t have cov.vax. She’s desperate to jab me with something! I’m vehemently against the pseudovax. I know Pfizer were going to make a cov/flu shot.has it happen3d yet?

  2. Get the Dr to sign a disclaimer that a Covid 19 injection will not be administered or they will be litigated for damages.

  3. The 52 page open letter from elite doctors virologists , scintists, researchers and QCs condemning all that AGAPI has recommended oggests over the past 2years suggests that quite a few constraint jackets and padded rooms are required dor the esteemed AGAPI crew and advisers.

  4. There is informed consent – yes they tell you the side effects etc. Then when it comes to the actual injecting it has to be voluntary consent. I believe there is a law against giving an injection to someone that is being threatened to have one.

  5. I read it and thought along the same lines as you. It is ambiguous so to me can be interpreted in so many ways. I have zero faith in the medical professionals as in my eyes they have gone against their medical oath of do no harm. I rarely see a doctor and I’m trying my hardest to avoid them all together even though my gallbladder needs to come out, I just don’t trust what they will do to me being unvaxxed 😞

  6. When, I declined to be subjected to a fraudulent covid test at the main door of Gove Hospital, I was refused a painkiller for a raging cancer on my face, even though I agreed to be prescribed the painkiller without entering the hospital. I knew then that I will never permit these psychopaths near me as a patient and that, henceforth, I no longer have access to medical care. Welcome to 21st century Australia and a return to medieval science.

    It gets worse. One third of doctors and nurses no longer wash their hands before clinic or surgery. One hospital CCTV camera recorded 75% violations in this regard. Your smiling medico is thinking “More sick you, more money me”. The Health Industry is now the Death Industry.


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