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New “Quelbree” ADHD drug for 6-year-olds linked to suicidal thoughts and homicidal actions


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While America is busy concerning itself over gun control, a violent, psychotic-episode-inducing ADHD drug, the first non-stimulant prescription drug for ADHD, has been approved by the FDA.

Quelbree (Vilozazine) are extended-release capsules that Supernus Pharmaceuticals produce. Despite being approved for use in children as young as six, they have some nasty side effects.

The critical safety information that is listed on the Quelbree website states:


Qelbree may increase suicidal thoughts and actions, in adults and children with ADHD, especially within the first few months of treatment or when the dose is changed. Tell your doctor if you have (or if there is a family history of) suicidal thoughts or actions before starting Qelbree. Monitor your moods, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings during treatment with Qelbree. Report any new or sudden changes in these symptoms right away.”

It also states the drug can cause an increase in blood pressure and heart rate and may cause manic episodes in patients with bipolar disorder.

According to American modern psychiatry, if your child is caught during class looking at the mobile phone you gave them for emergencies, or if they play wild games inside your house, drugs such as this one should be used to treat that.

This writer wonders when it suddenly became a “medical” or “psychiatric” condition if a child does things such as mentioned above… and when it suddenly became normalised to pump children full of homicidal-thought-inducing chemical concoctions to treat things that were once just considered to be normal behaviours for children in their learning and growing.

One scenario might play out as follows: a child is in class and cannot focus for an entire 45-minute session in class. The teacher then refers the child to the school psychologist and a pediatrician for evaluation. After that, the course of action is, more often than not, to pump the kid full of ADD and ADHD medication.

Now, this new drug that has been authorised for use has all these nasty side effects, but that won’t stop the psych from prescribing them… and the drugs may induce violent acts of homicide and/or suicide because that’s what this particular drug does – it induces thoughts of suicide and murder, especially in the first few months of treatment – or when the dosage gets altered.

Qelbree can increase heart rate and blood pressure. It can cause manic episodes in teens and children with bipolar disorder. It doesn’t make logical sense to be prescribing something that would do this to a person who is already struggling with these issues. It is sincerely mind-boggling that such a dangerous drug could be authorised for use.

One must wonder who comes up with the brilliant plan to authorise these types of drugs, especially for use in children. Over 20 years in America, every mass shooting has had a recurrent theme – almost 100% of the shooters were taking prescribed SSRI anti-anxiety and anti-depression drugs, which had increased their thoughts and feelings of suicide and homicide.

The drug companies don’t even try to hide that their concoctions have these side effects and adverse reactions because they are so common. They list it all on the piece of paper inside the box.

Would it not make sense for there to be legislation brought in that these drugs must not be allowed to be prescribed until they can be adequately and scientifically proven safe and effective?

The Qelbree commercial, which can be seen here on YouTube, where they advertise that Qelbree “makes ADHD symptoms manageable,” and then they tell you, “it’s not known if Qelbree is safe and effective for children under six. Pay attention to changes in your child’s mood, behaviour, thoughts, or feelings within the first few months of treatment or when the dose has changed. Medications like Qelbree may increase the risk of suicidal behaviours in some children. Tell your doctor about all your child’s medications, do not take Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs) with or within 14 days of starting Qalbree…” it goes on to list the bad things that might happen to a child who takes it. Why would ANY parent want to take that risk?



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