Monday, July 4, 2022
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Omicron, let’s call it what it is, BS!


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Does anyone actually believe the BS coming out of mainstream media and the government? Quick, let’s shut the borders, back to home schooling, lock down, curfews. Seriously, is anyone still swallowing the BS coming out of the propaganda machine.

I know as chief editor of AFIPN, I found trying to report on this to be one of the most challenging prospects ever. I tried to report on it from a place of calm, unlike the fear that was coming out of the mainstream media. Maybe I should not have touched on the subject at all, especially considering the other writers were not touching the subject with a ten-foot pole.

So here I am laying my opinions out for all to see in this opinion piece. This is nothing but the biggest, dirtiest piece of BS propaganda so far from the elite.

Really, you expect us to swallow your BS just before Christmas again, don’t make me laugh. You are about to wake up another 40%; we scared you, didn’t we? The hundreds of thousands in the major cities of Australia. It scared you, didn’t it? The millions across Europe, we see your lies and we see your world crumbling down around you. What do people do when they get scared? They act irrationally and make mistakes. Omicron will be your biggest mistake ever. Watch us rise.

This time we won’t be stopped. We all see through your BS!



  1. Right on! We have them running scared! Watch all the vaccinated get this “new strain” not at all an excuse for the jab not working at all.

  2. Weeks ago when the Govt decided to open borders for international travellers, I was critical of the move. Yet not surprised at that point, as they’d continually made poor decisions & had never considered Australians or their businesses. To blatantly put the travellers before it’s own people, who had been long suffering, just proved once again, that they’ve never had our best interests at heart. I called it straight away, & predicted that the international arrivals would be bringing in new variants, & once again it would be all about the vaccine push. Why should any traveller, even vaccinated, be allowed to put the entire country on alert yet again, & destroy what’s left of the economy. It’s just insanity to me. We should be looking out for our ourselves, when it’s still so early in the reboot, of some kind of normality for us. I don’t think that’s selfish at all, & they owe it to all of us. We did our part, we stuck by the mandates, the mask wearing, social distancing, loss of jobs & income, all to get to the end goal that they continually changed on us. So now that they let this variant in they claim exists, once again we will no doubt be asked to mask up, social distance, & lock down, right before Xmas. These travellers will still be arriving here, still allowed entry, & just asked to self isolate for 3 days at home until they receive a negative test result. Sorry but I don’t trust a traveller to self quarantine, & I don’t think 3 days is sufficient at all. I think the only solution would be to close all international borders, & let’s open all the state borders. After all, this is all Australia. We are fortunate to not share any land borders, with any other country. So we are able to get on with living, working & getting an education, & stay in somewhat of a protective bubble. All we would be losing is the tourism industry for now mostly, but that is something that can revived very easily. Small businesses & family’s who lose their homes, will not. I can see what’s coming next already. I believe they opened borders prematurely deliberately, to cause yet another final push for the vaccine in Australia, after they try & scare the remaining unvaxed into getting the jab. If that fails, then no doubt they will try & get Dan’s Bill passed quickly, given the immediate threat they will justify it with. They want to wear everyone down, hoping they will finally say yes to the jab. Even the news tonight they hardly mentioned the actual virus, but were repeating that we need to get vaxed & get boosters! Yes they’ve finally started dropping the word booster onto the end of their sentences, sliding it in like we won’t notice. Much like they’ve done with everything they’ve introduced this year. Personally I doubt there even is another variant. I think that they are unable to hide the fact that the vaxed are having increasing breakthrough cases & being hospitalised, while the unvaxed are not getting sick at all. That’s because our immune systems weren’t destroyed by that toxin they’ve been pumping into peoples bodies. They need something that they can blame the breakthrough cases on. Hello Omicron! They can hide behind this & if they wanted to, they could also claim the current vaccine no longer works with the new strains, so they are pulling it finally. They know the vax injuries & deaths are piling up, & they can’t hide them forever can they. They’re also never going to admit they wasted billions on a vax that not only doesn’t work, but is incredibly dangerous & costing lives. They can’t tell everyone that they destroyed the economy for nothing, & injected them with a toxin. Could you imagine the public outcry & reaction. It just can not happen, so they’re now in major crisis mode,& have limited time to achieve their goals. Seeing my fellow Australians rise up the last few weeks United, has been nothing short of inspiring. Every single one of us who had almost lost all hope, have suddenly been reenergised & even more determined to fight. They now know they are not alone, & there truly are so many more then we ever knew existed. I don’t know about you, but I’d put my money on the underdogs to win this one! Let’s see how they want to play this one out hey. I’m feeling pretty pumped & ready to fight these corrupt officials again. Let’s do this!


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