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Opinion Piece: Duty, Integrity, & A Failure to Honor Oaths


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I have just read an essay by Dr. Vinay Prasad on his Substack blog, which he called ‘Duty.’ It struck a deep chord with me, so I thought I’d share my thoughts with you. Dr. Prasad describes his experiences of the last 2 years during the Covid-19 pandemic, and how he has spoken up against various Covid policies, which he thought were harmful, and lacked scientific reasoning. And despite doing this at the cost of being attacked constantly he has never relented, as he feels it is his duty. He said that:

My duty, as a professor whose life is the arbitration of evidence, is to encourage people to use their rational, evidence-based medicine skills in pursuit of policy recommendations that benefit people. I can’t be dissuaded if a bunch of people who aren’t thinking clearly decide to engage in mob Twitter.

One of the key themes of Dr. Prasard’s essay is the failure of so many to have the moral courage, integrity, and strength of character to do their duty. He voiced his frustrations and it echoed deeply in my mind.


Our ancestors used to know what that word means, but in the modern world, it has been falling out of favor. Instead, it has been replaced with weakness and cowardice, narcissism, and careerism.

So whenever I hear about people who had a duty to do something. Something important. And they just sat idly by, scared for their safety, like useless cowards, while bad things happened, especially to children, I have no respect for them, and struggle to understand how they could do such a thing. No, I actually loathe such people, and I’m sickened by them.

He is right, it is utterly sickening, and he describes exactly how I have long felt about people who are facilitating the tyranny of Xi Jinping’s Covid-19 policies, which turned science and medicine upside down, and into pseudo-science foisted on us by corrupt bureaucrats, corrupt politicians, and corrupt public health agencies.

Make no mistake, if you are unaware of this, every single policy response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, was set by the leader of the Chinese Communist Party, he has claimed the credit, and he used every policy in China, and then claimed they worked. Well, if they worked, then they only worked in China, for every single Covid-19 policy response of Xi Jinping has been debunked multiple times. So, anyone following these policies has been following the will of the Chinese dictator. And anyone still promoting them is a liar, a charlatan, and likely a traitor. Or just a moron.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen a failure of duty amongst people employed in both the public and private sectors, which prior to this pandemic had high levels of public trust. There has been a massive failure of duty, a failure of integrity, and a failure of oaths amongst the very people that the public trusted the most to do the right thing. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. The World Health Organization has failed & violated its mission to health
  2. The United Nations has failed & violated its mission to human rights
  3. Religious leaders are failing their congregations, especially the Pope
  4. American big tech is failing to honor, uphold, and protect free speech
  5. America’s Democrat Party is failing to uphold the constitution & the law
  6. The European Union has failed to uphold human rights & the law
  7. Government leaders have failed their oaths to serve their nations
  8. Politicians have failed their oaths to serve the people
  9. Law enforcement has failed their oaths to serve the community
  10. Military staff have failed their oaths of patriotism
  11. Public health regulatory agencies have failed to serve the public
  12. Scientists have failed to follow evidence-based science
  13. Medical & scientific journals have failed to stop fraudulent papers
  14. Doctors have failed to honor their Hippocratic oaths
  15. Nurses have failed to honor their Nightingale oaths.
  16. Citizens have failed their duty to each other

While many have failed to honor their oaths and commitments to serve the public with integrity, honor, and moral courage, there have been countless numbers of people who have stood up and done the right thing and been attacked for doing so. Just like Dr. Vinay Prasad. These are the true heroes of the Covid-19 ‘pandemic.’ They are real heroes because to stand in the face of such top-down tyranny, which is what we are living through today – and it is coming from the top of the world through the global institutions and corrupt political forces – takes real courage, strength, and integrity.

I thank these people in my own mind silently every day, because they are an inspiration to us all.



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