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Pfizer, Here We Go Again, Part 1


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‘It is easier to convince someone of a lie than to convince them that they have been lied to’.

Who do we trust in this war of words circling the globe? Traditionally we have put our trust in media and health professionals. If our Doctor said to do it then we usually did it without too much questioning. With newly available documents from Pfizer and the FDA, we may have to reconsider the placement of that trust.

First, let’s look at who we shouldn’t trust and ask ourselves these two questions with an open and honest mind.

Have we been lied to? Who do we trust?

Some background.

Amongst the list of the companies who have racked up the most fines in the last 20 years, pharmacological companies are VERY well represented taking 7 of the top 30 spots. Outdone only by the banking industry who have 14 of the top 30. So the companies we entrust our money and our health to are actually some of the least trustworthy and heavily fined companies in the world!

These seven pharmacological companies, Purdue Pharma, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck and Co, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, AbbVie, and Teva Pharmaceuticals, with Novartis just missing the cut at 31, have been fined up until 2012, a total of 355 times racking up a bill of over 38 billion dollars. Interestingly the vast majority are for making false claims about their products.

In 2009 Pfizer had the largest health care fraud settlement in history having to pay $2.3 billion USD ($3.24 billion AUD) for fraudulent marketing. This was demoted to second place when GlaxoSmithKline was hit with a $3 billion USD ($4.22 billion AUD) fine in 2012 for off label promotion, failure to disclose safety data, paying kickbacks to physicians, making false and misleading statements and more…

Pfizer, in its case, plead guilty for misbranding with intent to defraud or mislead and the drug involved was withdrawn from the market. Pfizer also agreed in this settlement to pay $1 billion to resolve allegations under the Civil False Claims Act that the company illegally promoted four drugs. This civil settlement also resolves allegations that Pfizer paid kickbacks to healthcare providers to induce them to prescribe these as well as other drugs.

This one company has a history of fraud, misleading and paying kickbacks to providers to market what they knew was a drug not suited for the purpose they had told the FDA. As a part of this settlement, Pfizer agreed to enter into an expansive corporate integrity agreement with the Office of Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services. That agreement provides for procedures and reviews to be put in place to avoid and promptly detect conduct similar to that which gave rise to this matter.

It seems from recently released documents that Pfizer is on the ‘here we go again’ train but on a scale that puts this previous case of fraud, misleading behaviour and kickbacks into insignificance. They appear to have learnt nothing from their corporate integrity agreement and the procedures and reviews put in place must have been filed in a very dark, dusty back office.

Add to this GlaxoSmithKline’s fines between 2003 and 2016 of over 9.8 billion USD (13.8 billion AUD), in 27 cases brought against it for bribery, corruption, improper marketing, pricing violations, selling adulterated drugs and you begin to see the scale of the depths these companies will go to to make a profit. In its largest single settlement, GSK was fined $3 billion USD for ‘encouraging’ doctors to prescribe antidepressants to children. These are the companies pushing to inject our 5-year-old children with what is still an experimental drug with zero long term studies.

In December 2018 GSK announced that it, along with Pfizer, had reached an agreement to merge and combine their consumer healthcare divisions into a single entity. So the 2 companies responsible for the largest settlements for fraud, misleading and false statements and payoffs to providers and physicians (and potentially politicians) are trusted by governments around the globe to roll out billions of doses of their experimental drugs. GSK is also exploring other treatments for Covid-19 patients.

These are only 2 cases settled. The top 3 most heavily fined drug companies.

1. GlaxoSmithKline $9.8 billion

2. Pfizer $2.9 billion

3. Johnson and Johnson $2.6 billion

That’s the Johnson and Johnson who are also charged with rolling out the experimental drugs.

There is more than a red flag here. Does this not ring alarm bells for anyone else? Why are we not screaming this from the rooftops and putting it on the front page of every newspaper in the world?

These companies are huge. Their reach and influence into the medical industry. media and political parties are significant. While it is difficult to attribute any direct benefit paid to those in the medical industry or political parties it is worth noting that one well known political leaders net worth has increased by over 3,100% during the last 12 months of the Covid time frame and courts have found enough evidence to convict a multitude of drug companies of bribery and kickbacks in the medical industry. I’m not suggesting anything illegal has taken place but it bears further investigation.

Pfizer has stated its estimated PROFITS from experimental Covid drugs for 2021 at $33.5 billion USD and believes people will need a third shot of their product developed with German partner BioNTech to keep protection against the virus high. Given that Australia has purchased 280 million doses of ‘vaccines’ for a country of 26 million I would suggest a 3rd, 4th, 5th and more booster shots are already planned.

Pfizer’s share price has hit a 20 year high. Moderna’s share price has risen 78% since July. Looking at these profits a fine of 2 or 3 billion dollars seems insignificant.

Why are we questioning the integrity of these companies when they have obviously gone out of their way to develop a trustworthy and effective ‘vaccine’ to be supplied to billions of people around the world?

There has been an information campaign the likes of which has never been seen before. Many psychologists are calling this the greatest propaganda campaign in the history of mankind.

Earlier this year a Freedom of Information request was filed by a government accountability group called Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency in America. They asked the federal government to release any and all data that led to the agency’s hasty decision to grant Pfizer’s experimental mRNA vaccine an emergency use authorization (EUA). As a result of this case, the judge ordered the FDA to release data on the Pfizer covid-19 vaccine.

In a despicable and desperate attempt to bury the information the FDA lawyers asked for 55 years to process the request at 500 pages a month. As it turns out there are over 450,000 documents resulting in a delay of up to 75 years for all this information to be released. 

The FDA’s release of these first 500 pages has been described as the most shocking document release of the past 100 years. BOMBSHELL was also used in many headlines.

Pfizer and the FDA told us the ‘vaccine’ was safe and effective, they still do. The documents would appear to state otherwise.

These documents show that Pfizer and the FDA knew this vaccine was deadly. They had the results in their hands They tried to bury this information for 55 years. 

158,000 adverse reactions and 1223 deaths in the first 90 days. They knew this information and yet the FDA gave emergency use authorization which led to its emergency or provisional approval for use around the world including Australia.

The reactions ranged from mild to severe with 1,223 fatalities. Ages were mostly in the 31-50 year range but 46 cases reported were under 16 and 34 cases under 12 years old. No study shows ANY significant number of covid reactions to rival these numbers in this age group. 

The cure is far, far worse than the disease, yet because of the programming, mind manipulating and propaganda campaign parents are still lining their children up happily rolling up sleeves to get the ‘jab for Christmas’ believing the TV story that they are protecting their children and others from the deadly pandemic. The deadly pandemic that has not shown any significant rise in overall mortality around the world.

Critics say that some of these deaths or adverse reactions cannot be conclusively linked to the vaccine, while others argue that deaths and adverse reactions are vastly underreported. This is confirmed by many studies around the world including one from the prestigious Harvard University who estimated underreporting could be as low as 1% to 10% of actual reactions and deaths.

While there has been no death spike because of covid the projected death toll due to vaccine injury and long term potential sterilization is horrific.

Every government that approved this drug should be dismissed for either gross negligence in not reading the available material or locked up for intentionally approving the use of a drug that would kill or maim many of its countries citizens. To continue this rollout beggars belief. 

Tomorrow I will bring Part 2 of this report.

In the meantime the document released by FDA can be found here.



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