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Pfizer, Stranger than Fiction


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On Feb. 2, federal judge Mark Pittman issued an order requiring the FDA to release redacted versions of the documents in question according to the following disclosure schedule:

  • 10,000 pages apiece, due on or before March 1 and April 1, 2022.
  • 80,000 pages apiece, to be produced on or before May 2, June 1, and July 1, 2022.
  • 70,000 pages to be produced on or before Aug. 1, 2022.
  • 55,000 pages per month, on or before the first business day of each month thereafter, until the release of the documents has been completed.

The cache of documents made public on March 1, available on the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (PHMPT) website, represents the first release of such documents following the issuance of Pittman’s order in February.

However, the FDA released smaller sets of documents in November, December 2021, and January 2022, while the legal case was ongoing.

I have seen little of the information contained in the first drop on mainstream media. This is a telling fact in the complicity of media organizations in the marketing and cover up of one of, what could be, the deadliest and debilitating experimental drugs ever released on the world’s population.

The media have run a program that has instilled fear into many. They have given a one-word answer for all problems associated with the Covid virus, namely, vaccines They have blinded its listeners with a contrived story replayed over and over and over across the world to try and convince a gullible public, also known as the useless eaters, that without the vaccines you will surely die.

It seems from the Pfizer documents death is a very real outcome. Not from the virus as suggested by media but from the shots. Both short- and long-term deaths from an assortment of diseases and adverse reactions, but I digress.

The sheer volume of pages will give the reader some idea of what’s involved in applying for a drug or vaccine approval by the FDA. 450,000 pages of information. However, the question must be asked, does anyone actually read this documentation? The released information, certainly at first glance, appears damning to those who gave approval to this vaccine due to very questionable testing procedures and result gathering.

The Lawsuit that gained the release of these documents was driven by the fact that the government “wanted to hide the data by waiting to fully produce what it relied upon to license this product until almost every American alive today is dead”.

The Freedom of Information (FOI) request from the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (PHMPT) pertaining to the approval of the Pfizer Covid vaccine to be made public, including safety and effectiveness data, adverse reaction reports and a list of the vaccine’s active and inactive ingredients was ignored by the FDA. This led to the court case and subsequent release of the documents.

So, what do these documents reveal?

There is much contained in these documents that is just procedural information. Pages of charts, BMI, age, sex of those involved in the trial and so on. Requests for exemptions or renaming of product. This information is not released in any particular form or timeline so making sense of it all becomes a logistical nightmare. Potentially, the real sense of these documents will not be seen until they are all released, compiled, and examined by the end of this year.

The first release of five hundred pages revealed safety concerns and the fact that over 1,200 vaccine related deaths occurred within the first 90 days of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine rollout. That should have been enough to immediately halt the roll out of the vaccine but there is more.

The documents also revealed a nine-page list of adverse events observed during the same time period. Nine pages! Nine pages amounting to well over 158,000 adverse reactions on top of 1,200 deaths. When I printed it out in a readable fashion it turned into fifteen pages.

Mainstream media outlets have been deafening in their silence. This information should have been broadcast around the globe. Based on the daily bombardment of fear mongering we have received for the past 2 years you would think the media would have been doing the same with this new information.

What are some of these adverse reactions?

The one that springs to attention in the light of what we are currently seeing is ENCEPHALITIS. Yes, one of the side effects of this ‘vaccine’ is encephalitis which, surprize, surprize, surprize, is currently being ‘spread by mosquitoes’ here in Australia. Coincidence or cover up?

Other reactions of special interest are the ‘Cardiac Group.’ Cardiac amyloidosis, Cardiac arrest, cardiac failure, cardiac failure acute, cardiac sarcoidosis, cardiac ventricular thrombosis, cardiogenic shock, cardiolipin antibody positive, cardiopulmonary failure, cardio-respiratory arrest, cardio-respiratory distress, cardiovascular insufficiency. In other words, heart attack material. We have seen multitudes of heart attacks and heart related issues with athletes and others around the globe. Sights rarely, if ever, seen of athletes collapsing on fields and courts in so many different sports.

Myocarditis. How many of our sports people and even active teenage boys have suddenly developed this?

Herpes types have thirty-seven different mentions. The list goes on and on and on. Neonatal death, Congenital disorders, inflammation of the brain, auto immune disorders, cerebral spinal disorders, paralysis, haemorrhages (especially in females and menstrual issues), multiple sclerosis, dermatitis, seizures, embolisms, TIAs, still births, babies born with defects, diabetes, anaphylaxes, zika virus associated Guillain Barre syndrome and many, many more.

All this from a product touted as being safe and effective.

Effective? That is an interesting word. We have been told it will not prevent transmission or contraction of the virus. In fact, the pharma companies have stated that they NEVER said it would prevent transmission or contraction. They said it MAY reduce symptoms. MAY! How the heck is that effective!? How about they use the correct wording like not safe, not effective, just dangerous, take it at your own risk.

Up to this writing there has been a limited coverage by smaller media organisations with the main exposure of this data being by Independent Media outlets and live streamers. Mainstream media outlets continue in their silence.

Given that Pfizer is one of the most fined pharma companies in the world engaging in illegal activities that include pricing violations, fraud or misleading information, illegal promotion of drugs to treat conditions for which they aren’t approved or even tested, failure to report safety information, bribery to doctors and others and more, how can you possibly trust this ‘vaccine’ with YOUR LIFE and the lives of your children?

If pharmaceutical companies would go to these lengths to sell more drugs, how trustworthy are they?

Could these fraudulent practices be the wakeup call that leads to an exodus away from “treating” symptoms with prescription drugs that may or may not be effective and usher in a return to holistic and natural healing treatments and preventions?

Whether this return to holistic and natural treatments occurs or not certainly the major issue at the time of writing is the immediate cessation of the roll out of this experimental drug. An immediate stop to the coercive and virtually forced program of injection to those who want to work, travel, eat or spend time with friends.

Already many countries have dropped all mandates. In Australia there are a few organisations finally backflipping. Surf Life Saving Queensland have dropped the jab mandate as have SA police. Interestingly the Australian Federal Police did not face the mandate to work. Federal and state politicians also were not required to be jabbed to work. That begs the question, why were they exempt?

Questions need to be asked as to how this ever was approved knowing the results of the trials. I am not suggesting anything untoward has taken place but the significant increase in personal wealth of several political figures surely needs investigating.

When we see this information written in black and white it is frightening. Frightening because of the immediate impacts on the health of those who have taken the experimental jab and more frightening because of the long-term effects on the health and wellbeing of the recipients. There have not been any long-term studies. You are that study!

We are seeing more and more reports of adverse reactions and when you tie this with the information contained in the Pfizer documents and also to the whistle blowers in the industry who are bravely coming forward (and is currently the subject of another investigation currently underway by AFIPN), then there needs to be a thorough investigation and an immediate stop to the madness of the mandates currently being imposed. Where there is risk there must be choice.



  1. Thank you John, this is so interesting. I am wondering if my injections contained a cocktail that has depleted my natural immunity responses. I had no reportable symptoms from either of my Pfizer Comirnaty injections in Kununurra WA 5th and 26th of October 2021. Early Feb my Dr confirmed RRV and I have an ongoing chest infection and I bruise painfully for weeks if someone brushes me with a feather!


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