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Preferences and the Upcoming Election


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Preferences are going to have a huge impact on this year’s Federal Election.

The behind-the-scenes skulduggery has begun, and we are beginning to hear who will be supporting who.

One thing is very clear. The major parties, Labor, Greens, and Liberal are seeing a threat as never before to their power base from the minor parties and Independents.

In breaking news from Queensland, it has been declared that the Labor Party has decided to preference the Liberal Party! Other sources have proposed this will be happening across the other States as well.

This makes a mockery of our Westminster system where there is supposed to be a Government and an Opposition. How can that opposition be thought of seriously when these parties are preferencing each other in a bid to negate the influence of the minor groups such as One Nation, Clive Palmers United Australia Party, the GAP party, IMOP, and a multitude of Independents.

Should this preferencing succeed many political commentators believe it will turn Australia from a democracy into a dictatorship. A combination of these parties to overcome a perceived threat to their hold on power from the other parties and candidates.

Numerous commentators have suggested over the past two years that they have seen little difference in Labor or Liberal-National policies. Add the Greens into that mix and it has become clear that this current government, national and state, is one bird with two wings and tail feathers attached. A vote for any of these parties is a vote for all of them.

The hashtag “#put the majors last” is gaining momentum with many of the Independents doing exactly that. They are preferencing each other in the hope to disrupt Australian politics as never before.

There is a growing concern that our government, along with many others around the world, no longer operates in the best interests of their country but are controlled by the globalists whose tentacles of influence are reaching further and further into the policies and decisions they are making.

Make your vote count in this election.

Over 7.6% of votes in the 2016 election (AEC stat) did not count because people only voted for one in the 1-6 box. This meant their vote was exhausted and became of zero value as preferences were distributed. Some commentators suggest filling in the boxes above the line is enough but if you are concerned about the future direction of Australia most unbiased commentators are suggesting, while it may take a few minutes longer to number all the boxes, to do so means your vote has the maximum chance of impacting the outcome of this upcoming election.

The Greens are currently thinking they will hold the balance of power anticipating picking up another 6 senate seats on top of the 6 they already hold. In the current political climate this ‘balance of power’ is nothing more than consolidating the big three base of power.

If you are a concerned voter, take some time to find out who your local candidates are, what they stand for, and who their preferences will go towards. This, more than any time in our history, is worth your time and effort to understand what is really going on in our political state.

Make your vote count by using the preferences available.

Preferences count.




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