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Pro Ukraine Google throw Freedom of Press under the bus


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Today AFIPN received it’s second email threatening its advertising revenue if we publish any articles that are basically not Pro Ukraine. The elite always try to find a way to silence the truth and to force people to comply with their terms and their agenda. Sorry but AFIPN does not and will not ever play ball with the elite. Instead, we will double down and go on the offensive. 

Email from Google, threatening to remove revenue

We will never be restricted, we will never be silenced or prevented from getting the truth out there. We don’t just publish anything; we are very careful in what we publish, and we fact check everything from multiple sources. We understand there is a wealth of misinformation out there and we often will publish both sides of the story and let the readers decide the truth.

But these rules are aimed to prevent us doing that, it does not matter how professional we are in our writing, how un-biased we are or how well we fact check. There is only one side you are allowed to report, so Google we won’t stop reporting the truth. The truth is what we are all about and if you think your revenue of $1000 per month is enough to stop us, you are sadly mistaken and even if our revenue was more than that and we had a number of paid staff I would have to call a meeting and explain to them that there is a risk that we will lose our revenue and I will have to lay people off. 

Because to me this whole thing I am building with AFIPN can only exist if we stay pure to the truth. That was the point of starting AFIPN, it never has and never will be about the money.  We operate on a budget of between $3K to $5K per month. I’ve seen good writers and live streamers go as they must find a way to make a living, I wish I could pay them, but the reality is our product is not financially appealing as we fight the elite corporate world and the only way to really make money is to be on their side.

So goodbye money, hello freedom, truth, justice, integrity and honour. Now that is worth more than any materialistic thing in this world.

We promise our supporters that we will not bow down to corporate pressure and we will continue to bring you the truth. The elite and it’s ring of government officials, media and corporate backers want you to believe that the vaccine is good and being pro-choice is wrong, but now they have moved on from that and they want you to believe Russia is bad and Ukraine is some heroic innocent nation, they ignore all the bloodshed that occurred in the nation over the years, they ignore the fact that NATO continued and continues to Poke the Bear. They ignore the fact that the innocent Russians are suffering under the most horrific sanctions ever and they cause further damage to the world economy to push their sanctions.

War is horrific, it’s the worst of humanity, nothing good comes from it. But in war there are two sides and simply painting one side as the good side whilst ignoring everything else is not the reality of the situation. AFIPN is not Pro Ukraine nor are we Pro Russian, we are Pro Truth and that involves telling both sides of the story and uncovering the truth in a world of lies.




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