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QLD CHO John Gerrard – “The anti-vax group is taking up a disproportionate amount of oxygen”


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At a time when the nation is looking to heal from over two years of upheaval and uncertainty, divisive comments made by the Queensland Chief Health Officer (CHO) have further exacerbated community angst. According to Gerrard, “the anti-vax group is taking up a disproportionate amount of oxygen”.

CHO Gerrard’s derisive comments about the so-called ‘anti-vax’ movement has continued to fuel division in Queensland. His comments are at odds with Premier Palaszczuk on 5 April 2022 who stated that “now is the time for families to reunite”. Indeed, his comments were more in line with what Deb Frecklington MP described as the Government’s ‘divide and conquer’ approach.

Despite his derogative comments, the CHO said it was time to end exclusionary policies around access to hospitality and entertainment venues. His reasoning was that the mandated exclusion of Queenslanders “have put a lot of stress and demand on a lot of the proprietors of [pubs, clubs, cafes] …and I think to do that for the sake of a very small percentage of anti-vaxers…the public health benefit is too marginal”. Of course, these easing of restrictions has little to do with the harm that segregationist policies have had on our community or the fact that vaccination status does not stop the spread.

According to Channel 7 News, Covid ‘segregation is coming to an end with the unvaccinated been locked out and left out for months’. Health Minister Yvette D’Ath was excited about dropping mandates, not because it would be the first step to bringing together our divided state, but because “it would make a big difference to business.”

The CHO’s comments have seen immediate community backlash. Many on social media called out the CHO’s rhetoric. As one person posted ‘He’s shown his true colours. In the same way that many of our supposed friends/acquaintances have also shown their true colours over the past two years’. This comment sums up the divide that has engulfed our State.

Some on social media lamented that the easing of restrictions was ‘too late for many who have lost loved ones due to lockdowns, restrictions’ while others were furious that the CHO was allowed to ‘get away with it LIVE on air’. Many comments were concerned that a public official tasked with representing the state of health in Queensland was allowed to make such derisive comments that must surely go against the public service code of conduct.

The CHO’s comments also failed to acknowledge and made a mockery of Queensland’s Human Rights Act 2019 (HR Act). The HR Act clearly states that every person has the right to life and that a person must not be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation or treatment without the person’s full, free and informed consent. His comments suggest that people who have refused to be vaccinated, or those that support the right to choose are somehow unworthy of living in Queensland.

His comment also fails to consider the many reasons people choose not to be vaccinated against COVID-19. For example, many in the anti-mandate protestors support traditional vaccines whilst at the same time support an individual’s right to choose. It is important to note that anti-mandate protestors are just like you and me. They are hard-working families, people who have served their country and communities, they are emergency service workers, teachers, nurses, doctors, and pilots.

For some people, getting a COVID-19 vaccination puts them at heightened risk of harm due to complications from the vaccine – with professional, trusted medical doctors supporting these choices. For others that support the anti-mandate and freedom convoy movements, complications from vaccines, including significant adverse reactions have left them wary of putting themselves at further risk.

As rightly pointed out in a Facebook post commenting on Gerrard’s point of view, “[f]or a chief health officer this man certainly lacks the care and compassion that one would expect from his profession. I thought that to be in his position would require a high level of intelligence, yet all I hear is the denigration and judgement of Australian citizens that he doesn’t even know.” Stating what many others have believed on social media for many months, the post continued by saying the CHO’s “vitriolic attack makes me suspect that these unfair mandates were nothing more than a punishment for those who refused to comply”. It was clear from many other social media posts that the CHO’s comments have further damaged trust in the CHO position with people questioning whether John Gerrard is fit to continue in the role. As one person tweeted, ‘making a statement like that shows that he not only lacks any standard of professionalism but also lacks self-discipline’.

Senator Gerard Rennick, a last beacon of hope for many suffering from vaccine exclusion policies was quick to respond. Senator Rennick stated that the “comments made by Queensland’s Chief Health Officer John Gerrard are a disgrace”. Senator Rennick, a strong advocate for those who have suffered significant, long-term harm from COVID-19 vaccinations, vaccine mandates and exclusionary policies stated the CHO’s comments “just goes to show how out of touch and insensitive these health bureaucrats are!”

For anyone who follows Senator Rennick’s social media accounts, you would have seen the growing number of people suffering from vaccine injury. Accounts of children as young as six as well as adults being turned away from hospitals at the mention of vaccine injury are heartbreaking. Unfortunately, these are not rare accounts as people are reaching out more and more to share their experiences.

Stephen Andrew, MP for Mirani believes the about face on exclusionary policies is in response to extensive protests in Brisbane last week. Anti-mandate protestors (some of whom are fully vaccinated) continued to call for an end to discriminatory policies that have seen many professionals – including health and emergency service workers forced out of work. This is at a time when hospitals are in crisis due to understaffing and ambulance ramping is rife. The protestors drowned out MPs at the closing of the Bill debate. These were not anti-vaxers that were protesting, these were not people living in another universe. As Stephen Andrew noted, these anti-mandate protests were comprised of “ordinary Queenslanders” and “a true movement of ‘the People against their government and their representatives in Parliament.”



  1. Yes, they are taking up most of the oxygen that is freely available to them because the vaccinated are having a hard time breathing it in aren’t you Gerrard?!

  2. We are not anti vaxxers,..we a non vaxxed,..vaxxed with 1 shot,..vaxxed with 2 shots or refused our boosters because we saw the truth,..we are freedom fighters wanting our rights to choose,..your opening up your business to the unvaxxed because we are the majority and you need us,…well guess what,..l have a new shopping schedule that only has small business that didnt descriminate,..and the funny thing is,..l travel further and still save money,..and these small business gladly let me use their oxygen,..they actually welcome me.

  3. what an arrogant llittle man to spouese off s denegrating comment shows the utnost contempt for the people he swore to serve his attitde is pure evil totally un Australian only devideds community futher he should step down imediately he is not fit oe dereving of his powers may God have mercy on hid soul becsuse tgere will be many who would not he knows exactly what he is doing.

  4. Why can’t people realise that you can still get covid whether your vaccinated or not and even the vaccinated can pass it on its like the unvaccinated are all to blame for lockdowns which they are not , I know someone who was fully vaccinated and ended up in the covid intensive care

  5. Surely they must realise that it will be the unvaccinated that will be careing for the vaccinated when the time comes, wake up Australia where is your common sense!!!!

  6. This man is supposed to be a doctor and a leader. He should not be showing any bias. He and the health minister need to be sacked. All they are doing is promoting fear & devision. How dare they. Treat citizens of this country like second rate human beings.

  7. These p err people are script readers of a ‘awlect’ narrative, designed by social engineers, behavioral scientists and manipulators, who have willingly perpetuated the hoax and the conditioning required to float this lie. They are a disgrace to humanity and life itself.
    I fear they have no humanity because of their inhuman condition

  8. Yes…..absolutely deplorable!!!!
    It’s concerning that the so called “Chief Health Officer”, a Dr one would think, is himself not even looking at the science…..
    🚩 flag right there!!!!

  9. He clearly has an axe to grind and it worries me he is using his position of authority to abuse and insult Australians.
    He should be stood down immediately.

  10. The CHO needs to go…he needs to be sacked immediately. Disgraceful and unprofessional to behave the way he has by his divisive comments.
    “..the anti-vax group is taking up a disproportionate amount of oxygen”….absolutely disgusting!!!

  11. Just recently media informed, a prominent Russian politician, 75y.o., died of COVID. He was treated in the best Kremlin hospital since 02 February, more than two months.
    It’s not a wonder, regrettably.
    What is interesting, he was a very PRO-vaxer and got EIGTH jabs, West-made potions inclusively.
    Shame on local COVID response and on local savingniors of plebs who exercise lawlessness, arbitrary and coersion to please Big Farma profiteers from less than medical substances.

  12. Another day another let them eat cake attitude from some unelected official that never take a step out of the office.

  13. Absolutely disgusting comment from someone who is exempt from having the vaccine himself. He should be removed immediately.

  14. What a disgusting human being. He needs to be sacked from public Office He does not have the welfare and wellbeing of the people in Queensland

  15. This is the same man who conducted his own hydroxychloroquine clinical trial at gold coast University Hospital in 2020 when he was the director with success I might add. Didn’t tell the public about this did you John. Instead of attempting to belittle the public, which I might add, you’re not very good at, nor are you a very good Dr from the people I’ve spoken to.

  16. If these comments were made about any other people group in society it would receive zero tolerance, this guy needs to resign or be sacked immediately. This is not ok. We are anti mandates idiot, get it right.

  17. Sad that a person deemed as a professional can not conduct himself in a professional manner… If comments were said about other groups in society like this, there would be an uproar.

    Implying that unvaxxed are oxygen theives is not appropriate, professional, nor ethical…. Judging others who have the right to choose what they do health wise with their body is an option…. The federal government states clearly the vaccine’s are not mandatory….

    Perhaps the people pushing this so called agenda are the true oxygen theives with all the hot air they are breathing, their ongoing manipulation and lies to the community is so wrong, these people aren’t about health and science otherwise Australia would have the same rules, with consistency and logic everywhere because thays what the science and it being about health would need…… One day hopefully the community will awaken to this nonsensical rubbish and see whats truly going on….

  18. CHO is a disgrace – great article until you basically did the same thing by saying ” It is important to note that anti-mandate protestors are just like you and me. They are hard-working families, people who have served their country and communities, they are emergency service workers, teachers, nurses, doctors, and pilots’ SOME HOW antivaxxers are not normal to you either…slightly hypocritical dont you think Christine?

  19. I can’t believe we’re paying this human a wage.
    He should be kicked to the private sector ASAP and let them sort him out.
    Enough with useless bureaucrats feeding on the public purse.


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