Monday, June 27, 2022
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Qld Health Minister can’t explain a 40% increase in code 1’s


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Qld Health Minister Yvette D’Ath stated in an interview that it was really interesting, I don’t think anyone can explain a 40% jump in code 1’s.

Just had a lot of heart attacks and chest pains, people having trouble breathing, respiratory issues, sometimes you can’t explain why those things happen.

  • Why is she smiling during the sum up? Is there something amusing here?
  • Why are you not calling for an investigation?
  • Why are you not talking to and listening to Cardiologists?

AFIPN have been reporting on the serious issues currently affecting Health Services across the country.

We are fully aware of issues facing our Front-line workers and services to the public.

Surely an unexplained 40% increase in heart attacks and chest pains warrants an immediate investigation.

As a Health Minister it is your job to investigate to ensure people are fully informed and have all the facts.

I have been asking for scientific data, raising concerns to all Ministers, not once have I received a reply or any information.

I will personally be forwarding a copy of this email to the Prime Minister, Qld Premier, Yvette D’ath, John Gerrard, All MSM, Current Affair and a selection of Law firms.

An increase of 40% that Government officials are not even attempting to explain or investigate, I call that willful negligence, a dereliction of duty and an absolute disgrace.

Should it be proven at a later date that the vaccine was indeed injuring people in high numbers, a potential catastrophe staring you in the face, yet you did nothing other than continue to promote the vaccine not only for adults but also children and babies we the Australian people will hold you accountable.

You are the Health Minister. It is YOUR JOB to explain!



  1. It just goes on and on and main stream media are just as negligent …when will people wake up and get their heads out of the sand….it is our chance this election to get some voices in parliament to give some transparency and freedom.

  2. Dear Brenda,

    The vaccines are safe and effective
    The vaccines are safe and effective
    The vaccines are safe and effective
    The vaccines are safe and effective
    The vaccines are safe and effective
    The vaccines are safe and effective
    Any further questions please don’t hesitate to take the vaccine first and stop asking impertinent questions.

    Yours, unfaithfully,
    CEOs Schizer & Murderna

    Dr. Red Pill Fact Check: They make sh$t!

  3. it’s also In QLD in 2021 the increase in deaths .. so they knew something was wrong …. factor in 2017/2019 were reported as “deadly” flu years? An answer is needed as to what drove the increase as we had very little flu reported or Covid deaths (7?) in 2021? Still births are not included in disposable deaths totals. FYI done manually Yr 2017: 32237
    Yr 2018: 31448
    Yr 2019: 33190
    Yr 2020: 32010
    Yr 2021: 34652
    2021 is approx 1945 above 2017-21 average!


  4. The inappropriate smiling, let alone the lack of response other than usual narrative, are indicative of severe cognitive dissonance. For her and so many, to go near the truth now is so confronting, that aggressive denial, rationalisations and bizarre reactions are standard.

  5. D’Ath doesn’t suffer from cognitive dissonance.. She is totally aware of the evil that is being perpetrated against society. She is simply part of this deceit, and continues to read from the WEF, WHO script..
    I trust we see them all pay for this deception and the Noble lie they keep telling..

  6. These elected leaders are not going to suddenly confess their sins and start telling the truth. They are committed to The Big Lie. It’s the job of the people to hold their feet to the flames. It’s time for courage and righteousness in the name of Truth.

  7. It’s amazing isn’t it. If you refuse to pay a parking fine the law will hound you into your grave yet these scumbags are so flippant they act with complete impunity. We await the thousands of whistleblowers to come out of hiding. We will have our day.


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