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Queensland Chief Health Officer admits in FOI that ‘vaccinated’ individuals are driving covid infection rates


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On Friday, Senator Gerard Rennick posted a ‘Freedom of Information’ (FOI) release on Facebook that was shared with him earlier in the week. In the release Queensland’s Chief Health Officer (CHO) John Gerard admits vaccine efficacy wanes after six months, and states that, as a result the benefit of the exclusion of unvaccinated people is no longer justifiable.

Interestingly, in the first paragraph of the letter dated 13 April 2022 and addressed to the Queensland Leadership board, Gerard thanks Queensland leaders for their “promotion of the Covid-19 vaccines.”

While stating that vaccination mandates would be revoked on the 14 April 2022, the CHO maintains the narrative that vaccination would continue “to be the single most important public health measure we have to protect our community from the impacts of Covid-19.”

While Gerard wrote that the ‘very small portion’ of Queenslanders who refuse to be vaccinated are placing their own safety at risk, it would appear he is no longer able to sustain the narrative that the unvaccinated are posing a risk to the vaccinated.

The CHO goes on to make the usual claims- ‘vaccination protects against mild and serious infection,’ ‘vaccination rates are over 90 percent,’ ‘we strongly emphasize vaccinations and boosters are the best protection.’

But the facts can no longer be ignored.

In a potentially not-so-shocking but still very ‘underplayed’ admission Gerard writes:

“At this stage of the pandemic, with vaccination rates over 90 percent of the population, many of whom will have their final dose a number of months ago, we are seeing infection rates driven by vaccinated individuals experiencing mild symptoms.” He adds,

“approximately 6-months post vaccination, protection against mild infection decreases significantly, resulting in even those persons who have been fully vaccinated acquiring and spreading the virus.”

Gerard makes no reference to ‘unvaccinated’ individuals ‘acquiring and spreading the virus’ and fails to reference the usual promulgation that the ‘unvaccinated’ individuals are driving infection rates.

In fact, his letter is devoid of the usual narrative pushed for the last two years whereby Australians were told that the ‘unvaccinated’ were spreading the virus, putting others at risk, and that covid would eventually ‘hunt them down.’

Using a questionable choice of words, all that he has left to say about the ‘unvaccinated’ is:

“As such it is my position that the public health benefit of excluding a very small percentage of unimmunized people from hospitality and low-risk venues has become marginal and not justified given the burden it is placing on these businesses to effectively ‘police’ the general public.”

The above statement raises a serious red flag! The unvaccinated are “Unimmunized?”

Now I am certainly not a doctor, and correct me if I’m wrong – while I am aware that several medical definitions have been tampered with and re-engineered in the last two years, doesn’t immunization denote ‘immunity?’

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, that is exactly what it means –

“The act of making someone or something immune or the state of being immune: the act or result of immunizing someone or something: such as

  • The production of immunity in a living organism against a disease or pathogenic agent; treatment (as by vaccination) for the purpose of making an organism immune to disease or pathogenic agent: the administration of an immune producing substance.”

According to Gerard’s admissions in the FOI, the various covid injections do not appear to achieve ‘immunization’ for those who have received the two doses or any of the boosters either.

Being a doctor, surely Queensland’s Chief health officer understands the difference between an injection with low and waning efficacy requiring a booster every six months for an indefinite period, in contrast to a vaccine that provides immunization?

Yet, despite the admissions, he doesn’t end there.

While Gerard states he is “not in a position” to comment on whether businesses have the right to mandate vaccinations amongst their employees, he continues to push for vaccination and boosters.

Toward the end of the letter, buried in all the statements about the current Omicron wave, vaccination, boosters, and protection against serious infection, he says:

“Mandates requiring vaccination will become increasingly difficult to justify given waning efficacy.”

One more time for those asleep in the back row:

“Mandates requiring vaccination will become increasingly difficult to justify given waning efficacy.”

In his post, Senator Rennick addressed the information in the FOI, pointing to studies that show greater immunity against covid among ‘unvaccinated’ individuals as opposed to lower immunity found in those who have received the 2-dose vaccination and subsequent boosters.

The Senator’s statement is clearly supported by the admissions made by the Chief Health Officer in the FOI, in which Gerard states infection rates are being driven by vaccinated individuals.

Let me just say that this is not war between the ‘vaccinated’ and ‘unvaccinated’ as many of our loved ones, friends and colleagues who took the injection believing they had no other choice still managed to choose not jump on the ‘blame-the-unvaccinated-wagon.’

But the question should be asked of our governments and health officials- So, when does the pandemic of the ‘unvaccinated’ begin? And why did they televise and actively promote a narrative that drove a wedge between those who took the injections and those who chose not to?

Senator Rennick sums up the whole charade brilliantly – 

“This is just further evidence the mandates are pointless and nothing but an exercise in control.”



  1. We all know there was NO PANDEMIC by any sane definition, the illness is only mild and flu like, and the fear was used to mandate dangerous, ineffective “vaccines” for the governments to start implementing the process of the Great Reset, as dictated by the criminal Klaus Schwab. We now KNOW thw “vaccines” to be dangerous, often debilitating and sometimes FATAL, with increasing world cases of ” sudden adult death syndrome”, amongst multiple injuries of many justice as given to criminals and traitors. TRASH like Jacinda Ardern deserve a special place as a treasonous piece of filth. We are ALL AWARE of the attempt at world takeover, democide and removal of democracy by the filthy traitors in governments now. Those responsible will be hunted down and given the punishments they deserve. A special place will be for the treasonous coward Jacinda Ardern and the othe ccorrupt politicians serving the globalist psychopaths like Klaus Schwab.

    • Exactly Phil, these corrupt power hungry egotistical governments whom have murdered and maimed many many people of this world should be sent to the gallows. They have committed such tyranny crimes against humanity and they deserve no mercy when they face judgement.
      The Drs / Nurses / Media / any Medical personnel/ must be held accountable as well, their crimes against humanity goes beyond any integrity or morals they had. Shame on the lot of them, I wonder what they will tell their children, their grandchildren, are they going to say yea I was to gutless to stand up for humanity. I chose my wealth, over killing someone with an injection, ignorant ignorant cowards that choose to be arrogant, that’s what I call these satanic bastards. GOD HELP US.

  2. “Now I am certainly not a doctor, and correct me if I’m wrong…”

    Alas, you are mistaken here – or, at least, you’re splitting imaginary hairs. In medical circles “vaccination” and “immunisation” are terms that are used interchangeably for the same process or intervention. The two terms are considered to be synonymous.

    In that light, he was not saying that the unvaccinated do not have immunity; he was saying that these individuals haven’t been vaccinated/immunised.

    I find his comments, however reluctantly provided, to be very good news!

  3. People still asleep after 2.5 years of lies and bullshit never ceases to amaze and frustrate. My god their is very stupid people out their. Cv 19 has never been isolated or identified therefore and test is a scam. The scam was a distraction, what that is, is too sinster to fathom, we are at war wake up people and stop listening to fake and evil msm.

  4. Of course after the vaccination rate exceeds 90%, most of those infected are going to have been vaccinated. Are the rates lower? Are the deaths/morbidity lower? Are infections shorter/less severe?


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