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Shane Warning: Opinion – The Covid vaccines may have killed Shane Warne


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Shane Warne was larger than life, but it didn’t stop him dying from what appears to be a blood clot in his lungs and eventually heart failure. Rest in peace, you legend. 

Most of us know that the covid-19 virus is causing all manner of problems for the human body, but where is the open discussion of how the ‘vaccines’ are simulating the virus and causing chronic health problems in healthy people, particularly athletes. 

Friends of Shane Warne have said that Warne was not feeling well after his injections and was keen to get to Thailand to rest and go on a health kick. There are unconfirmed reports he was taking some sort of diet pills to speed up his metabolism. The mainstream media reports all mentioned that there was blood on the floor by his bed and blood on several towels, but there has been next to no mention the blood would indicate he was coughing up blood before he died, indicative of a blood clot in the lung or pulmonary embolism. 

Former head of respiratory research at Pfizer Dr Mike Yeadon offered, “bleeding & clotting paradoxically can happen after these evil injections. The start can be a slow loss of platelets giving rise to various clotting & thrombotic events. If platelets get low enough, spontaneous bleeding risk rises. All of the cases I’ve heard have been internal bleeds, especially in the brain. The only two places where spontaneous external bleeding is plausible is from GI tract or from lungs.’

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi (Germany) concurred with Mike Yeadon’s quote and added “why anyone would get these dreaded mRNA vaccines knowing what we now know is astonishing to me”

Dr Thomas Binder, a noted cardiologist from Switzerland suggested that “acute upper gastrointestinal haemorrhage is most likely, acute pulmonary haemorrhage is somewhat less likely.” And yes, these internal bleeding and clotting side effects from the vaccines can all lead to heart failure. Sadly, with Shane Warne, we will never know if the vaccines contributed to his death, but the conversation is wide open. 

Listening to former footballing great Matt Le Tissier speak about the rampant rise in European footballers with heart issues, his words echo through to other footballing codes and top-level sports. ‘It’s been very concerning to me that in all that time I played at the top level I never once saw any footballer leave the pitch because of heart issues. Now I’m sorry but if anybody can look at what is happening now in the world of sport and say it’s normal for all of these people to be having heart issues in football matches, cricket matches, basketball matches, any sport you wish. The amount of people that are suffering is going through the roof.” 

There are some huge names in the European Football League who have had issues, post vaccination. Perhaps the biggest of those names is Sergio Aguero, the striker for Manchester City, and one of the greatest players in the history of the Premier League who had to kiss goodbye to his €100 million contract after being diagnosed with a chronic heart condition after his second jab. Even though mainstream media will fob off the Sergio Aguero career-ending heart condition as ‘not covid or vaccine related’ and while Danish football star Christian Eriksen can literally have a heart attack on the field and be rushed to hospital, also apparently not related to the vaccines, what about the hundreds of other players who have collapsed and/or died? All a coincidence? Never happened before, yet somehow normal in 2021.

Listen to full interview with Matt Le Tissier here. 

Shane Warne was a keen golfer, and one wonders if Warne was aware that former Presidents Cup captain Steve Stricker has suffered, what appears to be, a career ending vaccine injury. World number 2 female golfer Nelly Korda has recently taken leave with a clotting issue. These are not rare stories, no. We are seeing them in tennis, cricket, basketball, football, cycling, all sports. 

Talking to a friend this morning, he has developed Guillain Barre’s syndrome after his 3rd jab. He told me that he has found solace in the mayo clinics website, as there are over 1400 people on there talking about their battle with Guillain Barre’s syndrome after vaccination. While I find it reassuring that there are such places for people to ‘find solace’ in their now ongoing vaccine injury journey, what I find completely unfathomable is how quickly the victims have accepted their fate. It is almost like they willingly played a sort of medical Russian roulette, where loaded into the clip is, heart problems, blood clotting, life, neurological problems, life, auto immune disease and AIDS. 

You can listen to a covid 19 vaccine-injured Kyle Werner talk of his group of 15,000+ fellow injured Americans who support each other online. In fact, you can listen to the former professional mountain bike rider talk at US congress and in the same 5-hour discussion in congress you can hear of the horrific data coming from the US Military reports on their huge vaccine injured personnel. But this is just an echo chamber for people who have been championing the truth for over 12 months. There are Jab Injuries Global websites, there are practitioners offering all sorts of potential cures to the huge plethora of vaccine injuries and yet some mainstream news believers are still oblivious to the dangers. For most people, myself included, it was only once a dear friend suffered immediately after their 2nd dose that I became sceptical. 

NBA star John Stockton. The Hall of Famer recently stated that he has a list of “hundreds” of vaccinated athletes that have ‘dropped dead on the field.’ In America, the NFL announced that it would be suspending all COVID-19 protocols for both vaccinated and unvaccinated players. Good. In Australia we have the AFL league pimping the vaccine mandates, while other footballing codes are not. Do the fit athletes need a 3rd dose to keep playing, even when they have seen and heard of so many athletes suffering after the injection? What about the huge plethora of athletes who reluctantly took the 2 jabs, then got covid19 and recovered… do they still need a 3rd dose? There are too many questions and not enough answers.

Australia often looks to America for a lead, some guidance on protocol. We can see that in the USA there are states that are advising school children and college students to get their hearts tested before they participate in sports. Makes sense. We have all seen the television advertisements advising us that heart problems in kids are somehow a new normal. Some of us can smell the bullcrap. Some of us can see that the media is controlled by the big pharma advertising dollars. We are not all stupid. 

Our governments have approved a medication that they know is harming our hearts. In Australia you can read on the TGA government website about the reported cases of heart problems, with over 3,500 reported cases and over 350 of them in healthy adolescents. Somehow that is acceptable. Yes, the covid19 virus can also injure athletes’ hearts, or the hearts of any patients, but why is it therefore acceptable to willingly injure a child’s heart with an experimental medication? Or a very fit athlete, who might have no problems from covid19?

Cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough “Since the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines, there had been 26 times more cases of blood clots and 33 times more deaths from blood clots than cases and deaths due to blood clots following all other types of vaccinations in the past 30 years.”  I’m suggesting that our dear friend Shane Warne was probably another victim and what is even more depressing about that possibility is that poor Shane had already had covid19 and recovered and we know conclusively that taking a 3rd ‘booster shot’ after already having had the infection magnifies the risk of an adverse reaction. Not to mention the possible amplification of any clotting issues (DVT) due to a 10-hour airplane flight. 

Dr Yeadon: “If Shane had, at any point, had Covid-19, it is widely accepted that he’d have acquired immunity. From that point it’s pointless vaccinating such a person, even if the jabs were effective, but it’s reckless, because we never vaccinate a person immune to the disease in question”.

“A large amount of blood was found in the room,” Police Major General Satit Polpinit, commander of Surat Thani Provincial Police, told Thai newspaper Matichon on Saturday. “When CPR was started, the deceased had coughed up liquid and was bleeding.”

They really should have taken a guilty until proven innocent ethos with the injections…. i.e., ANY problem after the injection should be considered a causal link until proven otherwise. Especially as the injections were basically on a probationary release. 

Short history of ‘emergency use authorisation’.

Embalmers in the USA are saying clotting in increasingly more prevalent in their funerals.



  1. My aunt was found passed out on her bedroom floor after her booster
    She’d vomited, urinated and dedicated on herself.
    Drs saying she’s suffering seizures and no longer allowed to drive,😳
    She will get her 4th💉 She’s all in
    Won’t hear a bad word about it

  2. Check out the “Watch the Water’ video on the Stew Peters Network (Rumble) for some new developments on Covid & the vaccines. It’s insane!

  3. Check out the ‘Watch the Water’ video by Stew Peters Network on Rumble – it has some new information on Covid & the so called vaccines!

  4. I read one news report back a while ago that said Shane had a ‘non invasive’ autopsy. It was a report that popped up from bing or on my computer. I can’t find the article anymore. It sounds like they didn’t want to look too hard into what he died from.

  5. It was a lie from the start. Stats show the enormous problems the vaccines have created. They weren’t intended to cure the virus. Depopulate the earth is a more accurate evaluation.

  6. Shingles is another covid jab side effect due to the jab’s impact on the immune system. Big Pharma is cashing in on this with Get your shingles jab now, before you get shingles, knowing full well that the jab (any of them) cause shingles.

  7. With so much evidence against the Vaccine and yet it is still administered by and forced by the Government. Wake up people we are being exterminated.

  8. So to be clear, there is no Covid virus. There is what they’re calling the Covid19 virus which is actually poisoning from snake venom released into our water, it’s also in those bioweapon jabs and Remdesivir. We need to stop pretending there is a Covid virus and focus on the fact that this is planned genocide.


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