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Since When Have Adults Used Children As Their Shields?


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Covid-19 has created a selfish psychosis among adults, so much so that they are willing to sacrifice their children under the premise of keeping the adults safe.

If we were to follow the science and the real world data there is no case to be made for the mass vaccination of children aged between 5 and 12 years of age. Children rarely die from Covid-19. A recent German study during the first 15 months of the pandemic showed that not a single healthy child died from Covid-19. Those aged between 5 and 12 have the lowest hospitalisation rate and ICU admissions of 1 in 50000. British researchers reported similar findings in that only six healthy children out of 12 million died from Covid-19.

Despite all the scientific evidence out there Professor John Skerritt who heads up the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) announced provisional approval of the Covid vaccine for 5-11 year-olds.

In Vietnam last week three children died and over 100 children were hospitalised after being injected with the Pfizer mRNA “vaccine”.
Despite this downside, Skerritt said that parents can rest assured because the vaccine is already being rolled out in millions of children in the USA. Skerritt admits however that there is no data yet on how rapidly the immune response decays in children. This is because Pfizer only tested its vaccine on 3000 children aged 5 -1 1 and followed most of them for between a few weeks and up to two months after the second dose.

Health authorities in other countries have sounded the alarm about mass vaccinating children. In Britain, their authority did not give its approval to vaccinating healthy children between 12 and 15 because it determined that the danger of heart inflammation posed by vaccination was greater than the risk that Covid-19 poses to healthy children. In Finland, health authorities recommended vaccinating children between 5 to 11 only if they are at high risk of severe infection.

So why are Australian children any different? Why does the desire to put an experimental needle in their arms that is only provisionally approved, uses mRNA technology with no long term safety data, has the potential to severely injure and even kill children for a virus that is extremely mild for them?

Dr Risch an epidemiologist from Yale said; ‘There will be way more deaths caused by vaccines than the number of deaths in healthy kids that are occurring. There is no motivation; there is no rational reason to give this in kids that age.’

Professor Skerritt and Mr Hunt why vaccinate our children given the overwhelming scientific data offers no justification to do so?
Why are we sacrificing our children in order to provide some selfish adults with the perception of feeling safe? Perhaps those selfish adults who are so risk-averse and want to use the children as their shields should instead lock themselves in their homes and allow the rest of us to live rather than just exist and also allow the children who have many decades to look forward to a life without having to inject themselves with unproven and potentially dangerous mRNA technology.



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