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Steve Dickson and Rebecca Lloyd, A Force to be Reckoned With


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After the unceremonious dumping of Rebecca Lloyd by One Nation, AFIPN has been following the developing story closely.

Ms. Lloyd was challenged by what had occurred but felt her stance was warranted and was not overly distressed by what had happened. In her words “I felt a sense of relief as soon as I made the decision to leave the video defending my reputation online.” I felt if I couldn’t stand my ground at a grassroots level at the beginning, what did that say about me as a person standing up for my fellow Australians in parliament?

The repercussions were swift and quick and her endorsement by One Nation was rescinded.

As she mulled over what her next step would be, and there were several options, I did sense a determination to proceed as a candidate for the upcoming election. There had been numerous messages of support to continue as an Independent Candidate but what happened next is one of those bombshells, sliding door moments that could ultimately change the face of Australian politics.

Rebecca Lloyd has shown herself as a lady who will not be bullied, who will stand up for what she believes is the right thing to do, and is well aware that politics can be a brutal game.

Despite acknowledging she has much to learn and to do so without the backing of a party group would be challenging, her decision to stand as an Independent was made.

Then the surprising part of this story took place.

It was suggested she contact Steve Dickson.

The former LNP minister and QLD One Nation Leader were considering re-entering the political arena and the possibility of running as a team with Ms. Lloyd was appealing due to their incredibly similar views about what is happening in this country and what needs to be done to move forward.

With his previous background in politics and leaving One Nation as he did there were many questions to be asked and answered.

Ms. Lloyd had felt the harsh reality of failing to toe the party line, as had Mr. Dickson because of a poor choice in 2018.  However, after open and honest discussions they have decided to run together in the upcoming Federal Election as “Grouped Independents” for the QLD senate.

In a prepared statement they said, “We are consciously aware of the fact that Pauline Hanson is becoming an increasing threat to the Major Parties. As a result, those associated with her are often heavily targeted disproportionally to other candidates. We both have firsthand experience with this”. 

It would seem both these candidates have considered the potential attacks from media and other political parties but still have a sincere and strong desire to make a stand for the welfare of the Australian people.

I had been asked to attend a meeting between the two candidates as they discussed their standing together. I was not sure what my welcome would be as I was aware that both Mr. Dickson and his wife were very wary of having media present in their home.

They were both gracious hosts and the following hours were informative and illuminating. The discussion was open, frank, and transparent. No question was off-limits, and answers were honest and sometimes raw.

Mrs. Dickson was present and answered any questions presented to her.

In one very telling moment, I asked how she was feeling about exposing herself and her husband to what lay ahead. She looked at her husband with sincere love and affection, choked up, and said, “I am so, so proud of my husband and all he has done.  He is a great man who I love dearly, and I know his work in politics is not done”. She looked to the ground, Steve rose, walked over, and wrapped his arms around her. This to me symbolised in a nutshell that whatever had happened in the past was dead and buried. They were moving on as a team, deeply devoted to each other and the Australian people.

Rebecca felt the same spirit and was moved to join Steve in the battle to oust the majors. At that moment there were literally goosebumps and something very special began.

Their media statement is telling and expresses their determination to rebuild this nation and the political landscape we find ourselves in.

Rebuild is a great word to use when describing these two candidates. They have rebuilt themselves and in doing so are looking to rebuild the lives of all Australians. To rebuild families, relationships, and businesses that have been destroyed by the heavy-handed tactics and draconian rules imposed by health officials and political leaders.

Both of them have had firsthand experience with feeling as if they have hit their own rock bottom in the past, not unlike how so many other Aussies have felt these past few years, and both agree that in hindsight it was the making of them, not the breaking, and it has given them both the steel in the spine to not only lead from a different perspective but to have a reference point for the degree of awareness required to speak for people who are really hurting right now.

Many may see this as an odd pairing. After my time with them I don’t see an odd couple, I see a powerful team, forces to be reckoned with, whose stamina, determination, and strength of character will be a beacon for the Australian people. Below is their media release.

Media Release

Former LNP minister/QLD One Nation Leader Steve Dickson, and Former One Nation Candidate Rebecca Lloyd will be running in the upcoming Federal Election as “Grouped Independents” for the QLD senate.

Both candidates still support many of One Nation’s Policies and carry great respect for Pauline Hanson.

“We are consciously aware of the fact that Pauline Hanson is becoming an increasing threat to the Major Parties. As a result, those associated with her are often heavily targeted disproportionally to other candidates. We both have firsthand experience with this”. 

Given the current global situation, and Australia’s ability to respond, we believe there is an urgent need to move away from these old tactics and diversions. It is now time to find a way to move forward swiftly and with purpose, where the focus can return to what really matters. 

Having Independent people sitting in parliament serving as a voice for everyday Australians is the only way we are going to have a chance at ending the absolute nightmare we have all experienced at the hands of those who have abused the power they were entrusted with.

We know that Australians have a higher level of awareness than ever before about what is happening, and that winning a seat is no longer about who can spend the most on a campaign, or the game of mates going on in Canberra. 

This election is about the individual person that has the spine and the willingness to get in the arena without fear or favour and demand answers on behalf of the constituents they serve. 

We want to see a permanent end to the isolation, discrimination, coercion, apartheid, and the double standards that have been experienced by most.

The cost of living and affordable housing urgently needs attention, as does the way we operate as a country. Multinational companies should be taxed at a standard rate, as most businesses are. Government departments should be made to deliver accountable people-friendly services. Yes, we need cheap reliable energy, dams, better military capabilities, affordable legal systems for all, and an accountable NDIS rollout that focuses on the health and well-being of the clients.

People who have been injured by side effects or lost loved ones to the jab should be fully compensated and cared for. Also, a government funded independent inquiry into all aspects of the response to Covid, including implementation, consequences, and those who are responsible to be held accountable, without exception.

We are not the kind of people to give up after being knocked over. We know that obstacles are a part of politics, and by getting back up and having another go, we think our fellow Aussies will respect our stamina and acknowledge our determination and strength of character to act for them in these critical times.  

Steve Dickson 

Rebecca Lloyd



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