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Sting: A call to fight for democracy, truth & freedom


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Last weekend at a concert in Warsaw, Poland, the legendary British singer Sting told the audience that he wanted to say a few words to them. But because he wanted to be “very clear” in his words, he invited a Polish friend onstage to translate for him, who he introduced by saying:

“He’s a very famous man, a widely respected actor, an activist and a thinker. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, Maciej Stuhr.”

As Sting spoke slowly and deliberately, Maciej translated his message sentence by sentence. You can watch the video of what he said here. Or read it below, where I transcribed it. It is very inspiring.

It is also very clear from his words that Sting is standing up for democracy, freedom, and truth, as we in the western liberal democracies have all known it throughout our lives pre-Covid-19.

Sting is not defending the lies, deceits, and disinformation of the western fascist tyrants who are trying to force the entire world into wokeness, repackaged communism or fascism. Sting is standing against this tyranny and defending democracy, truth, and freedom. And he calls every one of us to stand up against the tyrants across the globe and fight back.

However, the disinformation fake news media have immediately seized upon Sting’s words and are trying to misappropriate them for the promotion of tyranny masquerading as democracy.

You will often hear Davos globalists and their puppets talking about “our democracy”, – which does not mean what it means to the 99%. The elites use the words “our democracy” as a code for “our global government”, “our global communism”, “our global fascism”, “our global tyranny”, “our New World Order”, etc.

Take your pick; they all mean the same thing, which is fascist tyranny. The Associated Press, in this article here, attempts to suggest that when Sting said: “The war in the Ukraine is an absurdity based upon a lie,”  he was supporting their disinformation.

“He appeared to be referring to justifications Russia has tried to give for its invasion, including a Russian claim that it seeks to “de-Nazify” Ukraine, a democracy led by a Jewish president.”

To call Ukraine, a ‘democracy’ is utterly ridiculous.

But if you redefine it to follow the true meaning of the Davos elite’s words, and rewrite it, then it becomes the truth, and it makes perfect sense:

“A fascist state led by a Jewish president.”

Then the AP article went on to criticise Poland, which has been standing up against the non-democratic tyranny of the now clearly fascist European Union and said that:

“Poland’s populist government is often accused by the European Union and human rights organisations of eroding democratic norms.”

What a godawful joke.

Populist is a word the fake news media uses to describe leaders that appeal to most citizens because they are patriotic and stand up against the global fascism agenda of the Davos globalists and tyrants. Populist is a code word that indicates a patriot who is an enemy of global communism or fascism.

The European Union and its human rights organisations, since Covid-19 started, have completely trashed democracy, human rights, and the rights to freedoms of all citizens in all member nations. And the tyrants in the EU have joined with other tyrants in global institutions and governments worldwide to try and impose the Covid-19 tyrannies of Xi Jinping on every country from Australia to Zimbabwe. It is tyranny masquerading as public health. And their tyranny continues to this day.

This makes the European Union one of the greatest existential threats to humanity today. It is anti-democratic, anti-truth, and anti-freedom.

What a great lesson in the dystopian, deceitful, and distortion skills of the western disinformation media, or as President Donald J. Trump likes to call them, media cabal – “The Fake News Media.” And make no mistake, the western mass media disinformation companies are a cabal, as you can track their ownership of all of the companies and investment funds that are part of the World Economic Forum fascist cartel. They are all in bed with the Chinese Communist Party too.

Fight back as if your life depends on it because it does!

Here’s what Sting said on stage.

Sting: A Call To Fight For Democracy, Truth & Freedom

So, this is what I want to say.

Democracy is under attack.

It is under attack in every country in the world.

It is in grave danger of being lost unless we defend it. Democracy is messy.

Democracy is frustrating.

Democracy is often inefficient.

It needs constant attention, constant adjustments.

But it’s still worth fighting for.

Because the alternative to it is a nightmare.

The alternative to democracy is a prison.

A prison of the mind.

The alternative to democracy is violence, oppression, imprisonment and silence.

That alternative is called tyranny.

All tyranny is based upon a lie.

The greater the tyranny, the bigger the lie.

A Tyrant lies to his country, he lies to the world, and most of all, he lies to himself.

Disagree with the tyrant risks imprisonment, torture, and death. Yet that is what we must do, all of us.

We must take that risk and defend our right to speak the truth. Our minds will not be imprisoned.

We must defend the freedom to be ourselves.

 In our minds, in our bodies.

The war in Ukraine is an absurdity based upon a lie.

If you swallow that lie, the lie will eat us.

The lie is terrified of the truth.

The truth must be heard.

And we must not lose this battle.



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