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Suddenly everyone is dying of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)


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So first let me start by clarifying that this is an opinion piece, there is nothing factual I can say about a made-up syndrome. Exactly what do they claim Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, also known as Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS) is?

It is an overarching diagnosis for people who die unexpectantly under 40 years of age, the cause of death in a post-mortem is characterised as undetermined. Basically, they claim to have no idea what killed the person.

So why now, why suddenly are adults suddenly dying in vast numbers for an undetermined reason. What has changed. Okay let us start with Covid-19? Can Covid-19 cause cardiac damage? The answer is yes. A study conducted from the team at The University of Bristol found that the spike protein is harmful to human cardiac cells.

“The spike protein made pericytes unable to interact with their companion endothelial cells and induced them to secrete inflammatory cytokines, suggesting the spike protein is harmful to human cardiac cells. Interestingly, the team found that antibodies blocking CD147 – a receptor for the spike protein – protected heart pericytes from damage,” the study stated.

Okay so therefore there is evidence that the spike protein obtained from a Covid-19 infection can cause cardiovascular damage, but the study just talks about an infection as being a risk factor in spike protein damage. What about the vaccine? Well since the spike protein is exactly what the mRNA vaccines produce and even what AstraZeneca produces, and do not for one minute think the AstraZeneca vaccine is a stock standard normal vaccine, whilst it is not classed as a mRNA vaccine it instead is a viral vector vaccine that contains the GENETIC CODE for the unique Covid spike protein. The genetic material in the viral vector instructs our own cells to make copies of the Covid spike protein.

So here we have a study saying that this very spike protein is harmful to human cardiac cells, their words not mine. It is not the first or will it be the last peer reviewed study to tie the link between the spike protein and cardiovascular damage. So, what is the cause of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome? Unless scientists can give me a plausible theory on what has changed in the world in the past few years I am going to lead with the “SPIKE PROTEIN.”

So now that we know the cause, well in my opinion, the cause. I hope you can all follow the evidence here and see the conclusion I come to. It is of cause the spike protein. So therefore, I think we should stop calling this an undetermined disease, but we can keep the SADS and call it Spike-Protein Associated Death Syndrome.

Now I am going to touch on a touchy subject among those who are awake to the things going on in this world. The virus can in fact cause cardiovascular damage, as can the vaccine. Although I believe you have a better shot of avoiding cardiovascular damage with the disease itself then a vaccine that uses nano technology to lock the mRNA inside tiny lipid nanoparticles that travel over your body before releasing the mRNA coding to create the spike protein, in every section of your body.

Now I am no doctor, nor have any training in the medical field but surely commonsense would suggest if you are exposed to a virus, the first part of your system that gets exposed is your upper respiratory system. It is there that your tonsils and adenoids will begin to amount an immune response. So therefore, if you have a strong immune system in theory, it should keep the virus in that area where you do not see systemic damage from the spike protein. That makes perfect sense to me. Therefore, a vaccine that travels all over your body now, due to the nanoparticle technology rather then sticking in the injection site, than the vaccine would be the worst of the two.

The only exception to this rule and I think it has been proven is if you have a weakened immune system either from disease or old age. In that case the virus can replicate at such a rate that the damage is catastrophic to these people.

I came to these conclusions a long time ago based on the science, the science that many will not listen to. I try hard to avoid the virus and there is no chance I will put that poison into my system via a vaccine.

“Now for all the people who believe mainstream media, well you keep believing that magical fairies and unicorns suddenly sprayed their rainbow magic dust all over the earth and created Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.”



  1. Its THAN… Not THEN…..!!! It looks like you’re trying to ‘English’ but failing…. Please learn the language.

  2. Hi Luke.
    I am a strong supporter of independent news sources. I have not watched MSM news for over six years.
    I want to support you as a journalist and in doing so may I suggest you edit your articles before posting. Beginning one sentence after another with “so” is extremely poor English and not professional. . Using reduntant words is poor English. Using “therefore” , unnecessarily is poor English. And, as someone just commented “then” and “than” have different meanings. If the AIPN is to be taken seriously “then” professional grammar, spelling and strong use of wording is required. I wish you well in your future articles. Ps. I am not a journalist, nor do I have any formal qualifications in the English language. I just wanted to offer my suggestions and encouragement to you.

  3. Hi Luke,

    Do more research, SADS, SUNDS, Brugada Syndrome are not made up for the COVID pandemic and the last paragraph of your article is disrespectful and insulting to those who have lost a loved one to SADS. The syndrome has been around a long time and you writing to say its made up is bad journalism on your part, do your research and check your grammar, you may make it as a journalist one day.

    • I am well aware that the syndrome has been around for awhile, with a small number of cases per year, but now it is exploding with thousands of cases world wide. SADS is not a diagnosis, in fact it is the opposite of a diagnosis. It is the doctors saying we do not know what caused the sudden death of your loved one, so we will call it SADS. As for the last paragraph it is not disrespectful, those ones who lost a loved one, never got a real answer, the reason for their deaths is unknown. But I have a differnt theory, I do not believe that the reasons for these deaths are unknown, I believe science is able to identify in most cases the cause of death, but instead they use SADS or SIDS when the cause of death will bring about to big of a public reaction. Example: The vaccines and I say that for both SIDS and SADS.

  4. For many it’s to big of a pill to swallow that their leaders would do it…failing to see it is way above governmental decisions…for the first time in history Drs are not encouraged or allowed to offer preventative treatment to patients or risk their registration, as a nurse we were threatened by our registration board to comply…
    Keep up spreading the truth…


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